Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Coughing and Catching Up!

Another catch up blog I'm afraid. With work, and Hague being in Barnsley, I seem to have been all go since my last blog.

Friday was another work day. This time spent totally on the machines, no office work at all. Much better for my step count that's for sure. Foodwise, work looked like this...

Last break was only a coffee so I figured there was no need for a picture ;) I had a quandary after work. Hague's Plague has returned, this time with a cough. I felt absolutely knackered and just wanted to go home and sleep, however, the cupboards were very bare. I had to make the choice whether to go and get the shopping on the way home, or go home and go to bed and then get the shopping on Saturday.....Practicality won out, and I headed out to get the shopping. That put me in a horrifically grumpy mood with everything annoying me. As Hague was in Barnsley I had to bring it all in on my own, then put it away...it didn't help my mood in the slightest :( Hence dinner being very quick and easy.

Pasta with Quorn meatballs, a microwave special. Not long after that it was bath and bed time as I had the joy of yet another shift on Saturday.

There is always a glimmer of hope that a Saturday shift will be called off, but not today, and so into work I headed at stupid o'clock with the grumps still firmly in place. My machines were clean though, and this meant that there wasn't much for me to do, so once more I retreated to the office to drink much coffee and get some more of my office-y bits done, until the rest of the machines were ready to clean.

Breakwise was nothing out of the norm I'm afraid!

I'm really enjoying the sub rolls from Aldi, and despite these ones being quite large and so 4 syns worth they are totally worth it. Very filling. Unfortunately, despite a promising start, we didn't leave work until 1pm, not good when you're shattered and have a party to attend! I got home really tired, but figured that if I didn't do myself anything to eat I'd wake up hungry and demolish platefulsof party food, and so I threw a chilli in the slow cooker before heading up to bed. I did manage to get a couple of hours kip in, well, I was in bed for 2 hours, you don't get much sleep with a stupid, annoying tickly cough. I then helped myself to a lovely bowl of chilli before getting ready to head out.

The party was great fun. Apparently 10 year olds have a dance for every single song they've ever heard, and so they were showing off their moves. I managed to keep my SW halo firmly in place and had this from the buffet table...

Whilst resisting this....

I even helped my sister wrap up all those slices of cakes ready for everyone to take home, and didn't have any at all. Now...people might ask where my willpower comes from? Well, I want to be able to wear lovely things like this...

...and that means way, way more to me that a slice of cake. It smelt lovely, but I made the choice not to have a slice, as I want a loss this week on the scales! So with all the excitement over, at the heady time of 9pm for those 10 year olds, off home I headed. I hope Jenna enjoyed it as much as I did :)

Once home, I was of course hungry, and luckily I'd made lots and lots of chilli and so I had a bit of an experiment and made enchilada type thingums.

The  wraps were just very thin omelettes, and I think it worked - very tasty topped with my remaining HeA's of cheddar. Of course by now it was edging close to 11 and as I am just that rock n roll it was time to turn in!

So onto Sunday, Father's Day, and I had planned to pop and see the Fatherly Parental but I woke up feeing bloody awful. This plague of Hague's really is an absolute bugger, and the cough I'm putting up with at the moment is a nightmare, waking me up all night and giving me stonking headache. Lovely. So rather than a day spent with family, it was a day spent rather lazily texting TOK and snuggling up to animals whilst debating just how bad Nic Jonas was at playing Marius!

But of course, you're here for the food ;) Breakfast was a Sunday staple, a nice fry up.

With such a hectic day of watching Les Mis and snuggling with cats, time flew around rather nicely and all too soon it was time to go and pick up Hague from the station! Yay! It's always nice to have someone to whinge at when you're feeling poorly ;) 

First priority when he was home was getting fed, he'd really fancied a steak and so a trawl of the local shops ensued, in which none of them had anything even vaguely resembling a steak. So he had to make do with sausages, whilst I had myself a Quorn roast and various bits and bobs.

Something a bit different from the usual, with cottage cheese, salad and asparagus, but it was lovely. Not too heavy and rather summery :)

The rest of the evening seemed to fly by, once again with me texting away to TOK, whilst Hague watched the tellybox when I started to get peckish again and realised I hadn't had my HE's yet today - and that can only mean one thing!

Cheese on toast!

Seriously, how good is this "diet"? ;) With that eaten, and yet another honey and ginger tea drunk to ease my cough up to bed we went.

Shall I catch up fully and subject you to Monday as well? It involves a lot of whinging I'm afraid as I didn't feel very well at all when I woke up. The cough keeps waking me up, and the headache it's giving me was getting worse and worse. Not the most positive of moods to have to get ready for work in, but I threw myself together a quick lasagne anyway.

Bit of a cameo there from BooDog as well :) I had quite a lot of the filling mixture left so that'll be the sauce to a pasta dish for work later on this week. With that eaten, and a bath had, I had to get myself ready for work. I was feeling like utter crap and had a migraine looming and so took one of my tablets, when that still hadn't eased anything up after two hours I took another one, and so began an entire shift at work feeling sick and dizzy and generally rather crap. I really didn't feel hungry, but ate, as I knew I needed to keep myself fuelled for the shift. Not fun.

I didn't eat the Activia in the end though....seemed a waste of syns when I was barely tasting the food.

I can't say I particularly enjoyed eating any of it, which is a shame as the food was rather lovely, and on any other day I would have loved it. Oh well. It did eventually get to 5.45am though, and I could get my weary little self home and snuggled up in bed with Hague.

Food Diary (Monday)

Free Food
pasta sheets
fat free yogurt
chopped tomatoes
Jersey Royal potatoes
cherry tomatoes
spring onions

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar
A - 4 Laughing Cow blue cheese light
B - 4 Ryvita
B - 2 Benefit bars

Whatever is in my cough mixture!

Apologies once more for such a slack blog - tiredness just seems to have got the better of me at the moment. I will do my best to keep more up to date now though! This week has been very low syn though for some reason. I haven't planned it that way but sometimes that's how week's work out!

Something else very exciting also happened this weekend though...Look what my wonderful consultant sent me :)

So now my book is all up to date! How exciting! 

So there we have it, all the happenings in the world of Me and Hague for the last few days! Tonight is weigh in once more, so here's hoping I shift at least that pesky 3lbs I gained last week! Wish me luck!


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