Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Monday Win?

Unbelievable I know...a Monday that didn't totally suck on a huge scale, how on earth has that happened? It didn't start off so great, as it started at 4.30am, and no day that starts that early has any business being good. I dragged my butt into work and as we had a meeting first thing I managed a significant amount of caffeine before we even started, which is never a bad thing.

With the meeting done, down to the line we headed where I got my first chance to check my email fo a week - to find that the 5 a day competition organisers had been trying to get hold of me whilst I hadn't been at work as I'd won the challenge! Yay!

I may be 38 years old, it may have only been a work competition to try and get us all eating more healthy food, but I was SO excited. The prize was supposed to be a Nike FuelBand, but as I work on a production line, I'm not allowed to wear jewellery, or anything like that, and so I requested a FitBit One instead, which I think does more anyway - and so I now have a shiney purple FitBit winging it's way to me - very good news for a Monday!

To add to the good news, I was then taken off the line to carry out CoSHH risk assessments, which meant lots of sitting in front of the computer, drinking lots of coffee whilst sending lots of emails to TOK. Oh, and working a bit ;)

Of course I had to get a break in too, and I kicked off with my usual for first break.

Well, I say the usual, as you can see I've made the monumental change of having a different flavour Benefit bar - outrageous.

With my day until 2pm consisting of more coffee, more emailing of TOK and more searching for information of hazardous substances, I shall just present you with the food that interspersed such fun.

My usual breakfast on earlies of muesli and yogurt, followed up at 2ish by my lunch, which was leftover sausage casserole that I'd discovered lurking in the freezer, along with yet more fruit a yogurt and some Crispy Fries.

After lunch it was back to the line for me for my last 4 hours. Such fun. I did manage another break, and yet more coffee though.

And I wonder why I have trouble sleeping....

As Hague had been called into work to cover someone who was ill, I didn't have dinner waiting for me, although he had rung whilst I was driving home to see if I wanted anything doing. As I fancied something rather faffy I decided the best plan was just to do it myself though, and so not that long after I got in I was tucking into cheesey pasta. This time with roasted veggies.

I was even organised enough to do extra so I have some lunch for my next 12 hour shift on Thursday :) Get me! Despite rather a huge bowl of pasta, my worms are still going strong and so I needed dessert too. I really don't know why I can't stop eating at the moment, but I'm guessing the imminence of star week has probably got rather a lot to do with it :(

So dessert it was, Eton Mess-ish once more.

To save on syns I just put vanilla extract into a plain fat free yogurt though and used the syns on some mini meringues instead. Unfortunately, it was then edging closer to 8pm, and bedtime. There is something so wrong about going to bed when it's still light - as opposed to going to bed when it's getting light which is big and clever. So I'm sure you'll excuse me for not getting this wee blog up last night, as I was shattered.

Food Diary

Free Food
fat free natural yogurt
sausage casserole (minus sausages which were synned).
sweet potato
cherry tomatoes
frozen summer fruits

Healthy Extras
A - 60g LowLow
A - 60g LowLow
B - 35g Jordan's unsweetened muesli
B - 2 Benefit bars

Quorn sausages            2
Activia yogurt               2½
Crispy Fries                 3½
Mini meringues             2

Total syns                     10

So there we have my surprisingly good Monday, hopefully to be followed by an awesome Tuesday with the arrival of a FitBit and a loss of 3lbs to get my 8½st award - I won't hold my breath though, we all know what usually happens to me on earlies ;)

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  1. Karen, I know I'm probably being really thick but what does TOK stand for please???? Nothing I think of makes sense! lol xx