Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Night Shifts and Nice Surprises!

I'm sure that none of you will be surprised to hear that I woke up today feeling rather grumpy and tired...nothing new there I'm sure you're all thinking. However, I had a good excuse today as despite me getting in from work just before 6.30am, Hague stirred me just over 2 hours later. Poor me. This wasn't due to me trying to be super efficient or anything stupid like that, it was due to the dents that my poor little Dotty has picked up in her 3 years under my care. As she's being sent back to the lease company within the next week or so, she needs sorting and so a dent man was coming round to have a look at her. A quick phone call to said dent man later and I'd settled down for another few hours sleep as he'd told me he would be at mine for about 12. Lovely :)

Annoyingly, I was awoken early by the postman and so didn't get my full sleep, although when I say early, I'd set my alarm for 12.00 and he knocked at 11.54, but you know those minutes are important! Anyway, he wasn't bringing anything interesting, and so up I got, and even got dressed! Dent man arrived nice and promptly and within 45 minutes Dotty's bonnet was looking as good as new and I was a mere £50 lighter of pocket. Not bad at all, plus as I was awake I got to see Hague at lunchtime too. Not such a shabby start to the day after all. Of course, after all that excitement it was back to bed for me to try and get a couple more hours in before work.

Yet another alarm went off to get me up - for good this time - and off I went to pick up Hague and head to weigh in. After last week's grumpfest I was certainly expecting a loss, and definitely hoping to shift all of last week's gain if not a smidge more. What I definitely didn't expect was this...

I'd managed a loss of 6½lbs, and so I've now lost a total of 8st 7½lbs. Not a bad result for someone's first weigh in of their second year at Slimming World. I was over the moon! Unfortunately, as Hague was shattered, and I'd not had the best day of sleep, we didn't stop to group, and instead heading home to get some food down ourselves, which meant we missed out on another fabulous award as Helena got her 7st award, amazing as she only joined us in August or September, her and her hubby are just so inspirational. We really do have some stonking losses in our group :)

Anyway, home we went, and food was made. Mine was a supremely lazy choice, and had no superfree either. Shocking behaviour from myself there.

 Sausage, eggs, chips and spaghetti, Hello Kitty spaghetti at that. I thoroughly enjoyed it I must say! I did redeem myself slightly by having fruit afterwards though.

With dinner eaten it was time to head to work :( It was rather annoying having to drag myself away from all the kind comments people were leaving me, unfortunately reading lovely things doesn't pay the bills. Squash does, and so off I went!

When I reached the factory I was greeted with rather a muggy atmosphere, as the temperature was 28 degrees, never pleasant, but with machines behaving themselves it meant we could get our breaks kicked off sooner rather than later.

I know, I know...I should vary up what I have, but my banana/benefit bar combo is perfect for that sweet fix and the sugar kick to keep me going at work! It does make me wonder just how many pictures of a banana and benefit bar I've now released onto t'interwebz since I've been writing this blog....doesn't bear thinking about really does it???

Anyway, with everthing running beautifully, we had an extra break before lunch, and ol' greedy guts here had something else to eat :)

Just an apple and a cuppa to keep me going until lunch, which was pretty similar to my meals of last week....I really need to up my game don't I?

My remaining Aldi sub roll, along with some Crispy Fries, a yogurt and a satsuma. I really am loving the rolls, they really seem to fill me up more than a sandwich would, and I don't mind splashing out the extra syns for them. Stuffed full with cheese and salad, and you'd never know I was on a "diet" would you?

With lunch done and dusted, the only excitement was when the temperature dropped slightly. Reaching a low of 26 degrees at 3am. It's not even that warm outside yet!

With breaks done, and machines behaving, and no more food left to eat, I guess I can leave it there for today.

Food Diary

Free Food
Hello Kitty pasta
Activia 0% lemon and lime yogurt
cherry tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar
B - 60g wholemeal bread
B - (split) 30g wholemeal bread and benefit bar

3 Quorn sausages                3
Crispy Fries                        3½
Activia creamy yogurt         2½

Total syns                           9

Not a bad day at all really. It's always nice to have a loss on weigh in day, and such a big one really did make my day. I'm also safely back into the 16st bracket, as I think I was actually more upset about being 17st something again last week than the amount I gained as it really was a huge thing for me to be 16st something! Silly isn't it?

I've also decided after a week with my FitBit that I need to start doing some additional exercise, despite me regularly getting my 10,000 steps and walking over 15 flights of stairs a day, so I have decided to get myself a personal trainer - Hague :) Watch this space for just how hard he works me, he's promised not to shout at me anyway :)


  1. Hi Karen,
    Just wanted to say many congratulations on your fantastic award! I enjoy reading your blog and am often picking up ideas from your posts. I've been at Slimming World since the beginning of February and am 2 stone 5 1/2 pounds off.

    I look forward to seeing more of your journey :)

    1. Thanks for your comment, it sounds like you're doing briliantly, and am so glad you're getting some ideas from me too. Keep me updated on how you're getting on please? How much do you want to lose?