Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A Wee Bit Shocked

I felt much better when I woke up this morning, a decent sleep is always pretty helpful when you want to feel better, and when Hague deserted me for work, I did my best to get a few more hours in. I didn't sleep much, but played on the iPad and drifted in and out and was still in bed when Hague popped home for lunch. Sometimes being lazy is the fastest route to happiness for this lazy girl!

I did actually get myself out of bed when Hague went back to work and busied myself feeding the animals and sitting whilst drinking coffee, and then getting myself up and ready to go and meet Hague at work. He was finishing at 4.30, but we had a few bits to do before heading to group and so didn't bother coming home, we went and got a table from Argos, as he's been using a rather precarious creation to put his laptop on, and the we were going to pick up some more Danio's from Tesco but I'd forgotten my vouchers! So even with a quick visit to Aldi for the SotW goodies we were half an hour early for weigh in! It was quite nice to catch up with people though, and so it wasn't a chore to sit around and natter whilst we waited for 5.30.

I was first on the scales, and as has been normal over the last few weeks I didn't know what to expect and so was rather nervous when I got on them. The display had been accidentally placed where it couldn't be seen and so I got on, quite happy I couldn't see and just waited....I asked Hague what they said and when he uttered the number "15" I had to look down....I was 15st 13½lbs! I was in the next stone bracket! And for those of you paying attention, I'd lost 9 bloody lbs! I was genuinely shell-shocked, the only time I've lost more than that in a week was my first week! So, the roller coaster ride continues, strangely, these down ones are easier to bear though ;) It was the vote for Woman of the Year in group tonight as well, and I'll be honest, it was a bit of a struggle to choose - we genuinely have so many inspirational ladies in our group, some with big losses, some with willpower to die for, some that are always there for others, and some that always go the extra mile to make you smile. So, so hard, I'm looking forward to see who gets it that's for sure.

So I came home from group with these...

I really hadn't expected my 9st award today, and most definitely didn't expect to lose so much. My total loss is now 9st 3lbs, but to be honest, it's the dropping into the 15st bracket that has really got to me this evening. I got home and it sunk in that I am now less than 4 stone from target. Now, I appreciate that 4 stone is still a  lot of weight, and to many of you that's the total you want to lose, but as I started with over 13st to lose I got a wee bit emotional to think that there is just 3st 13½ lbs between me and 12 stone. It felt good to finally get my Bronze Body Magic award too, it's a huge thing for me to actually be enjoying exercise and making it part of my life.

After weigh in, it was most definitely dinner time, and risotto was my meal of choice.

Baked vegetable risotto with blue cheese on top of half a butternut squash. As always, easy peasy and minimal effort :)

I chopped up all the veg (courgette, onion, peppers and asparagus) and put them in an oven proof dish with a Knorr stock pot, risotto rice and water then put it all in the oven, I roasted the BNS at the same time. After 25 minutes I checked it and the rice needed a wee bit more, so I put some more water in and left it in for another 10 minutes, and after that it was perfect. I stirred through some fresh spinach and 4 Laughing Cow blue cheese triangles and it was done. I dolloped it onto my BNS and topped with Stilton. Once again, I surprised myself with how nice it tasted, and food? Got to love it!

After posting the picture of my certificate on the SW FB pages, I then spent ages replying to all the lovely comments and chatting away to TOK and two of the lovely ladies from my group - Sam and Sacha - and before I knew it, I was feeling peckish once more, and today, the lure of those Healthy Extras was too great and I succumbed to a delicious cheese toastie.

As you can see, the accompaniment to my toastie was a rather impressive gherkin.......and I'm hoping that it might make at least one person smile this evening :) My last Danio was also nommed up as dessert.

Unfortunately the closest I've got to Body Magic tonight is watching Hague do both his UFC Trainer and his Insanity routine. I was knackered just watching him, but will crack out the Zumba tomorrow - I don't want to get complacent with exercise just because I've got my sticker, although I have spent the evening perusing beautiful bikes. I need one in my life, and I think I would look jolly marvellous riding around Great Yarmouth on this beauty :)

A girl can dream :) My friend Shane was also rather disgusted that I was contemplating a bike with only one gear, but I'm planning just to ride around town, so figured that flatness really only needs one speed. And it's pretty, and that's far more important :)

Anyway, dreams of bikes are futile at the moment and so I shall continue to share my evening with you....with sweaty Hague bounding about and me yabbiting to people on Facebook :) Obviously hungry work as I decided tea and chocolate biccies would be the perfect end to my day.

Food Diary

Free Food
risotto rice
Butternut squash
stock pot
coleslaw mix

Healthy Extras
A - 30g Cheddar
A - 4 Laughing Cow blue cheese light triangles
B - 30g Stilton
B - 2 slices wholemeal bread (400g loaf)

4 tbsp Hellmann's extra light mayo                 2
Danio strawberry yogurt                                1
14 Mikado                                                   7
Milk in tea (1)                                              ½

Total syns                                                    10½

Obviously a better day today, and one day I shall learn to hit a happy medium with this little roller coaster ride. Claire suggested a week of Extra Easy on the weeks that I seem to be gaining, to see if the cutting back of the Healthy Extras help. We shall see, as I've tried that before. Something is definitely askew though, as as much as I loved losing 9lbs, it's not quite right is it? I think I shall get back on my happy pills, and see where I am in a month's time. Perhaps the cycle will be broken anyway as I can't make it to group next week due to a 12 hour shift on earlies :( 

What a journey eh? 


  1. oMG! So happy for you! Been missing your regular posts on Shrinking Synners recently. Awesome job! You are such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your journey.

    1. Have I not been sharing them? How very slack of me! Thank you for reading and being lovely enough to comment xx

  2. Er, first things first... how beautiful is that bike!! I want one. Can picture it now, pretty dress, hair flowing, picnic in my basket. Obviously the reality would be me in dodgy shorts, hair on top of my head coz it gets in my eyes and dripping swear into my basket!! Lol :)
    Ok. How bloody amazing you must feel getting 9lb off this wk?! Getting your 9 stone award!?! And the next stone bracket!?! No one can ever say this weight loss malarky is ever boring and uneventful can they :) So in awe. Your dedication and determination are pretty wonderful. You help me. Fact.
    So tonight I will be facing those scales. Need 1/2lb off for my 2 stone award. Being trying to get this for 10 long hard weeks! Had my rather difficult star week with major cravings so fingers crossed for me please?!
    Keep up your amazing work Honey xxxx

    1. I's so pretty! It's "only" £160 on Amazon as well! I NEED it, although I think my visions and reality would be pretty similar to yours hehe.

      I do feel good this week - I wish I could bottle it for use on the next gain. Hopefully you'll get the loss you want - perhaps just relax yourself slightly and surely it will come? xx

    2. Only £160..... lets buy 2 each!!! Blimey lol.
      Thanks for your kind words for my ever nearing weigh in. I will let you no if I get it! :) x

    3. Please do let me know! I love hearing how people are getting on!

      Apparently £160 is questionably cheap for a bike!!

  3. Wow, dont like to say it but i told you so :0) Knew you would see a loss again and brilliant you got your 9 stone award. So pleased for you, well done xx p.s love the bike, I have to be careful with bikes, last time i was on one fell into a bush of stinging nettles.. but then i am very clumsy by nature lol. Have another great week xx

    1. You did lol!

      I too am naturally hideously clumsy, but oh it's so pretty and I must have it! xx

  4. YEYEYEYEY Well Done You, that's Amazbells (yeah I can't believe I just said that either) :D I hope everyone voted for you for Women of the Year, I'd vote for you!!!

    1. Thanks Nicola!

      There are so many tremendous women in my group that I would be surprised if I won, we really are so lucky with the amazing people at my group!

  5. Wow you've done fantastic!! You must be so proud! Truly inspiring! I was half a pound from my 1.5 stone last week but I put 3lb on so I'm determined to do well this week! I've had loads of fruit and scan bran! People like you really show that it is possible to be amazing doing Slimming World! Well done!

  6. Hi, i really fancy the risotto but nowhere does it say that stilton can be classed as my hex :(
    Its 5 syns on the SW website

    1. I follow Green days, and the HeB choices are different. Stilton and a much larger variety of cheeses are HeB's on a Green day.