Sunday, 28 July 2013

Fighting Back and Food in Bowls

I woke up on Friday determined not to let myself wallow anymore. I made the decision to focus on Good Things only, and not let things get to me. I didn't have a great night's sleep again, but got up (just) in time to sort myself some breakfast. My appetite really hasn't come back too much and so I didn't go too mad.

In the name of mixing things up, I used a HeB of olive oil on the mushrooms, as well as some mixed herbs to make a bit of a change. Very nice :) With that eaten I headed to work, and rather than listen to the radio, I put on my favourite music really loud and sang all the way in. That was pretty much the highlight of the next few hours though as the first two hours of work I was left pretty much on my own, on a two man job, with the machines playing up constantly in 36 degree heat......that isn't on the list of Good Things for the day! I was utterly frazzled by the end of that, really, seriously frazzled, almost to the point of tears frazzled! At my first break I only had a quick drink and even on the next one I only managed this...

I did have another Good Thing happen during my break though, I had received an email from Warburtons about my pizza, and offering me some more bits and bobs to try :) Quite looking forward to getting inventive with their goodies, here's hoping they're reasonably low syn!

Up until lunch at work (6pm) work was still hard going - alarms going off constantly, and it was a relief to get up in the tea room for a rest at lunch time, I say rest as I brought this with me for lunch:

And took this much home:

I'd heated it up, so couldn't really save it for another day, so a very happy BooDog had a very pasta-ey dinner. The machines finally settled down after that thank goodness, and so the rest of the shift wasn't quite as horrific. I still packed in over 8 miles of walking though - and the coolest it got was 32 degrees, so maybe people's comments about the heat affecting my loss are right, as we're not talking normal temperatures that I'm doing that much activity in!

It was wonderful to come home to Hague, and instantly my mood lifted again. Although not my appetite, and this was dinner.

One of the Danio super thick yogurts that I had the good fortune to have a voucher for from BzzAgent, in fact two vouchers, both for 50p....and when the yogurts cost 85p, and are on a bogof, that means Tesco paid me for the privilege of buying them. Now that's a Good Thing hehe. It wasn't long at all before hot, sweaty mingy me wanted a bath and so in the name of getting my healthy extras down me I took up some supplies.

Suitably healthy extra-d and de-scrudded it was time to settle down to sleep as we had a zillion jobs to do on Saturday morning.

Food Diary (Friday)

Free Food
spag bol sauce

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat Cheddar
A - 250 ml semi-skimmed milk
B - 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
B - 2 Alpen Lights

2 Quorn sausages                   2
Danio strawberry yogurt         1
Aldi light hot chocolate           2

Total syns                              5

Now, as I mentioned up there *points* we had a zillion jobs to do, including clearing out Dotty ready for her to be picked up on Monday, getting the weekly shop, calling my Nan, getting some Body Magic in, getting Dotty valeted and dropping Hague at the station by 2pm. Phew. I'm tired just typing it all out. So I was up nice and early right?

What do you think???

It was 12.15 when I woke up, bleary eyed after another hideous nights. Panic immediately set in as no way could I fit in those jobs, plus some kind of cleansing before 2! Eek! However, once again, as he so often does, Super Hague had swooped to the rescue, sorted the animals out and cleared out Dotty as he'd been awake for ages already. Seriously, he's a bloody gem that man! So when I got myself sorted, the only thing I really had to do was get dressed, squee a bit at the arrival of the Breaking Bad t-shirts and drink some coffee before I took Hague to the station. Dressed in another of my new Threadless t-shirts.

I wasn't allowed to wear the Qwertee Breaking Bad one as Hague was wearing his :)

I'd decided just to grab a couple of bits for me, rather than the whole amount of shopping and so once Hague was safely deposited I went to Tesco, to get some more bargain-a-liscious yogurts and some eggs. I ended up spending £16! They had Muller desserts, reduced spinach and baby peppers, and I decided to pick up some halloumi and Quorn strips too, for which I shall place the blame in TOK's lap as she has been indulging in both this week :)

I dropped that lot off and had planned on getting Dotty sorted, but figured that 3pm was already pretty late and that breakfast should probably be had! My appetite has returned today thank goodness, and so I went for a salady brunch type thing.

I just roasted off some peppers and asparagus, then mixed it all with salady stuff (spinach, beetroot, cucumber and tomatoes) and topped it with eggs, that should have been soft boiled, but I managed to bugger that one up! Still good though, especially when washed down with two large mugs of black coffee. Yum.

It was then time for Dotty to get all spruced up, and so I had a rather indulgent 45 minutes out of the house, which I spent yapping to TOK and Hague and catching up with my much neglected Kindle before heading home. For some reason, my mood then crashed....proper down mood. No idea why, but rather than sit on the sofa and mope I took the decision to do some exercise as I know that does actually cheer me up. I know. That sentence scares me slightly too...

So I prepped up some lunch (putting some courgettes and onion into roast and soaking some cous cous) and then set to the Body Magic, doing 3 minutes of skipping and 12 of my Dance on Broadway game, working up a nice sweat and appetite and getting another 15 minutes of Body Magic under my belt....that Bronze Body Magic award is now just 20 minutes away! 

Lunch was yet another bowl of food. This time cous cous, soaked in boiling water and a Knorr herb pot, mixed with the onion and courgette, some more spinach, the quorn roast style strips, 2 tbsp of extra light mayo, lemon juice and my HeB of Stilton. Rather different and rather tasty too, plus, of course, I made tons so that's work lunch sorted for tomorrow (yes tomorrow, money grabbing once more). I then had a lovely chat with my Nan, catching up with her and apologising for not sending her a birthday card, it was nice to chat to her, hear how she's settling back in at home (she's been staying with my Mum for 6 weeks as she's broken her pelvis). I then got massively distracted by a repeat of The Olympics opening ceremony, and spent a good hour getting swept up in a rather lovely patriotic mood. As the appetite has seemingly returned I then started to think about dinner, and as I'd also grabbed the makings of the infamous Big Mac in a Bowl at Tesco, that's what I did :)

So...Big Mac in a Bowl, a recipe that seems to have been doing the rounds for an age on the SW FB pages. It's painfully simple, fry off mince (I obviously used Quorn, but for you carnivore types, extra lean would do the job) and onions, when they're done, stir in chopped gherkins a couple of tbsp of light thousand island dressing, your HeA of cheese slices (3 low low ones for me) and lob the lot onto a bed of lettuce. Mine is brown as it cost me 5p :) It's pretty damn good actually, it has that burgery taste to it, and is really quick. Perfect for when a burger craving hits!  I then had a dessert that was far too big.

Meringue nests topped with strawberries and a Danio strawberry yogurt, the mint is to make it look pretty for all of you :) Far too much though, and despite watching Something About Mary (thank you E4, I'd forgotten just how awesome that film is), I'm still rather stuffed, and so there's only one thing for it....a long old soak and then bed. Where I'll watch another film, I'm currently trying to choose between Pretty in Pink or Dirty Dancing.....Decisions. Decisions!

Food Diary

Free Food
cherry tomatoes
sweet peppers
cous cous
Knorr herb pot
Quorn mince

Healthy Extras
A - 3 Low Low cheese slices for burgers
B - 30g Stilton

2 tbsp Hellmanns extra light mayo               1
2 tbsp Kraft light 1000 island dressing         2
Danio strawberry yogurt                             1
2 Asda meringue nests                               5

Total syns                                                  9

Wow, somehow I have managed to have an almost Extra Easy day, well, except for my HeB being from the Green Day list :) So maybe not. I could have a cheese toastie, but it's nearly midnight and I want to have a long soak, and putting more food on my stomach doesn't seem like the cleverest idea ever. So I shall bid you all goodnight, and I shall focus on chatting to Hague and still trying to decide what film to watch....decision probably made as Andi never does choose Duckie :(


  1. You seem very posistive and back in the groove lol and like you I enjoy body magic and I get a real buzz from its that slightly odd =) dont put yourself under pressure coz you've done amazing and will continue to do so! You , like me and everyone of us on this journey are human and shit happens - we just dont have to like it =) going to try big mac in a bowl, thanks for that lol.... all the best honey xxx

    1. Well, sulking only gets you so far doesn't it?? I can't fall off plan, so my only option is to keep on going - which I shall :)

      I really enjoyed the Big Mac in a bowl, and I was a bit sceptical, let me know what you think? xxx

    2. Big mac in a bowl was a surprising hit =) posted in our SW wall and even admitted it wasnt my idea lol.....

  2. Hi Karen

    I really enjoy your blog (feel like a bit of a cyber stalker!) and just wanted to say thank you. You have inspired me to find a local SW group again - if you can do all this on crazy shift work then i can choose to do something for me. I've got a bit of a stressful job that doesn't let me out at normal times, but I'm going to tell them that I have to leave early every Tuesday so that I can make a 7.30pm group. Plus - as I've learned from you - it's all about planning and being organised. And.....not avoiding the body magic!

    So - thanks, once again. Don't be despondent; you have made a fantastic change to your life and you should be proud every day of how far you've come.

    L xx

    1. Stalk away :)

      I'm SO glad I've inspired you to go back to SW. I love my group and without the support I wouldn't be where I am now!

      I think my planning only really goes as far as making sure I have plenty of SW friendly food in, as I normally have what I fancy hehe.