Monday, 29 July 2013

Silly Girl and Self Praise

Oh dear. Today has not been my most impressive achievement.

I do worry about myself sometimes....but I shall get to my blonde moment shortly, firstly I shall bring you back to me dragging myself out of bed and conjuring up a huge coffee whilst I sorted out my breakfast, which fitted today's criteria of quick and filling as I'd signed up for a bit of money-grabbing overtime today.

Fried eggs with sweet potato wedges, Linda McCartney sausages and mushrooms. After I ate it I looked at the clock and thought to myself how little time I had left until I had to get ready for work. A few rounds of Candy Crush and I headed up to get myself sorted to work as the time was edging closer to "The Hour"....All ready, I headed out and got to work in pretty good time, mainly as it was Sunday. I walked in, and it was really quiet....It was 20 to, and I start at quarter to, so I was slightly unnerved by the lack of people. Regardless I plonked myself down and carried on the conversation that is ever ongoing between myself and TOK, her first response was to say how early I was at work.....which prompted me to actually, properly look at the hour hand rather than the minute hand....Doh. I was a bloody HOUR early! I had managed to get myself so bloody focused on the minutes, that the hour passed me by completely. What an absolute wally. Still, my earliness and indecision meant that I racked up 18 flights of stairs in 10 minutes. Body Magic complete!!

So I popped out to get Boo's food that I figured I hadn't had time to get before work, and then wasted quite a while enjoying the sunshine before heading back in to actually start work at 2! The lines had finished late yesterday and so we had to finish up the clean, not my favourite activity, especially when it's still so hot! Breaks came around soon enough though :)

I was pretty hungry already by first break and so added in some crisps to my usual snacks, I blame all the cleaning!

My lunch was yesterday's leftovers, plus yet another Danio yogurt. This one is definitely my favourite despite being 3 syns, as it tasted just like blueberry cheesecake to me! I know where my last two vouchers will be going! My final break was rather fruity...please excuse the nibble out of the peach. We've had them a while and so I figured I'd try it to make sure it was edible before I included it in my picture :) The shift did drag quite a lot, cleaning first followed by annoying machines just seemed to make the shift last forever and I was clock watching to a terrible degree from about 7pm. Finally the clock ticked round to 9.45pm and I was free, and my week off had officially arrived :)

I got home to grumpy animals, all wanted food or fusses or a wee, and dealt with those, got myself changed, got the water on ready for a bath and then set to my dinner. Which I'd been pondering at work. I knew I had 3 healthy extras left, and also knew I didn't want anything too time consuming or too heavy when I got in and this is what I came up with...

Now, I did ask Hague if it was odd to think your own cooking is fabulous, and he said it wasn't, so I shall let you all know that this did in fact taste fabulous!! It was done in less than 15 minutes as well :) I put 2 flat mushrooms and some of my diddy little peppers in the oven and then put some gnocchi on to cook, when that was done (in 3 minutes) I put it into a hot pan with a chopped spring onion, cherry tomatoes and a bit of garlic. I then added in the peppers, some spinach and a tub of LowLow and put the lot on top of the mushrooms and sprinkled my HeB of Stilton over the top....Oh it was good, so good! It may have been heavy on Healthy Extras, but I think I'll be having it again, especially as it was jam packed with superfree too :)

With a chat with Hague being cut short due to his early start, I am now watching some Come Dine With Me whilst I share my day with you all and ponder whether to splash out some more syns on my last Danio yogurt....

Food Diary

Free Food
LM rosemary and red onion sausages
sweet potato
cous cous
sweet peppers
cherry tomatoes
spring onion

Healthy Extras
A - 60g LowLow cheese spread (x2)
B - 2 Alpen Lights
B - 30g Stilton

Danio blueberry yogurt                     3
Crispy Fries                                     3½
Quorn roast style fillet slices             ½ (the whole packet is ½ so I took all the syns today)
200g gnocchi                                   4
Danio cherry yogurt                         1½

Total syns                                        12½

I have decided that the yogurt will be a good idea, and I shall curl up on the sofa and enjoy every mouthful of it before heading for a quick bath and bed, as tomorrow holds an early start and much waiting as Dotty is getting picked up, my new car is getting dropped off, and apparently, between 12-2pm my boiler will finally be getting serviced......we shall see eh? So no overly busy, but I'll need to be up at 9 :( 

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