Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Fitness Bugs and Face Masks

I don't know where to start with today really. It seems like it's been a hugely lazy day, but when I think about what I've done it really hasn't been. I didn't even stay in bed all morning! I woke up when Hague's alarm went off, nodded off again whilst he was getting ready but then once he left I got up, well, I stayed awake, but then the postman knocked, bringing a HUGE box of Warburtons goodies for me to try and so I decided to stay up, even though it was only 9.30!

I rummaged through my Warburtons box and got all the bits and bobs in the freezer. I'd been sent wraps, thins, crumpets and pittas so I'll be having a good play with that little lot I'm sure! Coffee was required by now though, and so I plonked down in front of the telly with a huge cup whilst the giant cous cous soaked for breakfast.

A veritable rhubarb extravaganza today! With cooked rhubarb and a Shape rhubarb crumble yogurt! Very yummy. Once breakfast (and another coffee) had gone down I decided to have a look at the activities my WiiFit had to offer and ended up doing 25 minutes of various exercises, hula hooping, step classes and jogging.....which I really now I'm pondering whether I'd be able to complete the Couch to 5K programme. Definitely something to thing about. I did my little core routine too on my exercise ball. That consists of ab curls, sit ups, sort of push ups and some tricep extensions, and I can really feel my muscles once I've done it, so hopefully it does some good! After that I was rather hot and sweaty and so headed up for a soak.

Where I had a nice relaxing Lush face mask. Which made me look like an Alien :)

The picture made me laugh anyway :)

Suitably refreshed I then headed out to meet Hague when he finished work - grabbing that Body Magic baton again and having a very brisk walk to get the old heart pumping. So 40 minutes done today towards my Silver. I'm quite impressed with myself!

I spent an interesting hour at the museum whilst Hague finished up with my new friend Matthew, a son of one of the museum workers. He showed me his hissing cockroaches, his Hawk Moth caterpillars and we discussed the merits of being in Slytherin :) I also got a tad hungry and so nicked the grapes Hague had taken into work.

Due to Hague being a very busy boy we didn't get home until nearly 5.30 and by then I was starving so wanted some thing really quick. I thought I'd give some of my Warburtons goodies a try and so had one of the sandwich pittas stuffed with tomatoey meatballs, sort of a meatball sub type thing.

Topped with cheese of course ;) I thought the pitta was pretty good value syn wise as it was 8½, and it was huge, similar to two normal pittas. Hague had the same for dinner and rather enjoyed it too! The evening then followed a rather sedate pattern of nothingness which was just what I needed. Plus of course the usual distractions in the shape of nattering away to TOK! Hague got his UFC trainer out, which always makes me feel peckish for some reason, and so while he worked on his fitness, I sat on the sofa eating chocolate :)

Once he'd done with his routine I asked if I could set up a profile on it, as although it looks hard work, it also looks quite fun. it asks you to do a fitness test, involving sit ups, push ups and jumping jacks and to test your heart rate afterwards. Somehow, despite me not managing a proper push up, it has decided I am at an intermediate level of fitness. I feel the game is misguided somewhat, and may prove that to it tomorrow! I'd done enough for one day though, and those 3 minutes of mayhem were enough for me and even pushed me to thinking about dinner :)

Cheesey stuffed peppers with egg and chips, eclectic perhaps but it filled a hole! Well, not for too long as after a while I was scavenging for more noms and ended up with a yogurt and the rest of the grapes from this afternoon.

Food Diary

Free Food
toasted cous cous
chopped tomatoes
red onion 
sweet peppers
Quorn meatballs
potatoes (purple and normal)
more sweet peppers ;)
more grapes ;)
Activia 0% lemon and lime yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar
A - 6 laughing cow extra light triangles
B - 2 Alpen Light bars

300g of cooked rhubarb (450g is a HeB, but I didn't have enough so synned it)           1½
Shape rhubarb crumble yogurt                                                                                    ½
Warburtons sandwich pitta                                                                                         8½

Total syns                                                                                                                  10½

And so another day of my week off draws to a close, and despite me feeling like I have done pretty much nothing all day, the exercise and the genuine feeling of satisfied tiredness I'm feeling would suggest otherwise. I've had lots and lots of lovely comments from people all over Facebook as well regarding my loss which has been SO nice. It's genuinely such a boost when people take the time to do that, plus my blog has already had way over 2,000 views already today, which is more than ever before! I'd better try and do something interesting hadn't I?

Oh and a HUGE squish of congratulations to the ever wonderful TOK who got offered a permanent job today. I'm so happy for her :) AND she lost 3½lbs. The Purple SW Bus is working it's magic this week that's for sure!


  1. I think you will really take on this body magic malarky when you see and feels the effects. Go for it! :)
    On another note, I sadly (and tearfully!) Didnt get my 2 stone award... put on a lb! Bloody star week :(
    Keep up the good work..... xxx

    1. I do actually enjoy it, it's just getting the bum off the sofa I have issue with ;)

      Oh week is SO annoying! Next week for sure xx

  2. thanks hunni bunni xxx loves you xx

  3. Congratulations on the fantastic weight loss this week! I accidently stumbled upon your blog a couple of weeks ago when I was looking for the Syn values for Graze goodies and I've been reading it from the start ever since. I'm nearly up to date now...nearly! I did the first 2 weeks of the couch to 5k recently even though I didn't think I would be able to and it was really hard but you'll definitely be able to do it. Life went a bit tits up for me at that time and I used it as an excuse to not keep up with it but thanks for the reminder - I'm going to start again on Saturday. Keep inspiring us all :) x

    1. I'm glad you're enjoying the blog! I really fancy the C25K, so I WILL do it, just not sure when yet ;)