Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Shine and Stickies

Once again it's Tuesday. The day that seems to come around so quickly. I had big plans for today. They involved getting up early and being all productive, getting a good start on the huge sort out the bedroom desperately needs. Unfortunately, I woke up at around 11.30 after not dropping off until quite late, and having a disturbed night. Bed glue then took hold and so whilst Hague put away all the clean washing I stayed nice and comfy in bed, perusing Facebook. Not the most productive start to the day.

I did get slightly better though, sorting out my underwear drawer and getting rid of yet more bras that were too big, as well as some swimsuits. We also managed to get the chest of drawers that had been sitting in the hall for a week upstairs and in position. So reasonably productive. For me.

I then headed out to see my Dad, to drop off the cards for the GirlyWigs (both of whose birthdays are in the next week or so), and then got home just in time for Hague to leave for work, and so I decided to take Boo out and walk him up to the museum. The journey normally takes 4 minutes, with Mrs SnufflePants snuffling her way towards the Time and Tide it took 15, she then decided to roll around on every bit of grass on the way home too, and so our walk home took around 20 minutes. I had planned on getting stuck into the bedroom, however, I entered the bedroom and something just drew me to the bed, and made me get in, and then made me fall asleep. Bad Karen :(

Anyway, I woke up in time to head to group with Hague, we were both nervous as we were both so very close to our next awards, but we needn't have worried, I lost 4.5lbs and he lost 1.5lbs, to take us to losses of 8st 4lbs and 4st respectively, not bad eh? It also means I got myself this...

I also got Slimmer of the Week, which was a huge surprise! It was so nice to be back at my usual group too, I do miss hearing how everyone is getting on, and love having the chance to have a chat with people too. If you're unsure about actually joining a group, you really should, you can't beat it :)

We headed home via Sainsburys as it's the only place in Yarmouth where you can find Quorn roasts at the moment, and I also had a craving for mango, so with both needs satisfied and some Douwe Egberts caramel coffee found too, we then headed home to finally get some food down us.....I know this is a terrible habit I've gotten into, but dinner was my first meal of the day, and I decided to create a sort of sausagey/beany casseroley type thing.

I tried to give it a greek theme, with some butter beans, oregano and feta, along with some Quorn sauasages. It was rather yummy, and just for a change I made way too much so there are some leftovers for another day :)

As I said, I'd had a craving for mango, and so that made an appearance in dessert.

Despite the strawberries being past their best, it was exactly what I fancied, how times change :) Suitably full, and in an amazing mood I caught up with the online world and found myself getting very emotional at all the kind, sweet, lovely comments and tweets left for me. So many of you call me inspirational, and I never feel that way, I'm just me, moseying along, boring you all with my food pics every day. But today, those words really got to me, and it's been very special to read all those kind thoughts and words. So thank you all so much, it's you that inspire me to keep on going.

With the evening drawing to a close, I decided to try my caramel coffee, which is delicious, and even more delicious when made into a milky coffee, and will make a fabulous iced coffee when it warms up again! I can forgive the weather for being a bit cool, it is 11pm lol! So milky coffee was accompanied with my HeB of two Benefit bars, as I realised I hadn't had one yet...

Finally, before I head off to bed, I would like to share a link with you all. You should all be more than aware who Hague is, and just how much he does for me, and how much his support means to me. Well, he now wants a bit of support :)

One of the reasons he wanted to lose weight was so that he could do a sky dive to raise money for Shine. Shine are a charity that help people with Spina bifida and Hydracephalus, and there are a close cause to his heart as his youngest son, Leo suffers from both of those conditions, as well as several of the secondary complications that go along with them. Shine help Leo out immensely and Hague wants to give them something back. So if you could spare anything, he would be eternally grateful.

Hague's Sponsorship Link

Thank you xx

Food Diary 

Free Food
Jersey Royals
stock pot

Healthy Extras
A - 45g Feta
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
B - 2 Benefit bars

2 Quorn sausages                 2
10g Feta                              2

Total syns                            4

With my weight loss today, I'm just 3lbs from my next award. Next weigh in will also mark my anniversary, as it was June 12th when I first walked through those doors. It would be beyond amazing to have my 8½ stone award to celebrate. Greedy maybe, but it would be a fantastic way to celebrate wouldn't it? Even if I don't get it - which isn't likely as it's my week of earlies, star week, and there's a girlie lunch on Friday - I have achieved so much, including dropping into the 16st's today, which has been a huge thing for me. I really wouldn't have believed I would be here today a year ago, I'm nothing special, I'm just an ordinary person, who works full time, can't be arsed to cook and loves to eat, and I've lost over 8 stone in a year, so if you're reading this, and feeling down and overweight and thinking you could never do this....You can, you SO bloody can. xx


  1. You ARE inspirational! You may not feel it and I have to say you make this weight loss lark sound a breeze but a real life person writing this stuff makes a difference x especially a real life person who I'm lucky enough to have known for 20 years !!!!!
    Wish I could live with you so you could feed me and make 4stone disappear off me as fast as it did you x

  2. OMG 8 stone in a year!!! It really is incredible when you say it out loud isn't it? What an achievement Karen! And how? By eating lots of yummy food that's how! It really is quite miraculous is Slimming World. That's it, I'm going back, no more messing around :-) you are a LEGEND! X