Sunday, 30 June 2013

Good Choices and Gorilla Time

It's been a busy few days I'm afraid. I've been getting in from work very tired so heading straight to bed, and then getting up at the last minute to head to work, leaving no time to actually blog! Add in the fact that I was out yesterday and I'm sure you'll forgive me for not getting much of a chance to keep you all updated :)

Thursday and Friday were much of a muchness, work days, although I did try and change things up slightly to try and boost my weight loss this week :)

 Something nice and breakfasty before work, and then quite a normal selection for whilst I was earning those pennies.

Leftover risotto for lunch, which was lovely, but apart from that, good old fruit and Benefit bars came to the rescue :)

When I got home, rather tired from training on a new machine and having to use my brain, Hague had dinner waiting for me.

Low effort and yummy. With plenty of veggies of course.

Dessert was partly courtesy of Hague's Slimmer of the Week basket, as it contained peaches, which I'm not overly fond of, but tried, and these ones were gorgeous, so sweet and full of flavour, and so they were added to summer fruits and strawberries all topped with an Activia creamy vanilla yogurt. Delish. An early night beckoned as Hague had to be at the station at 6.45am!

Food Diary (Thursday)

Free Food
tinned tomatoes
leftover risotto
Activia 0% yogurt
summer fruits

Healthy Extras
A - (both) - tub of LowLow
B - Benefit bars
B - 2 slices wholemeal bread (400g loaf)

50g reduced fat soft cheese              4
Activia creamy yogurt                      2½

Total syns                                        6½

Friday obviously started way too early, with me awake at 6.20 to take Hague to the station. I had planned on getting the shopping after I'd dropped him off, but had changed my mind before I left the house, however I did grab my purse, and once he was safely deposited at the station I found myself heading to Asda anyway. Might as well get it out of the way was my thinking, by the time I'd done that, popped to Aldi to find it closed and then scooted to Tesco to pick up my free Danio yogurts (thanks BzzAgent) it was nearly 8.30am, and I'm sure you'll be unsurprised to hear that I went back to bed. I set my FitBit alarm for 11 and nodded off. My alarm went off, I turned it off and fell back to sleep until 12.45.....Oops! 

Luckily, once I'd put the shopping away I'd thrown a rice pudding in the slow cooker and so I did have breakfast practically ready to throw down my neck before hurtling out of the door to get too work. Late.

Another fruit and rice pudding combination that works really well :) I'm rather glad to have found another fruit to add to the limited ones that I like as well! I was slightly late for work, but only about 15 minutes, so not too bad, and it was back to training on a new machine, and for the third week running we caught the end of week clean! Not fun! 

Thank goodness for cooking extra pasta, as that was how I managed to have lunch, which I rustled up in 2 minutes before work! Plus of course the usual Benefit bars and fruit. I'm sure I must keep our local Aldi in business with the amount of those we get through!! After work I headed home (via Asda to get the bits I'd forgotten) to an empty house as Hague was safely in Barnsley. It's rather odd to not have him here, and it also meant that I had to make my own dinner. Shocking!

I went with gnocchi and vegetables, as it was something I could do really quickly.

Gnocchi literally takes 2 minutes to cook, and it's ready. So I boiled that up in the pan and drained it. Then in the same pan I threw in mushrooms, peppers, quorn chunks and an onion and cooked til they were soft, then added in chopped tomatoes and spinach, plus the gnocchi to heat through. Done in 10 minutes, so perfect for a quick after work meal. I used 30g of Stilton on top as well.

As I'd used my HeA in milk for my rice pudding, there was plenty left for dessert, this time with strawberries :)

With that eaten, and me tired, another early night beckoned.

Food Diary (Friday)

Free Food
pudding rice (well actually arborio as that's what was in the cupboard)
Kraft fat free Italian dressing
cherry tomatoes
chopped tomatoes
Quorn chunks

Healthy Extras
A - 65g reduced fat mozzarella
A - 875ml Almond Breeze unsweetened almond milk
B - 2 Benefit bars
B - 30g Stilton

Danio PassionFruit layer yogurt               1½
200g gnocchi                                          4

Total syns                                               5½

So with the week finally done and dusted, and with it my rotation of shifts a week off looms large, although I am working Thursday and Friday so I can have the days off when my blogging girlies are down :) I had a lovely long lie in, staying in bed until way past 1pm, so woke up awake for a change and ready for breakfast!

I wanted to fill myself up nicely so as not to pick during the day, with a meal out I wanted to stay syn free for the day until I went out! With myself fed, and the animals fed I had a long leisurely bath whilst watching Laura Robson win at Wimbledon, I followed this up with Glastonbury highlights where I was struck, at last, by Body Magic inspiration. The Arctic Monkeys are to thank for my Eureka moment, as when they played I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor I remembered just how much I love bouncing around to certain songs. So that's me sorted. A playlist will be created, and I shall dance for 10 minutes a day. Fabulous! Obviously, with a surprise birthday meal to get ready for it was time to get out of the bath, and get myself glammed up and head out!

As I hadn't seen some of the guests for a while, I had planned to meet up with a couple early in Starbucks and went for an iced Americano with sugar free syrup once more. As it was a lovely, warm evening it was perfect to have whilst I waited. After a pleasant catch up with Wil and Paula we then headed to the restaurant where a catalogue of calamities began, with the table not being ready, so our whole group had to relocate to a pub where we couldn't be seen so the Birthday Boy could arrive without seeing us....whilst there our Hostess informed us that the Birthday Boy had been sick....but still he soldiered on and in we all went to surprise the poor bugger!

I really did have a wonderful evening, and I am so glad I changed my choices. My first choice had been baked Camembert followed by a veggie burger and wedges. I had changed that for a salad and veggie skewers, and after seeing the (admittedly divine looking) Camembert starter - a full round of cheese with plenty of bread for dipping along with chutney - it was obvious I'd made the better choice to stay on plan. 

Apologies for the darkness of the main meal, but it was halloumi and veggie skewers with a plain jacket potato. With counting the halloumi as both of my HeA's, the goats cheese as one of my HeB, and olive oil as the other, I'm pretty confident that my meal was syn free, and my two glasses of wine were both measured. 125ml each, so 9 syns in total. The evening was wonderful, the restaurant fabulous and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. So many compliments were paid to me as well that it was quite overwhelming, including someone not actually recognising me, funny isn't it, you just don't see the big changes in yourself at all. With food eaten, the world put to rights and goodbyes said, I headed home, and was soon in my comfies and surrounded by animals. As I started chatting to a rather lovely friend who was a bit squiffy I decided that I'd splash out some syns on a vodka whilst having a dessert.

There is yet another peach in there, along with strawberries, grapes and some pomegranate seeds that cost me 10p, all topped with fat free Greek yogurt. So a lovely finish to my evening, all without going over my syns (even with another vodka to follow on).

Food Diary (Saturday)

Free Food
LM rosemary and red onion sausages
beef tomato
red onion
jacket potato
pomegranate seeds
fat free Greek yogurt

Healthy Extras (all estimated due to restaurant meal)
A - 35g halloumi (x2)
B - 35g of goats cheese
B - 1tbsp of Olive oil

125ml rose wine                    4½
125ml prosecco                    4½
25ml vodka x2                      5

Total syns                             14

I was really, really pleased with myself after going out for a meal, a meal I really enjoyed and staying within my syns. It goes to show that in reality it's all about choice, if I'd have gone with my original choices, I'm sure the meal would have clocked up close to 100 syns with all the bread and cheese and fried wedges, instead I made the decision to stay on plan, and it was a good feeling. A very good feeling. Here's hoping the scales reflect my Slimming World halo evening, or I might have a tantrum ;)

 Whilst in Norwich I also had a non-scale victory. When I was my biggest I couldn't wear heels, I could barely walk in them and the pain was unbearable, well, last night, I wore my new daisy shoes all night, walking up and down hills and cobbles and I was totally fine in them. Small victory, but a very welcome one....oh and I spotted one of the new visitors to the city, which might just inspire me to drag Hague into Norwich for a long walk (all good body magic) as there are 53 of them to find around the city :)

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