Monday, 27 May 2013

Unicorn Hunts and Ketchup Time!

That is a large Ketchup - this blog is also rather a large catch up as I've managed to fail my lovely blog readers by not putting a blog up in days. By looking back, it seems as if the last time I managed to update you was last Thursday, which would have been Wednesday's food! Shocking! I shall skim over Thursday and Friday, as they were at work, and as such were not overly interesting....although after the acid reflux attack of Wednesday night I was perfectly fine for work on Thursday, now, normally I would bore you to tears with many photographs of what I'd eaten, but I'm not sure what I ate on which day out of Thursday and I'll just skip over those days! Trust me, I was good though :) and some of the food looked like this...

My syns were minimal so I could indulge myself on Saturday, although just because we were heading to a beer festival it didn't mean that the day turned into a free for all and breakfast was on plan.

Scrambled eggs, tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms on toast. A good stomach liner, and as I'd worked a 12 hour shift on Friday night, by the time I'd eaten and then got myself bathed it was time to pick up Jo from work and get myself ready for the off! It may have only been the Great Yarmouth beer festival, but for myself and Jo it seemed as good an excuse as any to get out corsetry and glam up! So suitably glammed we headed out to find beer, and met up with Shane. Many beers were partaken of, and my favourite was definitely the Magpie brewery's Dark Secret, which I could happily have supped all night, but it had ran out :( As we were meeting up with more friends later, we had to cut short out beer festivities and head home...normally quite dangerous, but I'd had an egg mayo sandwich at the beer festival, and I'd put a chilli in the slow cooker, so apart from the alcohol, and the birthday cake - did I mention that we had birthday cake? ;) - Saturday wasn't as bad as it might have been, once again thanks must go to Helen who brought many munches, and a truly wonderful present, which I shall share with you when I'm at work :) . The thought of my 8 stone award is keeping me focused!

With a reasonably early night, and not massive amounts of booze, I woke up feeling okay on Sunday, but decided to stay in bed whilst Hague went to work, as I'd been scraping by on about 5 hours sleep at the tail end of last week and needed to catch some up, and so my Sunday didn't properly start until around 4.30! It was the last day of the work 5 a day challenge, and so I was still going strong with my portions.

Quite the detox breakfast after a night off plan. Hague is suffering from rather a stinky cold and so we had a lovely relaxing day, doing not a lot, except watching the tellybox (Hague) and reading the new Dan Brown book (me) oh, and eating of course!

As you can see, my syns have remained minimal, so that Saturday wasn't too damaging! We were both snuggled up in bed by midnight though, although poor Hague spent most of the night coughing. Poor thing :(

So here we are, Monday, and a Bank Holiday Monday at that. how marvellous! I woke up, not full of the joys, but rather groggy due to Mr CoughsaLot, I shouldn't moan, as it's not his fault, and there is really nothing worse that coughing every time you try and lie down to sleep, besides, it wasn't like I had much in the way of plans when I woke up. That all changed very quickly, with one of my first messages from TOK...

It contained this picture, and my day was then decided. I must hunt down the cute unicorns, as we both needed them in our life. A lot. So rather than do boring shopping, I got up and dressed ready to pick up Hague from work, determined to find unicorns. First though, breakfast.

Omnomnom! I do like my cooked breakfasts on a weekend, and even if I say so myself, that looks like a damn fine breakfast, and it was delicious :) So well fuelled, I headed out to get Hague, and treated myself to a rather nice black coffee in the Silver Darlings cafe at the Time and Tide museum whilst I waited, sitting outside, enjoying the sunshine. Lovely.

Once I had me a Hague for company, we headed into town, him searching for a UFC game, me searching for unicorns. Neither of us had much luck, but I HAD to buy this...

It means a mere 3 days after payday all of my "spends" are now gone, but how gorgeous?? I love it! Well, at that point all my spends weren't gone, but once I was home, TOK had found a link to unicorn-ness and so I had to buy one of those too. He shall be called TOK and he shall make me smile every day :)

Anyway, you do not read this blog to read about pink things, well, not ONLY to read about pink things, so I shall move onto lunch, where I tried the pasta n sauce quiche for the first time, in yet another new purchase, a silicon baking tray. Which is awesome as nothing stuck to it at all!

Delish, and despite the work challenge being over now, plenty of veggies going on there. The quiche was easy too. I roasted off some veggies (courgette, mushroom, onion, garlic and tomatoes), then just stirred in a cooked pasta and sauce, topped with beaten eggs and quark and then two HeA's worth of Feta. In the oven for 25 minutes and voila! I shall snack on the rest of today's half later, and the other half shall make a lovely lunch for work.

Later wasn't much later, in fact it was about an hour later that I had the other bit of today's quiche, along with a dessert of fruit and yet another flavour of Activia yogurt.

 Seeing as the Activia intensely creamy yogurts are just £1 for a multi-pack at the moment in Asda, I may have gone a wee bit overboard on stocking up.

Hague then decided that we should embark on a Paranormal Activity-a-thon, and so we started watching those, whilst I also carried on texting TOK and reading Inferno :) Obviously these are very energy intensive activities as I was soon hungry once more and seeing as we have the luxury of lots of large potatoes in the house, a jacket spud it was. Claire, you might want to look away now....

I am rather enjoying these Green days, as the dreaded super cheesey potato makes another appearance. For me, they're proper comfort food, and I can highly recommend the Pilgrim's Choice Lighter extra mature Cheddar, as it's so, so tasty. So the whole meal felt really decadent, especially when followed up with white chocolate and strawberries. Sort of. As I'd topped some lovely British strawberries with one of the Muller white chocolate desserts. Really yummy, and great movie munch as well.

With time getting away from me once more - I should leave it there really, as work is once more looming, but only for four days! Yay!

Food Diary (Monday)

Free Food
fat free cottage cheese

Healthy Extras
A - 45g Feta
A - 40g reduced fat Cheddar
B - 40g reduced fat Cheddar

3 Quorn sausages                          3
Activia yogurt                               2½
Muller Light dessert                      5
Milk in tea (2)                              1

Total syns                                     11½

So there we have it, once more I am all up to date, albeit with only one food diary and not enough pictures, but trust me, I've been very much on plan. I'm quite desperate to get my next sticky this week - and I am really hoping I've done enough to get that one little tiny lb that I need. Only time will tell though, and this impatient little moo needs to wait until Wednesday morning this week to find out the verdict from the Scales of Doom...or Joy, depending on what they say!

Wish me luck!!!


  1. Hi!

    Your breakfasts look yummy!! What do you cook the mushrooms/tomatoes/spinach in/with?

    Thanks :)

    1. I just cook the mushrooms in fry light in a hottish pan, and then throw the tomatoes and spinach in when the mushrooms are nearly done :)