Sunday, 2 June 2013

Eat, Sleep, Snot!

I can only apologise for not blogging, but over the last few days Hague's Plague has really taken hold. I have literally only had the energy to get up, eat, go to work, try not to die, get home, eat and then sleep. That has been the pattern of my week, with the exception of yesterday which cut out the work bit lol!

So the time I've not been with you can be summed up like this.....

With me drowning in snot, and generally being tired, sneezy, miserable and sore. Not nice, so I'm sure you understand why blogging was just a step too far some nights, anyway, here's yet another catch up!

So Thursday, a day that was pretty much as described above, with me getting up as late as possible to get rested and throwing together a quick breakfast, this time courtesy of Graze, and their rather cute porridge boxes! 

This one was almond and raisin porridge oats, which I mixed up with summer fruits to make it a bit more substantial and it was rather lovely. This time I decided to split up the syns, so instead of counting 9, 6 will be counted as a HeB of porridge oats. Then it was time for work, which once again I struggled through whilst dosed up to the eyeballs with cold tablets. Food wise, I had this little lot....

Lots of fruit to try and fight this cold, along with my Bear yoyo's and a lovely pasta salad. All packed up in my gorgeous lunch box :)

When I got home, Hague had dinner ready - this was also courtesy of my wonderful friend Helen, who had brought along a curry on Saturday which we didn't eat, and so we had it for dinner. OMG it was damn good and just beyond tasty!

And here is the recipe, courtesy of the fabulous lady herself, it definitely gets the thumbs up from me :)

"veggie stock sweet potato onion garlic fried in frylight. Then curry spices. I use tumeric cardamom pods. Fresh coriander. Garam masala coconut essence. Tomato purée. Fry gently together just before end add cherry tomatoes and spinach. I use mango or pineapple yogurt to thicken up"

So there we go, and it's definitely one I'll be trying again! With that eaten, I fancied something sweet before heading to bed, and so yogurt and Mikado did the job perfectly before I headed up to bed.

Food Diary (Thursday)

Free Food
summer fruits
cherry tomatoes
mixed peppers
Helen's curry

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
B - 4 Bear yoyo's
B - 35g porridge oats

Graze oats (remaining syns)              3
2 Activia yogurts                              5
10 Mikado                                      5

Total syns                                       13

And so onto Friday, which pretty much followed a similar pattern to Thursday. Breakfast was slightly more substantial though.

A discussion then ensued with TOK over whether my eggs were angel wings or an evil PacMan, either way they were rather lovely, and pretty much straight away after eating them it was time to head to work. However, first off we had a briefing, which lasted an hour. In a hot room, with me with no tissues, and so ensued an hour of me trying my best not to sniff my head off, and failing miserably. Oh well!

We then all headed to the factory to be greeted by the aftermath of a power out. If there is one thing the machines don't like it's unexpectedly being turned off and so it was half 5 before we actually got going again - not such a bad thing as it meant I had a fair few breaks, and plenty of time to rest up.

More Graze nibbles (use code YYX2MZN to get a freebie here) for my first break, they were little biscuits with a jammy dip and they were absolutely gorgeous! A lovely, little sweet treat, and I rather enjoyed wasting 6½ syns on them :) Lunch, as you can see, was leftover curry - whilst the rest of my munchies were very similar. After lunch though my day went downhill as I was moved onto another machine, on my own - and then had to get through 2½ hours without a break, not fabulous when you are still struggling, and so it was an utter relief to get myself off home to yet another dinner waiting - sort of - as I had to pop to Asda to get the cottage cheese I was craving.

Cheese overload, with 2 HE's worth, but it was gorgeous! With that put away, all I wanted was a bath and  bed, and so that's where I headed, with a milky hot chocolate to accompany me.

Food Diary (Friday)

Free Food
low fat Quorn sausages
cherry tomatoes
low fat cottage cheese

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
B - 40g reduced fat cheddar
B- 2 Benefit bars

Graze summer berry compote           6½
Activia yogurt                                   2½
Hot chocolate                                   2

Total syns                                         11

I couldn't wait for Saturday, a day of resting up and not much else. My only job was getting Hague to the station and after that not much was planned, so I dropped him off at 7am, and on the way picked up the post which had been delivered yesterday whilst I was at work...

Meet TOK :) He's my little unicorn friend who's sparkles will help to keep me glued on the Slimming World bus at all times. His brother Mitchy is winging his way to the real TOK as I type :) Is there anything better than having friends that totally get you? Nope, didn't think so :)

So with TOK safely in my posession, it was back to bed I headed for several more hours of sleep before I emerged ready for my busy day.

I pretty much stayed in this position all day. With slight movement to make food every now and again. The cats also occasionally switched position. With my favourite music playing, and chatting away to various lovely people, the day was exactly what I wanted, and it was quite late by the time I realised that I hadn't eaten! 

I had a flash of inspiration with my rolls, and fried off mushrooms, spread the rolls with blue cheese Laughing Cow triangles and then finished off with the low fat Quorn sausages. Scrumptious and very tasty, I'm still trying to fight this cold with fruit though, and so had a whole punnet of strawberries to finish up. I then resumed the busy business of doing sod all until I decided I was hungry again, and I'l be honest, it's at times like this I could quite easily succumb to a takeaway. The idea of actually moving and cooking something was just too much, and me reading reviews of local restaurants on TripAdvisor wasn't helping either. Sometimes I'm my own worst enemy, but I didn't cave in to the easy option and cooked myself a salad-ey concoction instead.

It was a bed of spinach and beetroot, topped with a blue cheese potato salad, poached eggs and asparagus. So summery, and very tasty :) It didn't magically give me any more energy though, and by 8.30 I was snuggled up in bed, with The Menagerie as I felt bad about deserting them after not very long at all, and there endethed Saturday. Sort of. As I watched The Lorax in bed, which was awesome :)

Food Diary (Saturday)

Free Food
low fat quorn sausages
jersey royal potatoes
fat free yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 4 blue cheese Laughing Cow triangles
B - 60g wholemeal bread
B - 30g Stilton

30g wholemeal bread                      3
2 tbsp extra light Hellmanns mayo    1

Total syns                                       4

So there we have it, the super exciting life of a Slimming Worlder with a stinking cold! It's times like this that separate those who desperately want their life to change, and the weight to be gone - and those who are playing at Slimming World right now. I could easily have had a take-away last night, I could have grabbed all sorts of crap this weekend. I'm on my own, I'm struggling with energy levels and it's the oh so easy option to fill up on crisps or cheese or any other number of syn filled things through laziness or self-pity. But I didn't. I want this so much, and Slimming World is the way I eat now, and so, cold or not, I stuck to plan, and you know what, I feel that little bit better for it - albeit still drowning in snot :(


  1. How gorgeous are your cats!! Oh how I miss my lovely tortoiseshell girl :( Love the unicorn x

    1. They are little beauties, but total madams!The white Tortie (JadeyPuss) is a proper snuggler :)

      The unicorn is called TOK, and is awesome hehe xx