Friday, 7 June 2013

Les Happy-bles or Something..

A bit of a delayed blog today, but better late than never I say :) Yesterday wasn't much of a food day, mostly as I woke up rather late, so couldn't fit in three meals!

When I say late, it was stupidly late. nearly 2pm when I finally stirred, and the cold had decided to have a bit of an encore too, which wasn't the greatest of things to realise. Nevertheless, up I got, and started the day in a similar vein to most days, with a large coffee and a text to TOK. It was ages before I decided, well I say I, it was a team effort with TOK really, what to have for my breakfast - and after a discussion yesterday over how much veg you can squeeze into an omelette, eggy  veg it was!

I added in 4 Laughing Cow blue cheese triangles and served it up with sweet potato chips and beetroot, as well as a syns worth of mayonnaise. Certainly a filling start to my day, which was shaping up to be another lazy one. Not a bad thing.

However, with plans for Friday starting to look a bit hectic, we decided to get out and get the shopping done, which actually included buying some light bulbs for under the units in the kitchen, as for a week or so we have been cooking by the light of the display cabinet....not the best way to create SW friendly delights!

So we headed to Pets at Home to get de-fleaing thingums for The Menagerie, to B&Q to get lightbulbs, which were £7 each to we didn't bother, although a quick perusal of the clearance bin found one for 1p which we snapped up. Then off to Asda and Aldi for the important stuff. The food! And more lightbulbs, as they were just over £3 in Asda. We even managed to only be £4 over budget, quite the achievement for us :)

With our tasks completed for the day we settled down for an evening in front of the telly, whilst I pondered what to have for dinner. The lazies had struck and so I wanted something that wouldn't take any effort. Chickpea Dahl came to the rescue.

That stuff definitely expands in the pan! I added in some veggies and a splat of chopped tomatoes, but how much?? Madness! I managed to finish it all off though! I can be such a piggy at times.

After dinner, I'd finally managed to pin down Hague to watch Les Miserables. I'd seen it at the cinema with a friend and couldn't wait to see it again, but wanted to wait and watch it with him...

At the start, he seemed reasonably interested, but then his interest started to wane...his verdict? Too much singing. In a musical. Who'd have thought it eh? I enjoyed it anyway, funny how spending nigh on three hours in tears can feel so good hehe! Of course, I had my film munchies too.

By the time the film was over, it was pretty much time to head to bed, and so my day ended up being an Extra Easy one, rather than a Green one, as I only had one of each Healthy Extra. Shocking behaviour from me not to have all the cheese the plan allows!

Food Diary

Free Food
sweet potato
Asda chickpea dahl
tinned tomatoes
Activia 0% yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 4 blue cheese Laughing Cow triangles
B - 2 Benefit bars

2 tbsp Hellmanns extra light mayo                  1
milk in coffee (2)                                           1

Total syns                                                     2

Once again I decided to minimise my syns a bit in preparation for today's girlie lunch. For once I'm actually trying to limit the damage caused. I've had a look at the menu and decided what I'm going to have in advance, and those choices are the most SW friendly ones. I'm not saying I'm going to resist a dessert, I'm still human, but at least I know I'm making sensible(ish) choices to try and do my best to get that loss next week!

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