Monday, 15 July 2013

Sunday Musings

After going to bed rather down last night, I woke up this morning in a slightly better mood, albeit far, far too early. It was just after 8am when I woke up, and rather than go for the sensible option of getting more sleep (I'm on nights tomorrow), I got up. 

I then did something unheard of and took Boo straight out for a walk! I had to really as poor old Wiggly doesn't do well in the heat, and the heatwave is set to continue, so off we went. Only a mile or so, but that was enough for her, and enough for me to tick off week 2 of my Bronze Body Magic award :)

After a nice walk, I definitely needed a nice substantial breakfast.

Perfect way to start a Sunday as far as I'm concerned - and after feeling like I was slightly struggling with getting back on SW bus yesterday, it was good to have a nice, filling on plan breakfast rather than slipping off. After eating, I got itchy feet. Despite walking Boo, I wanted to get back out in the sunshine, and get those steps built up. Funny how my tiny little FitBit can motivate me to get off my bum!  So on went another Threadless t-shirt and out I headed. Yarmouth was busy once more - so many people out enjoying the sunshine, and along with it a plethora of naughty foods, just about everyone I passed was eating something! Chips, ice cream, candy floss. Madness really how eating has become part of a visit to the beach. I stayed strong and just headed into town on a hunt for strawberries. Eventually I found some in M&S, reduced as well, so bit of a result for me there. 

I got back home at around 2.30, after quite a pleasant walk, and another 23 minutes of "very active" minutes logged onto FitBit I was rather hungry, and a little M&S bargain came to the rescue whilst I got it sorted.

This was actually one little package, containing some houmous and carrot sticks, but Little Miss Stick To Plan here needed to know how much houmous was there, and so I cut away most of the heavy plastic so I could weight it. I know, I can be a worry at time, but the plan is there to be followed! The little tub weighed 50g, and as you can have 55g of reduced fat houmous for a HeB choice, that's what I had it as. Lunch itself was yet another bargain as our local corner shop was selling of packets of the wholegrain Pasta n Sauce for 50p, so I'd picked up a couple.

I actually quite enjoyed it, and threw in some extra tomatoes for my SuperFree, although I then followed it up with a big old bowl of fruit anyway :)

Here's hoping the strawberries and pineapple help negate the scones and cakes ;) With lunch eaten, and many, many episodes of Friends watched I decided that a nap was needed as I've been getting up early, and I need to shift my body clock around a bit so I can stay up for my night shift tomorrow! Luckily for me the weather here on the coast is nowhere near as hot as it seems to be everywhere else in the country. Today was warm, but not baking hot, and we still had a breeze, and so with a window open I had a lovely snooze.

When I did wake up I had to say goodnight to Hague as he is catching a stupidly early train tomorrow, but had TOK to keep me company on texts. I had a mad half hour then, where I decided to unload and load the dishwasher, get a chilli in the slow cooker and get dinner sorted! So very productive. I went for an easy option for dinner, a baked risotto, which just involved chopping and roasting some veg, and then throwing some rice, stock and herbs on top before baking in the oven. Once done, I stirred in four of the Laughing Cow blue cheese triangles. It was delicious.

Whilst eating my dinner, I made the mistake of reading through the SW groups on Facebook, as always I don't know why I do it. It's like Groundhog Day most days, with post after post asking for syn values, and then the old favourites of why blended/cooked fruit is syns, asking how to make this weeks miracle slimming thing (currently Fat Flush water) and the old favourite, Aspartame Will Kill Us All. I know that most people on the groups don't actually go to group (all those "lost" books...) and so are looking for the group support those of us that attend group enjoy, but I end up getting so frustrated with seeing the same posts over and over again, with the same responses -and arguments. Perhaps now I've weaned myself away from comfort food I should try and do the same with these groups. After all I do pay to go to my fabulous group, and get wonderful support from there, and from the friends I've made from writing this blog, and reading those of others. Cold turkey time maybe ;) It'll stop me shouting random things like "Read your book" and "Just go and join a bloody group" at my laptop anyway! I think most of my frustration comes from the answers to most of these questions being readily available to those of us who go to group, plus the fact that the Slimming World plan works, things are synned to protect your losses, not to make life awkward, if a mashed banana is that important to you, then syn it, don't try and bend the plan. Same goes for tweaks. Either follow the plan, or don't follow the plan, but don't then moan if you don't lose weight...which I guess is why the gimmicks annoy me too, as with the fat flush water. If you follow SW you'll lose weight, the plan advises you to make sure you're drinking plenty, why on earth do you need more than that? Just eat the cucumber and fruit and drink water, don't try and make it into a magic formula...Gah! 

Rant over, and FB left behind, I put on my old favourite Come Dine With me, before treating myself with my second HeB of the day. I've missed these SO much, and as they're £1 a box in Asda at the moment, I stocked up.

The Alpen Lights that is, not the Mikado. Our Asda only sells the incredibly boring milk chocolate Mikado :( With a cup of tea to wash it all down with, Sunday is done and dusted, except for a nice soak in the bath. Desperately needed after all the walking my poor little legs have done over the last few days!

Food Diary

Free Food
carrot sticks
Batchelors wholegrain Pasta n Sauce (creamy tomato and basil)
risotto rice
sweet potato
red onion
stock pot

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi skimmed milk
A - 4 Laughing Cow light blue cheese triangles
B - 50g (should be 55g) reduced fat houmous
B - 2 Alpen Lights

3 Quorn sausages                  3
7 Mikado                              3½

Total syns                             6½

Strange isn't it, a perfectly good SW day - all on plan and minimal syns, but I'm miles over my calories on MyFitnessPal! Good job I don't take any notice of calories isn't it? I'm actually quite intrigued as to how weigh in will go this week. After missing last week, and the many cream teas put away by myself and TOK during our 24 hour SW amnesty, but tons of walking, I genuinely have no idea at all what the scales are going to say.....I'll be more than okay with a gain after such a naughty weekend though. It'll be worth it for all the fun we had. So much fun :) In fact, as today wasn't overly exciting, here are a few more pictures from our weekend.

Ah....good times :) Happy Karen signing off for a bath and bed x


  1. I love your blog, best SW one I've ever read :) I agree so much about the Sw pages on facebook, I recently joined a few thinking it would be a good idea but they are sooooo dull and like you make me really angry!

    You summed it up perfectly, follow the plan or don't but don't moan if you don't lose!

    1. Wow, thank you so much! I'm glad there are people out there that get as annoyed as me lol!

      I love the plan, it works so well - why re-invent the wheel?

  2. Hi hun totally with you on FB bunch of idiots most of them but I can't bring myself to come off lol why? Lovely pics and another good post! Jo x

    1. We just can't help ourselves can we? Perhaps we can count the head shaking and tutting as body magic? x

  3. I rejoined slimming world last week for the last time! and went in search of tips and recipe ideas.....I came across your blog on Friday and have just finished it.....I read the whole thing from start to finish and wanted to thank you for giggles, recipe ideas and inspiration in bucketloads! I've done it before....unfortunately put a whole 7 stone back on and some! but I'll do it again!

    I'm glad you and tok had a fab weekend. thanks again for a fab read


    1. Oh blimey! The whole lot? Hope I didn't bore you too much! I lost nearly 7st before and gained over 10st!! That's not going to happen this time :)


  4. hi Karen
    Asda do daim and white choc mikado too. Got them when i left u on Tuesday.
    Great blog as per usual xx