Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Joy of Se......veral More Hours At Work

Twelve hour shifts do not make for exciting blogs I'm afraid, today will be no exception. I had actually set my alarm to go off so I had plenty of time to get myself sorted, fed and showered but once it had gone off I went back to sleep. Luckily I did wake up in time, but I only had an hour and a half to sort out food for work, food to eat and shower. Oops!

Luckily, my new invention of lazy girl microwave pasta sauce came to the rescue, and so I could prepare dinner whilst sorting out my work food.

Microwave sauce is easy peasy. I chucked in frozen onions, some frozen spinach, chopped tomatoes, garlic, mushrooms and herbs and a tad of sweetener and tomato puree then just microwaved it until it was heated through, with a stir after 4 minutes. It's brilliant as you can just leave it to it's own devices whilst you cook the pasta, or in my case sort out plenty of food for work. Now....I shall make a confession. I have committed a SW tweak today. As you can see my dinner is adorned with lovely Feta. However, I'd picked up reduced fat Feta instead of normal Feta. Problem is that only normal Feta is a HeA, reduced fat is only a HeB on a Green day, and they were already accounted for. So I have decided to have it as a HeA anyway. Naughty me, but I'll confess that it's something I used to do previously on SW, but not something I've done this time. Until today. Anyway, it's done now!

So with me sorted and showered, off to work I went, and due to a faulty alarm I didn't even get to see Hague before I left :(

Work was work....nothing exciting to report except for the fact that it was 30 degrees when I got there, me and TOK managed to have three separate conversation going at the same time, and I didn't get paid for my overtime, so a tad warm, and the machines were behaving once more. It must be witch craft. Definitely not complaining about that though, it makes for a an easy night. Always welcome when a bloody cough has kept you up most of the day! So food wise, plenty of snacks and noms for my long old shift.

Leftover chilli for my first dinner. Good job I made all that on Saturday eh? Plus I had a Graze box arrive so had some little noms too. Tropical Daquiri today, which was really lovely and worth the 5 syns.

My second dinner was a bit lighter, ryvita and cheese triangles, we really did pack in the breaks though, one good thing about the machines running well! Long may it last!

With breaks done and me getting rather weary it was a relief to leave and head home. The weather was beautiful as I drove home, but it was to bed I had to go, and luckily after having a cup of ginger tea with honey the cough of doom didn't keep me awake. Hopefully I've seen the back of it now, and now my 12 is done with it's all downhill to the weekend! Yay!

Food Diary

Free Food
chopped tomatoes
tomato puree
Activia 0% yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 6 Laughing Cow extra light triangles
A - 75g reduced fat Feta (which should only have been a HeB - naughty of me)
B - 2 Benefit bars
B - 4 Ryvita

Tropical Daquiri Graze box                   5
Crispy Fries                                          3½
teaspoon of honey (in tea)                     1

Total syns                                             9½

Strangely enough, even with not being paid my overtime, and working a 12, I wasn't in a bad mood. Quite an achievement for me eh? I'm also quite looking forward to my new exercise regime which Hague is going to put together for me, and the girlie bloggers is looking good right now :)

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