Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Trying to Focus

Only a quick blog today, as it's already past 7.30 and I need to get myself bathed before heading to bed! After last night's upset and ranty-ness, today has been a day of trying to re-focus and not let myself get too depressed about what happened yesterday. I decided to focus on the good things and the first good thing happened as soon as I got in the car - Queens of the Stone Age were playing on the radio, definitely a very good thing, and a very rare thing too on Dev's show on Radio One, not complaining though. As it put images like this in my head.

Closely following on to Good Thing #1 was Good Thing #2, a full rainbow stretching across the sky as I drove to work - I love rainbows and so I took this as another positive thing for my day. 

Then I arrived at work...

For a twelve hour shift...

Really couldn't make anything good out of that at all I'm afraid, but due to some kind of miracle the machines were behaving themselves. They continued behaving themselves all day long, and it's been a fair old while since that last happened, so the general behaviour of the machines is now officially Good Thing #3. 

As always during a long shift, I took plenty of snackage in with me, and had my standard banana during my first break - with the now obligatory black coffee. 

Someone made disparaging comments about my poor banana as well, but that's a pretty damn near perfect banana to me, delicious and ripe :)

As there were three of us running the machines - I'm training someone again, although this one seems to actually have a brain, so it's a much more pleasant experience, he also keeps calling me darlin', which is quite sweet, but a bit disconcerting as he's also about 12 -we had our fair share of breaks, which as I'm trying to find Good Things shall call it #4. I waited until breakfast before having anything else though, and this delicious box of noms, consisting of rice pudding, kiwi, muesli and summer fruits. So nice, and really filling, so nice I'm having it tomorrow too :)

With nothing to report on the line, I shall skip quickly over my next break....

....and go straight to my second meal break, which was rather lovely.

The leftover Quorn lamb Greeky type thing from last week which I'd frozen, topped off with Feta, plus an Activia yogurt and a rather swanky can of Pepsi Max - the clementine was left for later. After my lunch I had the pleasure of Good Thing #5. One of the managers at work, who I don't see particularly often, asked what on earth I'd been doing as I looked fantastic, he couldn't believe how much weight I'd lost and said I'd done really well. Always a good thing to hear, especially when you're looking for Good Things.

I think my next break can also be classes as a good thing. Yesterday my Graze box arrived, this one was a normal one though, with a variety of noms, and one of them was a little box of afternoon tea, which I thoroughly enjoyed, despite me taking my tea in the tea room at work, rather than a cute little tea shop.

I had a blend of assam and Kenyan leavea (whatever that may mean) and some banana bread - which was utterly delicious and just 3 moist, sweet and nommy syns. Definitely worth of Good Thing #6. The clementine actually got eaten this time too. Rejecting it twice would just have been mean.

With tea eaten, it was back to the line for the final stretch, which I had to get through without TOK, who had kept me company for nearly 9 hours, for she is amazeballs, but I got through it and at 5.54pm I was sitting in the car and just about to set off for home! On this shift, dinner has to be quick, and I had half formed an idea in my head which sort of turned out how I wanted it to.

A big pile o' veg, covered in Stilton and topped with 2 poached eggs, it was so close to being another Good Thing, but I overdid the eggs. Still it contained 7 of my veggies for the day. Yep, 5 a day challenge is still going strong! With that eaten, I somehow found myself eating my last fudge Muller dessert whilst firing up the laptop to write this very blog :)

Food Diary

Free Food
summer fruits
Quorn lamb
sweet potato
butternut squash
cherry tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 45g Feta
B - 35g Jordan's unsweetened muesli
B - 30g Stilton

Rice pudding                            2½
Activia yogurt                           2½
Banana bread                           3
Fudgey dessert                         4½

Total syns                                 12½

So as it's getting late, I need to get myself into a nice hot bath to soak away the aches of the day, and ponder on all the Good Things that happened today. My disappointment of yesterday seems a bit easier to cope with now, although I'm still annoyed, I'm not so upset - I think my Good Things helped, but not as much as all the amazing tweets, comments, messages and texts I've had. Every one of them helped to cheer me up and put yesterday's disappointment behind me, so thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.

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  1. If you haven't already seen, head to QOTSA Facebook page, they've been teasing like mad with clips and videos from their next album: a must listen! I've just pre-ordered the album! :)