Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Back Onto Nights

Eurgh - Monday. Eurgh - 12 hour shift. Not fun. Add in the fact that after a week of early starts my body just refused to stay asleep and you have a mixture for a tired Karen. I was up at midday to collect Hague from the station, and as I'd been having breakfast quite early I was hungry when we got back in so I grabbed a quick snack before heading back to bed.

I did manage to get a wee bit more sleep, and Hague woke me up with dinner ready.

A lovely big bowl of pasta with tinned tomatoes, mushrooms, courgettes and some feta, although I needed something to keep me fuelled, it seemed to make me all comfy and tired. Oops! I headed into a shower to try and cool down and wake up before my 12 hour shift. With the extra people in Yarmouth it took me an age to get to work and I just about got there in time. After a few minutes I was told that once again I was training, which is good, but that means I'm not logged into the computer, so no emails to Hague or TOK, which is very bad! At least the machine I was training on was in a cooler area than my normal machines...

That was at 6pm! So draining! Obviously I wasn't too distraught at being told I'd be working somewhere else! It was a struggle of a shift really, my brain wasn't in learning mode and so I wasn't really in the mood for training, plus it's quite a static job, so my step count suffered too. Of course, one thing is always the same on a 12 hour shift. Lots of noms!

As you can see, no banana and Benefit  bar for me today, huge change there to an Alpen Light and a peach ;) 

For my first dinner break I had the chilli I'd batch baked on Sunday. Not the hugest portion, but it filled me up immensely. I really have noticed that my portions need to be much smaller than they used to be, after eating this meal I was utterly stuffed, not a pleasant feeling in a hot factory when you are trying to stay awake. Due to being so full, I had nothing more to eat until my next meal break over 5 hours later, and even then it was quite light.

The beetroot salad was mentioned by both TOK and WLB yesterday, and so I made a special trip to Asda to pick some up. It was only £1, syn free and rather delicious too. I had less than half the tub to accompany my Ryvita and cheese, definitely a must buy! I struggled my way through the final couple of hours and was rather relieved to head home, much less sweaty than I'd expected and so I could flop straight into bed. After a final snack so I didn't wake up too hungry.

Food Diary (Monday)

Free Food
veggie chilli
Shape 0% mango yogurt
Asda beetroot salad

Healthy Extras
A - 4 Laughing Cow blue cheese light triangles
A - 45g Feta
B - 4 Ryvita
B - 2 Alpen Lights


Erm....none? How did I manage that??? O.O

So a day of no syns, I hadn't planned it that way. The Alpen Lights were supposed to be syns as I had taken in my little houmous tub from M&S with me, as well as another banana and yogurt, but I just wasn't hungry enough to eat them. Obviously I need to take another look at my portions, as I'd definitely rather have small meals more often than have the uncomfortable feeling I had after last night's dinner. So much for SW not teaching portion control eh? The plan does it as if by magic ;o)

So with Monday sorted, my mind can now turn to Tuesday - and weigh in. As I said previously, I genuinely have no idea whatsoever what the scales will say. I didn't weigh in last week due to my 12 hour shift, and obviously this weekend involved ice cream, Pimms, beer and two cream teas - but much, much walking. Who knows what that will say on the scales, with my track record it could be anything from a 7lb loss to a 7lb gain lol!



  1. Alpen light bars £1 in our asda at mo

    1. I know :) I got a fivers worth this week, I've missed them!