Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Lemony Loveliness and Lousy Lease Cars!

Monday morning, the day of much doom and gloom. After my lovely Sunday, my Monday started off well - no work, and the imminent arrival home of my Hague. A good start. I was awoken before my alarm though, by the postman. Always an exciting moment, and today he brought the sugar free coffee syrups I'd bought from Ebay over a week ago.

A mere 3 calories a serving (so I'm presuming syn free) and veggie friendly too. So of course first thing on the menu was a caramel coffee :) Gorgeous! I really had no idea what I fancied for breakfast though, I just knew I was hungry! In the end I went for a rather eclectic mix of breakfast sausage wrap type things.

The wraps are single egg omelettes, and inside is my HeA of reduced fat mozzarella and Linda McCartney rosemary and red onion sausages. Something a bit different and I did rather enjoy them. As I'd procrastinated so much over breakfast I didn't have too much time to get myself up and out to pick up Hague from the station. With him safely collected, albeit a bit late as I'd decided to prettify for him, we then visited most of the shops in Yarmouth. Sort of. First Asda, for strawberries, then he wanted to pop to Sports Direct, which those of you who pay attention to my blogs will know is close to Outfit...so dangerous. He came out of Sports Direct empty handed, I yet again failed to do the same with Outfit....

I'd seen this dress, and it's lime covered sibling several months ago. The label only went up to a 16, and much as I loved it, I just couldn't justify spending £28 on a dress that was miles away from fitting. When we popped into Outfit, there was the dress I'd loved, in the sale, reduced down to £15. I wasn't convinced it would fit, but thought I'd give it a go.....and it fitted :) I also found the tiniest of loose threads and so wangled another £1.50 off. Very, very happy, although my funds for my girlies visiting is now even lighter....Oops!

With exciting stuff done, we had to head to Lowestoft to get Dotty MOT'd. Very annoyed at having to do this at all, as she's a lease car, a lease car that should have gone back before her MOT was due, but here I am, splashing out to get it done. Grrrrr. To add insult to injury she needed a new tyre to pass as well, so that was nearly £87 spent out on a car that I should have given back a couple of weeks ago. Not happy. On the positive side though it did give us a chance to have a wander around Lowestoft, something neither of us has ever really done before. One thing is for sure, Great Yarmouth could certainly learn something from our Suffolk neighbours as there were hardly any empty shops, and all the usual high street brands were still there - unlike Great Yarmouth which is slowly becoming a ghost town.....rent reductions for shops needed methinks!

We picked up some bargains too, Zumba for the Wii for a fiver, and a lovely dress (in a sz16 again) for £2 in a charity shop. Not bad going, and to finish off we went a bit retro and popped to Wimpy for a coffee....nothing like those red plastic chairs to transport you right back to the early eighties is there :)

With a quick visit to The Parentals we then raced back home to get ourselves sorted ready for a couple of friends to pop in! As you may have noticed, I'd not eaten for hours so was bloody starving, so pretty much as soon as Jo walked through the door she had cheesey pasta served up for her dinner! I did take a picture, but it has disappeared from my phone....but hey, if you read this you'll know what my cheesey pasta looks like!

After dinner, vodka reared it's ugly head. I started off with very good intentions, and was measuring like a good girl, and then, I'll admit, I got sloppy and guesstimated. As I have a small glass and lots of ice, I know I didn't go too mad, but I think I had around 9 25ml shots, rather than the 6 my syns allow. It's not every day we have friends round though, so I shall not beat myself up about those extras syns - I enjoyed them.

I had something else to eat rather late on too, no booze fuelled crap though, I went for a jacket spud - no superfree, but no junk either.

With that digested, it was time for bed! What a busy old day!

Food Diary

Free Food
LM rosemary and red onion sausages
cherry tomatoes
red onion
jacket potato
fat free cottage cheese

Healthy Extras
A - 65g reduced fat mozzarella
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar
B - 40g reduced fat cheddar
B - 60g LowLow cheese spread

Vodka  (7 x approx 25ml)                    17½
Jack Daniels (2 x approx 25ml)             6

Total syns                                             23½

So a tad over my syns for the day, but as I've had some lower syn days this week, I'm not overly bothered. After all, it's not like we have friends over every day of the week, and I was having a rather pleasant evening.  I've finished completing my SAS log for the week, and nothing obvious has appeared. My meals are planned, I check the syns of everything before I eat it, and measure accurately (apart from vodka once I've had a few). Here's hoping that my weigh in later will be a good one, or I'll have to have another look at what I can do to get over this rather frustrating humpity episode I'm having!

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