Friday, 14 June 2013

Oh The Tedium....

Not much to report for Thursday I'm afraid. Twelve hour shifts never yield too much excitement, and so I shall kick off the blog by showing you my beautiful little teapot from TOK - who is in fact The Other Karen - who is a truly wonderful lady who I have become BFF's with ;)

Isn't it lovely? I'm sure you can see why it cheered me up so much yesterday! Anyway, back to Thursday, and me, on my 12! I mixed it up a wee bit for my first snack, with the remainder of my fruit.

Plus of course the obligatory Benefit bar - got to have those at work, plus coffee, must have coffee to stay awake. I was once again in the office. Not good for my steps, but good for my coffee intake lol! At least breakfast time came around nice and  quick, as I was raher peckish.

No suprises there eh? Although I may have had slightly more yogurt - that's ringing the changes right there ;)

My last break was spent in the office, drinking coffee, before heading back to the real work on the line. Well, after I'd had a team briefing and my lunch that is!

I really enjoyed lunch. It was only a pasta salad topped with grated cheese, but it really hit the spot. Lovely :) Nice and filling too, so I didn't need anything during my last break.

Just before 6 I headed home, feeling utterly shattered and incredibly grumpy. I had decided to throw together a soup, and merrily threw everything in the pan, went to grab a stock stock pots....I think Hague must eat them when I'm not there! Of course this threw me into a right old strop, banging pans and stomping feet, and so Hague told me to go and sit down whilst he finished off  my dinner. Unfortunately, he followed the recipe in the book for the stock quanitites, and I'd only put about half that about of veg in, so it was a bit to try another time methinks, as it wasn't the most flavourful of soups (it was the cauliflower cheese from the little book of soups).

I wasn't that impressed this time, but I know most people rave about it, so I shall try it again with less stock! With that eaten/drunk, I had a quick dessert before heading up to bed - yes I really was that tired yesterday!

I did have a little time to hear all about Hague's day, which had included meeting the Lord Mayor of Great Yarmouth, very exciting :)

Food Diary

Free Food
fat free natural yogurt
sweet potato
cherry tomatoes
stock cube

Healthy Extras
A - 6 Laughing Cow extra light triangles
A - 40g grated LowLow cheese
B - 35g Jordan's unsweetened muesli
B - 2 Benefit bars

2 Activia yogurts                   5
Crispy Fries                          3½

Total syns                              8½
So that was my Thursday, roll on the weekend!

Thank you as well to everyone who took time to comment on yesterday's blog. I'm sure it's definitely helped me to feel in a lot better mood to day to see all those lovely words of inspiration and support :)

Oh, and Bridget.....TOK is The Other Karen AKA Karen Pursey :) I luffs her lol!


  1. Did you meet the other Karen through SW, or did you know her already? x

    1. Through blogging about SW, she has her own blog too!