Saturday, 6 July 2013

A Week Off, With Added Work!

The only excuse for not blogging over the last couple of days has been laziness quite frankly! Although I was shattered on Thursday, but no such excuse for yesterday - sorry ;)

I had to go to work on Thursday to work the hours I want off for the Blogging Girlies weekend, which has now unfortunately become the Blogging Girl weekend, as the wonderful WLB has had to postpone for now, such as shame, but she'll be there with us in spirit I'm sure :) Anyway, the hours needed to be worked and so I was up early and I'd even sorted out breakfast the night before to ensure I could have that wee bit extra time in bed.

Overnight oats, something new and a suggestion from TOK. You just layer yogurt, porridge oats and fruit and leave overnight. Easy and very tasty, so with that eaten off to work I went. Typically the sun was shining it's socks off, after being grey all week. Sods Law in action there, nothing like having to work when it's glorious outside! As I was doing office work I was sat at a computer in what could possible be the world's hottest office! SO stuffy, and due to it being a food factory, we can't open the windows....not good.

Plenty of water and Diet Coke was on stand by as I busied myself, mostly emailing TOK and Hague, but also fitting in plenty of work in well as snackage ;)

I thought I'd taken in plenty of food with me, and let's be honest here...I did! But I spent all day feeling hungry. I literally could not wait to get out of there though, the heat was starting to make me feel rather sick and totally drained of all energy and I was so relieved to get out into the fresh relieved in fact that I had rather a huge non-scale victory!

Back in March I posted this YouTube video;

I had been able to climb the work stairs all in one go at that point. Thursday was another stair related victory. I RAN up them, yes, you read that right, RAN. At the top I was no more out of breath than I was in the video. A huge, huge NSV for me :) 

The excitement obviously affected my appetite as I was starving when I was heading home, luckily Hague had made me the world's biggest bowl of veggie pasta which I put away with gusto when I got in :)

Just broccoli, cauliflower and spinach with cheese and pasta, but delish. Surely that would have filled me up eh?


I think they call days like this Hungry Days? Although I feel it was more like My Stomach Is a Bottomless Pit Day! I blame exercise, as after my dessert I had a mad moment and got on the exercise bike for 10 minutes. I suspect some kind of tropical illness, can be the only explanation for such bizarre behaviour.

Finally, after half a melon, with strawberries and a yogurt, I felt satisfied and headed up to bed before I started eating any of the pets.

Food Diary (Thursday)

Free Food
frozen summer fruits
fat free natural yogurt
leftover tomato risotto
Activia lemon and lime 0% yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar (x2)
B - 2 slices wholemeal bread (400g loaf)
B - 35g porridge oats

2 Laughing Cow extra light triangles                 2
Crispy Fries                                                    3½
Benefit bar                                                      3
Activia creamy yogurt                                     2½

Total syns                                                       11

Tropical disease infection is now a definite possibility as I did something very, very odd on Friday morning, I set my alarm 30 minutes early - so I could do Zumba. Yes, you did actually read that correctly. Even more odd was the fact that I actually got up early and did it. I'm starting to get concerned now, I shall ensure Hague watches me closely for more symptoms!

With much bouncing about achieved, and after yesterdays day of much hunger, I went for a cooked breakfast to try and stem the appetite.

I'd also decided to wear shorts and a t-shirt after nearly boiling alive on Thursday! The weather was once again beautiful, far too nice to be in work that's for sure, but hey ho, I need time off to do many things with TOK next weekend!

I settled myself in and got started on the rest of the work, after a couple of hours I headed for a quick snack.

I know...a banana and a Benefit bar, you'd missed these pictures hadn't you? ;) I got back from my break to some rather welcome news, once I'd completed all the CoSHH risk assessments I could go home as everything they had wanted me to do had been done. Wonderful news, so with the added bonus of a lot of the flavours no longer being used, which cut down my work dramatically it was just after 2pm that I emerged, blinking, into the glorious sunshine. Marvellous. After informing Hague that I was free, he asked me if I wanted to pop along and see him at work. Most redundant question ever. More Hague time? Answer is always yes.

I munched on lunch in the car, and then popped in and spent half an hour or so with him and George.

Of course, after getting up early, and the excitement of seeing Hague there was only one way I was going to spend the couple of hours between leaving the museum and picking him up to head out shopping....

In bed. Lovely.

I woke up in time to collect my Man, and get the shopping done. Shockingly our Aldi had run out of just about every Super 6 item, and so we had to get most of our fruit in Asda anyway. I also managed to remember the lemonade for syn free Pimms, but forgot the mint. Doh!

With food now in the house once more, it was dinner time, and a bit of an experimental one. For months I'd been saying I was going to try the BBQ sauce from the SW Little Book of Sauces, and today we finally gave it a whirl. Hague had his atop some chicken breasts and I stirred mine into some Quorn steak strips, and dolloped it all up with BBQ stylee sides. So good, and so filling too!

Hague just lobs the sweetcorn in the oven along with everything else, and they come out so sweet and tasty. The Quorn is hiding under the cheese. I thoroughly enjoyed dinner and it was nice to change it up a bit too.

Dessert was, of course, more fruit :) 

With the evening spent chatting away online to various people, it flew by, and once again hunger struck. Funny how it always strikes when I know I have a HeA and HeB left eh?

Seriously, diet? What diet? What's not to love about Slimming World? I can run up stairs, I can do twenty minutes of Zumba without dying, I can fit into sz16 clothes and all because I'm eating like this. Bloody awesome!

Food Diary (Friday)

Free Food
fat free cottage cheese
cherry tomatoes
spring onion
Kraft fat free Italian dressing
corn on the cob
Quorn steak strips
SW BBQ sauce (incl onion and passata)
sweet potato

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar (x2)
B - 2 Benefit bars
B - 2 slices wholemeal bread (400g loaf)

3 Quorn sausages                      3
Crispy Fries                              3½
Shape crumble yogurt                ½

Total syns                                 7

With work now done for the week, all two days of it I can look forward to the weekend, which shall involve baking SW friendly goodies for this evening, as we are drinking, and want to make sure we don't succumb to a take away. Seeing friends and getting out and enjoying this truly beautiful sunshine that hopefully means summer has finally arrived! Here's hoping it stays for the visit of TOK and Doug!

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