Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Spread of Hague's Plague!

Perhaps it's quite fitting that last night I finished the latest Dan Brown offering - Inferno - with its numerous references to Black Death and Plague, as Hague certainly seems to have done his best to have spread his cold far and wide, with several of our weekend visitors now suffering, as well as some of his new work colleagues...it also means that we're both having disturbed nights due to our wonderful cold symptoms, not fun :(

That meant that my plans to get up when he did went right out of the window in favour of more sleep, in fact I didn't drag my tired, sore little self out of bed until just 20 minutes before I had to leave for work, so breakfast was both quick to make and to eat!

Although, I have to correct a mistake I've made with these pineapple and coconut yogurts, it was pointed out to me today that these are not 0% fat, which they're not, and so some investigation has shown that they are in fact 3½ syns...quite high for what they are, and although most other days I've eaten them have been low syn days, it means they've pushed me over today. Shows how you should always check syn values for yourself and not take the word of a SW blogger as gospel! Live and learn for me!

With breakfast wolfed down, off to work I headed, feeling very tired, but happy to think I only have four 8 hour shifts between me and my week off, well that was the case until I agreed to work Sunday night as well! Anyway, work was much of a muchness and contained this food...

As you might be able to tell, I had a Graze box delivered today, and so had one of the nibbles with me today, something I would have skipped if I'd have been aware of the yogurt synnage!

Lunch was leftover chilli from Saturday, plus even more syns in the shape of a yogurt....Damn me and my ignorance of my syns total!

So with work done and dusted, I headed home via Asda to pick up some much needed cold medication whilst Hague slaved over my dinner, bless him.

An eclectic dinner, that's for sure, sweet potato chips, with a double HeA of LowLow cheese and an egg salad, for some reason it's what I fancied and it went down a treat. Afterwards I fancied something sweet though and went for grapes.....and a bloody Muller dessert! 

So annoyed with myself for going high syn today, which is silly really. Just emphasises what I always tell everyone else in the whole world - check the syns of what you're eating. I had just totally presumed the pineapple and coconut yogurts were 0% as they were next the the Lemon and Lime ones, which definitely are. Oh well, in the scheme of things a couple of syns won't kill me, and my rational head knows that a couple of syns will not be the difference between a loss and gain tomorrow......but my rational head isn't known to work very well the night before weigh in and so right now I'm kicking myself. At least thanks must go to Emma for pointing out to me that they weren't fat free, so stopping me carrying on in syn nomming ignorance!

Food Diary

Free Food
leftover chilli
sweet potatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 60g LowLow
A - 60g LowLow
B - 2 slices wholemeal bread (400g loaf)
B - (split) Benefit bar & 2 Bear yoyo's

2 Laughing Cow extra light triangles                                              2
Stupid not fat free Activia pineapple and coconut yogurt                3½
Graze Festival Fruits                                                                     4
Creamy Activia yogurt                                                                  2½
Muller Light white choc dessert                                                     5

Total syns                                                                                    17 :(                  

Stupid isn't it? I'm sitting here feeling gutted as I went 2 syns over my allowance today, yet on Saturday I merrily drank and ate as I'd decided I was "off plan". I guess it just goes to show how much of staying on plan is in your head rather than your stomach eh?

So, it's weigh in tomorrow, due to me working 2-10pm this week. Tonight's weigh in wasn't kind to Hague, as he had a 1lb gain, which he was gutted about. I'm hoping beyond hope that I get the 1lb I need to reach my 8 stone award, but right now I have no idea which way the scales are going to go. On one hand, I was off plan on Saturday, and have gone over my syns today, plus I've got a cold. On the other hand, I did reduce down my syns during the week to minimise damage and as I last weighed in last Monday I've had an extra day to lose......who knows what they'll say, but I DO know that whatever they say it won't be down to those 2 extra syns!! 

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