Thursday, 27 June 2013

Bleeping Blips!

When people talk about Slimming World, they tend to talk about the eating plan. Yes, eating well and losing weight is basically what it's all about, but it's not everything. Today, once more, the other part of the plan came to the forefront for me. The huge amount of support you get by going to group. I woke up this morning and decided to wear my new dress, the size 16 one, to weigh in. I teamed it up with my daisy shoes, and you know what? I felt good. I walked into group to compliments from just about everyone - which was amazing, including being told that I'd have to be called skinny minny soon. So many compliments, it was lovely. Then.....I got on the scales......

 16 stone 12½lbs. A gain of 3½lbs since last week. A week of being completely on plan. The highest syns I've had have been 12½, I've had a few different meals, tried a few new things like blue cheese gnocchi and rhubarb, plenty of superfree, and super speed too with strawberries and pineapple on the menu, all to no avail. I got off those scales utterly deflated, mood boost gone and just about ready to burst into tears. Because of a number.

As part of Image Therapy, your progress is discussed and greeted with applause. Several people mentioned me as an inspiration, but even that couldn't lift me and I had the rite of passage that is crying at group. I'm sure most people who've attended Slimming World have had that moment, when it just becomes too much and today was my day. Everyone was so sweet, trying to console me and I got many hugs. The fact remains though that I weigh the same today as I did 3 weeks ago despite being on plan - Claire suggested that I take an SAS log just in case anything has crept in, whilst acknowledging that she's pretty sure nothing has. 

I headed home feeling awful - when in reality, nothing had changed in my physical self in those seconds between handing over my book and getting on the scales, nothing at all. It's insane. I know it's insane. But I'm SO frustrated with giving it my all, doing everything right as I want this so much and yoyo-ing all over the place is starting to grind me down. I sit in group and listen to people say they have no idea how they've lost as they've eaten this and this and that. I don't do that, so why do I gain? Not small gains, big gains, annoying gains, gains that feel like they knock me back weeks. I really have no idea, and right now, neither does anyone else. This doesn't make it any easier to bear.

Stupid numbers.

I got home from group and sorted myself out breakfast, and my food for work.

This is how I deal with a gain, not with a bar of chocolate, or anything else full of syns to drown the sorrow of the scales, but with a nice on plan brunch to get me through the day. Nothing else even crossed my mind. Hague made it home for lunch in time to give me a great big cuddle whilst I burst into tears again. I managed to keep a lid on the tears for most of the time at work, just the odd blip here and there, helped massively by Hague sending me Basset pictures to make me smile and TOK chatting away on email with our own special brand of conversations. Interspersed with breaks and food of course.

Lunch was just a salad topped with cottage cheese with some Ryvita - typical diet food maybe, but I really enjoy it! Plus of course my SAS log came with me, if it can help me, I plan on doing it properly! I really wasn't in a great mood at all at work, and was desperate to come home, I knew I'd feel a bit happier at home with Hague, and so I escaped a few minutes early and was home not long after 10, with dinner more or less waiting for me, an oven baked risotto. Trying to ring in the changes, just in case!

Okay, so this picture does just look like a lot of cheese, but trust me, underneath that is a rather delicious risotto, and as always, it was easy to make too. Quorn chunks, courgette, onion and broccoli mixed with garlic and herbs and put in an oven proof dish along with risotto rice and stock and in the oven until the rice is cooked. Hague then stirred in 100g of reduced fat soft cheese (as there was plenty for two portions) and I had half, topped with my HeA of cheese. Tasty, and easy, and some for tomorrow too. I followed up with a dessert of my favourite yogurt that I'd found in the fridge after forgetting I'd bought it.

Food Diary

Free Food
cherry tomatoes
fat free cottage cheese
spring onion
risotto rice
Quorn chunks
Asda fat free rhubarb and vanilla yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar
B - 4 Ryvita
B - 2 Benefit bars

2 Quorn sausages                      2
milk in tea (1)                            ½
Activia creamy yogurt               2½
50g reduced fat soft cheese       4

Total syns                                 9

So, not a good day. I've spoken to so many people, trying to get my head around yet another gain, and have had some amazing messages left for me on Facebook from my group members and on the SlimmingWorldFiles page, yet still I'm upset, once more I've focusing on the gain rather than the losses I've already had. Would this journey be easier if I had no idea what I weighed? If I just went by the clothes I could fit into? Maybe, as the gains are getting me down. I really don't want massive losses, just slow, steady, even losses rather than the insane roller coaster ride I seem to be on at the moment.

I never did like roller coasters.


  1. Sorry to hear about your gain. Have you tried maintaining for a while? I think maintaining is a really important part of any weight loss plan as some find this bit the hardest. I lost 1.5 stone in 8 weeks (target 2 stone) then totally lost my mogo. So decided to maintain for a month just to enjoy myself and see what my limits were. Then I had a 3lb gain which was enough to get me motivated again. Losing now seems so much easier after my little break. It's a good way to totally shake things up because by maintaining you would have totally changed you diet, well I did!
    Good luck. Love your blog!

  2. Oh, its so crap isnt it, but you are right it's not just about the food is it. For me there is no way I could have lost the weight I have without the group support. Well done you for not turning to the chocolate after the gain THAT is why you will get to target no matter how long it takes. Keep at it xxxxx

  3. This is exactly how I feel!!! I can have a good week and my clothes feel loser and I've done 6 hours of exercise...and then it feels like it all comes down to the scales....and if they say a gain....all my hard work feels like it was for nothing!! Even though people in class say lovely things to me...the scales have ruined it!!! Boo!!!! So proud of your achievements!!!

  4. Karen have you ever thought about asking to not to be weighted weekly. I know my consultant said she would be happy for me to come, not get weighed, and only weigh in once a month if needs be then during image therapy just talk about how your general weight has gone. you could also get weighed but ask not to be told, consultant keeps your book so again only focus on how you feel rather than the scale. you are doing so well and its awful that a number on a scale can be allowed to rule our heads. big hug to ya karen.