Sunday, 23 June 2013

Must. Stop. Shopping.

I'm finding it hard to adjust to this having money malarkey. Every payday the joy at having spare cash overwhelms me and I merrily buy all the pretty things I've been coveting all month. So far, since payday, on Friday, I've bought 3 Threadless t-shirts, some new shoes, some daisies for my hair, to match the new shoes and some sugar free coffee syrups. I also have the wonderful WeightLossBitch and the amazing TOK visiting me so I can't spend all my spare on frivolities so am trying to be good. Today I failed a bit....

But first....breakfast hehe

A proper breakfast in a bap, and worth every single one of the 6 syns it contained. Two quorn sausages, a one egg omelette and mushrooms all piled into an Aldi roll. So good! Washed down with a lovely cuppa, I then caught up on Friday and Saturday's blogs before we started on our jobs for the day. The cats needed litter and my Sister needed a birthday pressie as it's her birthday tomorrow. So the plan was Pets at Home, Tesco then onto The Parentals. The first two were completed successfully, but then Hague wanted to pop into Sports Direct. Which is next door to Outfit. Which contains Dorothy Perkins, whose sale I had been perusing all morning. Oops.

The rails drew me in and I found a lovely dress in a sz16 no less, for just £7 and picked it up to try on, and then the full price rails caught my eye, and the most gorgeous spotty dress.

How beautiful?

A size 18 that I felt fitted perfectly, but it was £28 and my funds only stretch so far, so I had to leave it on the shelf. The picture did lend itself to another before/during collage though :)

It's been a while ;) So with one pretty dress bought, and another sadly left on the shelf, off to The Parentals we went to bestow belated Father's Day gifts on my Dad and to catch up with my Mum and Nan. I couldn't resist showing off my dress and spent most of the time boring everyone to death with how exciting it was to be fitting into smaller clothes :) As time was getting on we headed home and starting to ponder dinner. Hague fancied a curry, but I wasn't in the mood and so had a think, and in the end came up with this little lot.

Roasted peppers stuffed with macaroni cheese and salad. As always,  quick and easy. I cooked the macaroni, and then drained it, stirred through some spinach, spring onions and half a tub of low low, then I stuffed the peppers (which I'd roasted in the oven), topped with some grated cheddar and grilled. Something a bit different, but really tasty, the spring onions really added something to the cheesey pasta, I'm sure I'll have it again. It was surprisingly filling too, and so it was quite a while before I fancied dessert.

Being at The Parentals has meant that only two meals have been eaten today, so I guess my fruit and Mikado were dinner!

As I posted my before/during picture on Facebook, I've had a lovely evening reading through the comments people have left for me whilst I've been texting TOK and cuddling up to Hague on the sofa. Always a lovely way to spend a Sunday night, and I haven't even got an early start in the morning as it's my week of 2-10 :) 

Food Diary 

Free Food
spring onions

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk (in lots of tea)
A - 60g of LowLow
B - 60g wholemeal bread (Aldi sub roll)
B - 40g reduced fat cheddar

40g wholemeal bread                    4
2 Quorn sausages                         2
10 Mikado                                   5

Total syns                                    11

Not much in the way of food today - mostly due to lack of time indoors, although the meals I had were very filling, along with many cups of tea. It really has been a huge boost to find myself fitting into "normal" clothes too. Just walking into Outfit and knowing that I can easily fit into a sz18, if not a sz16 is the most wonderful feeling. Unless you've been at the point where you've started to worry where the hell you'll buy your clothes soon as your sz32 jeans are getting tight you probably won't be able to appreciate just what it feels like to walk into a shop - that isn't bloody Evans - and know you can find something that will fit. Something that is pretty, something that you've picked up because it looks nice, not because you think it will fit, or hide your arse, or stretch as you gain more weight. Something that will make you feel good to wear - something that so many people take for granted, but for me? It's huge, it's enormous, it's why I'm doing this, and why I will get to target.

A happy, happy day.


  1. I can only dream of that feeling, hoping it comes some day soon. Thanks for being so inspiring

  2. Such a fantastic before and after you have come so far and done so well yoi really are a super inspiration and just gave me yhe kick up the ass I needed really fallen off the wagon lately and don't know why :( miserable ain't the word but I will be back on track asap :) xx

  3. You look great in the before picture so I can only say that you look superawesomelyfantastic in the during one! I've had a little wobble this week but it's people like you who keep me coming back to Slimming World week after week, so thank you so much for that. Keep up the good work, you're doing amazing things! x

  4. Looking gorgeous in that spotty dress! You have done so well - inspirational stuff xx