Monday, 24 June 2013

Body Meh-Gic

Ah Monday. The start of a new week, for many the start of a new diet, a new fitness regime....a new whatever. After the failure of my new personal trainer to sort out a fitness schedule for me this weekend I went to bed last night determined to get up when he went to work and do something exercisey. I wasn't sure what, but something...

So I set my alarm for 9.30, in case I didn't wake up when Hague went to work and settled down to sleep. An hour later I was still awake and Mr FidgetPants decided to open a window, which always lets in the soothing tones of the bloody seagulls, so in went my earplugs and out of the window went my plan to get up early. I slept through Hague getting up, and turned my alarm off when it went off at 9.30. I unglued my eyes at around 11.30 and could barely be bothered to get out of bed.....ah well. This is why I need a live in personal trainer! With me staying in bed so late, I had to sort out something to eat quite quickly, as well as sorting out food for work, exercise be jiggered!

Quick nearly always means pasta, lets be honest, a meal in 10 minutes can't be beaten really, and this was a super lazy version, with just tinned tomatoes, spinach and herbs mixed in, along with 25g of reduced fat Feta. I barely had time to swallow the last mouthful before I was getting ready for work and heading out of the door.

As I hadn't managed to do anything I'd planned this morning I decided to park the car a bit further away instead - every little helps ;) I arrived into work to the news I was on a machine I'm not sure about running, so had to do a bit of swapping about, but eventually I was happy. Even happier when I read my emails and had confirmation that I can actually have the days off for the girlie weekend, and soon it was time for breaks to begin :)

Plenty of breaks fitted in today, and a lightish lunch of Ryvita's. Although the addition of lots of cheesey triangles, crisps and a yogurt perhaps negate the lightness slightly :) At the end of the shift, just as we wanted to wind down, we had a changeover that sent our machine nuts and so spent the last half an hour or so run off our feet, so this hungry girl was desperate to get home, get fed and relax! Alas, first of all I had to head to Asda as we had someone managed to run out of dishwasher tablets. I'm sure any of you following SW will agree that they are as vital a part of following the plan as your 1/3 superfree, and so I had to pick some up. I managed to find some of the lemon and lime activia's too, and had to pick up some strawberries too. Just because. So it was gone 10.30 by the time I got home, but my lovely Hague had dinner waiting, sort of created to my instructions - regardless it was delicious.

I'd wanted a sort of bubble and squeak/cheese and onion pie type creation, and it was sort of like that, but the potatoes weren't very crushed, it was still gorgeous though, the white thing is a poached egg by the way ;)

Of course, after buying strawberries, I had to have some, and polished off an entire punnet. Superfree and superspeed, and a perfect dessert, got to love a strawberry! 

I'm definitely going to try and get more sleep tonight, FitBit informs me I had less than 6 hours last night, and try to get up early enough to do some sort of  activity too, although FitBit also informs me that I've walked 6.1 miles today and climbed 27 flights of stairs too - so not too bad really eh? No wonder I just want a bath and bed.....think I'll treat myself to a hot chocolate in a hot bath first though.

Food Diary

Free Food
chopped tomatoes
brussell sprouts
cherry tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 6 Laughing Cow extra light triangles
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar
B - 4 original Ryvita
B - 2 Benefit bars

25g reduced fat Feta (Apetina)                  2
Crispy Fries                                              3½
Activia creamy yogurt                                2½
Options hot chocolate                                2
100ml Almond Breeze unsweetened milk    ½

Total syns                                                  10½

So Monday is nearly done, and because of my stupid shifts I can't weigh in tomorrow. What makes that worse than normal is that SW's Young Slimmer of the Year for last year, Tom Jones is visiting our group tomorrow, my usual group, and I can't go :( How gutting is that? I've been following him on Twitter for ages and think he's fabulous, but alas, I shall have to miss out. Stupid work. 

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