Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Strange Synnage and Super Slimmer!

I was awake far too early on Tuesday, it was just after two that I was up and that gives me nowhere near enough sleep, but on the plus side that meant I got to see Hague for a little while, which has become a rarity indeed! I got some body magic done in the form of 10 minutes on the exercise bike whilst Hague did his UFC trainer on theWii. We even had time to get a long lazy bath before heading for weigh in. Which according to one of the FB SW groups (Yes I know...I still don't know why I'm reading them) would lead to a 6lb gain.....Funnily enough I didn't let that bother me and enjoyed the soak before we headed to group.

Not a bad result for me, ½lb on, which I think is pretty good going after my TOK weekend of awesome, so all that walking must have helped eh? Star of weigh in definitely goes to my wonderful Hague though. Just over 6 months since he joined SW and last night he got his 5st award, to put him just a stone from target, he also got Slimmer of the Week. He has done astonishingly well on his journey - nothing knocks him off track and he just looks amazing, and is so much better in himself as well, it's been a wonderful thing to see, the real Hague coming back :) Losing weight really does do so much more than just change your body shape, and it's yet another reason I love going to group, seeing the progress and change in everybody, and we do have a fair few people at our group who have had big losses and look beyond fabulous. It helps keep me going that's for sure :)

So with weigh in over and done with, and over 90lbs lost between us this week - obviously not including me - we headed home rather peckish and as Hague fancied rice I had a sort of fried rice type thing.

The good old rice cooker cooked the rice whilst I fried off some veggies, spring onion, courgette, mushroom and pepper as well as a couple of eggs some garlic and ginger in the wok Fry Light. I added the pineapple after it was all cooked. it made a change and it was rather lovely as well. Of course, by the time it was eaten it was time to head to work :(

I was training again, which I'm quite enjoying, I just don't like not being on email! As there is nothing really overly exciting to report about watching a filler do it's thing - here's what I ate whilst I was there :)

All rather delicious, and once again very low in syns. In fact I only bought the crisps in with me to have some syns! It's not deliberate at all, I rather enjoy my syns after all :)

I was utterly shattered after work and climbing into bed was delicious, even more delicious was the fact that Hague was awake-ish and we managed to snuggle up before I dropped off to sleep, best way to nod off :)

Food Diary

Free Food
spring onion
sweet pepper
Asda beetroot salad
Shape mango yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 6 Laughing Cow extra lights
A - none
B - 2 Alpen Light bars
B - 4 Ryvitas

Crispy Fries                  3½

Total syns                     3½

Another low syn day under my belt. I'm sure that'll be rectified on Thursday when I have another 12 hour shift!

With my gain this week I'm now 3½lbs from my next award. I'm aiming to get that when I next weigh in, which is Wednesday morning as I'm working 2-10 next week. I can't see any reason as to why I can't do that, I've done it before! If only there was some rhyme or reason to my losses and I'd know what to do to help lol!

Here's to a great week with great losses! After all it would be rather awesome if Hague hit target before his countdown finishes in 5 weeks time :)

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