Sunday, 23 June 2013

Double Bubble Blog Time

As I haven't had a chance to blog about Friday, I'll get you up to date with that first. After being so hot when I got home on Friday morning that I needed a bath I didn't get myself to sleep until gone 8am, and I didn't have the best sleep, so despite being in bed for quite a while I really didn't get much sleep and so when I woke up I was feeling shattered and had a rather large and strong coffee....the first of three before work. Not my cleverest idea. I woke up really hungry too, and for some reason really fancied scrambled eggs and so that's what I had, unusual for me as usually I won't have anything breakfasty when I'm on a night shift.

It really hit the spot, and I continued with my drinking of much coffee. We should really have gone shopping, but the Can't Be Arsed's had hit, and instead we just relaxed, even though I'd been up early enough to fit in another meal before work.

I'd picked up some gnocchi last week, but not had any, so decided to have that, in a creamy blue cheese and mushroom sauce. As always, nice and easy. I just cooked the gnocchi, and then drained that off, and in the same pan just fried off some mushrooms, added in some asparagus and spinach. Once everything was cooked I added in 75g of reduced fat soft cheese, a little bit of water and 30g of Stilton, then stirred the gnocchi in, about 10 minutes in total, if that, and it was delicious. With that eaten though, it was time for work, last one of the week though!

By the time I got to work though I wasn't feeling too clever, rather sick and dizzy - seeing as I'd had so much coffee I'm putting it down to that, as slowly started to feel better as the night wore on. One line was out quite early on, and so the shift was mostly slowly cleaning whilst keeping one line running....not so bad at all, and so of course we fitted in lots of breaks :)

Lunch was couscous with lots of roasted veggies and topped with Feta, and for my final break another Graze box. Plenty to keep me going that's for sure - but it was a very tired Karen who dragged herself home after work, although I did pop to Tesco as they were kind enough to send me some vouchers for money off FryLight and Napolina tomatoes, and as both were on offer anyway, I got myself some bargains. Worth delaying bed for 20 minutes!

Food Diary (Friday)

Free Food
Activia 0% yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
A - 75g reduced fat soft cheese
B - 75g reduced fat Feta
B - 30g Stilton

Hot Cross Yum (Graze)                   6½
200g gnocchi                                   4

Total syns                                        10½

When my tired little eyes opened, it was finally the weekend! Happy, happy. Although I was absolutely shattered as I'd not slept so well. However we had to go and get our shopping, and as Hague fancied a wander into town we put that onto the agenda too, especially as I needed...yes, needed some daisies for my hair for when I wear my new shoes of awesome ;) First things first though, and Hague offered to make me my breakfast, I fancied scrambled eggs again and so he kindly obliged.

However, there is a problem when someone else makes you eggs. They don't have the level of paranoia about egg shell....most people on finding egg shell in their food will just fish it out of their mouth and carry on eating...not makes me gag and heave, it's my ultimate food nightmare and after finding two lots of shell I just couldn't eat any more and so the picture above actually represents Boo's breakfast, who clearly doesn't give a toss about egg shell!

So onto breakfast number two...

A fried egg sandwich, carefully examined and declared shell free before eating ;) With all that drama over and done with we got on with our Saturday.

So up I got and off we went and had a walk around town, I got my daisies and my other essential purchases of Hello Kitty toothpaste and mouthwash before we faced the hell that is supermarket shopping on a Saturday. I really don't know why we do it to ourselves, so we were a tad grumpy when we got home, although we did get ourselves nicely stocked up. Except for Quorn which seems to be slowly disappearing from my local Asda in favour of ready meal type Quorn. Not good for Slimming World :( I was rather peckish after shopping and so had a quick snack courtesy of a reduced sticker before pondering what to have for actual lunch.

I really didn't know what I fancied, although I have been feeling like I've been stuck in a bit of a rut and so didn't want to head straight for pasta or a jacket spud. A quick peruse of the lovely full cupboards and I came up with this plateful.

Just a thrown together affair of Quorn steak strips, mushrooms, courgette and onion with some sweet chilli SuperNoodles and a tbsp of chilli sauce. Rather yummy and a pleasant change. With a lovely lazy afternoon enjoyed, Hague decided that the StinkPuppy needed a bath. She does not enjoy a bath :(

This is her "Please save me Mummy" face :) I didn't save her, as she was stinky and needed her bath :) After such activity, more sitting was required and we decided to watch 300. Yummy. Speaking of yummy, before we settled down to watch the film, I threw a rice pudding in the slow cooker ready for dessert as Almond Breeze milk was on offer in Asda. It seemed to take forever though, and my plans to just have rice pudding for dinner was thrown out in favour of something quicker.

Jersey Royals courtesy of Aldi's super 6, along with some asparagus and a side salad, plus some Stilton on the potatoes. Quite simple, but really tasty. I thoroughly enjoyed it and for afters....rice pudding of course! I had tried something a bit different though. Last week's super 6 included rhubarb, and I'd picked up some and I finally decided to cook it - and decided that the BBC website's method of lobbing it in the oven with sweetener and foil was the least effort and went with that one. I just chopped it, put some sweetener on top and put it in the oven for 20 minutes. The first 15 topped with foil. Done. Then I mixed it in with the rice pudding. Utterly divine, I had forgotten just how much I love rhubarb!

Mixed in with the rice pudding it was SO good. How on earth is this diet food?? As I'd counted the almond milk as my HeA I put away the rest of the rice pudding later :)

Delish :)

Food Diary (Saturday)

Free food
kiwi fruit
low fat SuperNoodles
Quorn steak strips
cherry tomatoes
Kraft fat free dressing
pudding rice

Healthy Extras
A - 875ml Almond Breeze unsweetened Almond Milk
B - 2 slices wholemeal bread
B - 30g Stilton

half a slice of wholemeal bread                   2
tbsp Blue Dragon hot chilli sauce                ½
100g cooked rhubarb                                ½

Total syns                                                 3

I've not been deliberately low syn over the last few days, I've just not really felt the need for many. I've also discovered just how magical Slimming World really is....I've signed up to MyFitnessPal as it integrates with my FitBit and shows the calories in vs calories burnt. Every single day, with not a thought for a calorie, I come in under my calorie allowance. So for those that bash Slimming World for saying you can eat what you want, and not be hungry and suggest that having so many calories can't be good for you, once again I shall say....the plan works :) 

If you fancy adding me on MyFitnessPal btw, my username is unsurprisngly TheMinxyMissK :)


  1. Hi Karen,
    I found your blog on the web while searching for rice pudding :D I was just wondering did you always like veg before slimming world?

    1. I have always been reasonably fond of veg, being a veggie you have to be really, especially when I first went veggie over 20 years ago - I couldn't afford to be fussy. Besides so much veg is filling and cheap, are you not fond of veg?

  2. Hi Karen, sorry to be a pain because I am sure it must already be somewhere on your blog but I can't find it - how do you make the rice pudding please? It looks so creamy and wonderful x

    1. You're not a pain at all! I make it in the slow cooker and use either 875ml (HeA) or 900ml (4½ syns) of Almond Breeze unsweetened almond milk, 3oz of pudding rice, 4 tbsp of sweetener and a tbsp of vanilla extract and cook on high for 2½-3 hours. That's it!

    2. Wow sounds easy! I will def give that a go, thank you. I already use the Almond Breeze so only need to get the rice :-)

  3. Hi karen...

    Just found your blog lol. Im 28 weeks pregnant and atm not trying to lose lots of weight but realised i was eating absolute tosh... I had lost a stone and a half before getting pregnant doing ww but i didnt like the new ww and people liked sw... Have to sat im enjoying it and you are looking fabulous... I understand ur egg shell comment as im like that with grissle and my ither half doesnt always checkenough lol i gag and have to throw it out and eat something else lol.