Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Quick Catch Up!

I really wish I knew where time disappeared to. Since I last blogged it all seems to have been getting sucked into a big black hole and before I know it it's time for bed and once more I've missed a blog!

Rather than give you a complete update, I'll quickly run through what's happened since you left me crawling into bed on Thursday morning, and then later today, I'll do a full blog for today...does that sound okay with you? Good ;)

So....Thursday. Nothing much to report, woke up, went to work, came home went to bed. Seriously, that was pretty much it!

As you can see, I did try the vanilla quark though, and I took a picture of it on top of my fruit so you can see the consistency. It was nice, but not worth 5 syns, a vanilla yogurt would do the job just as well! Not many syns going on either, just being a bit careful due to Saturday.

So onto Friday, which was an immensely hungry day!

Once again, a low syn day, with just 5 eaten. So hungry though, and so once again I visited Tesco on the way to pick up Hague to get some snacks to eat whilst I was waiting!

So onto Saturday, Hague was leaving for Barnsley and I had a girlie night planned. I couldn't wait, and made sure I had a totally on plan breakfast.

My lovely girlies then made the evening so much easier for me by bringing SW friendly snacks, with all these nommy brought by Helen, and Jo bringing lots of fruit and veg. How wonderful of them? Of course I negated most of this by polishing off an entire bottle of JD :)

Despite losing JadeyPuss, spilling drinks due to using very big straws and being abandoned for bed by my girlies, I had a fabulous night :)

Sunday was a bit of a write off. I was ever so slightly hungover, and so when the girlies left at around 9am, I headed to bed after feeding the animals. And stayed there. So that was Sunday ;) The only thing I managed to eat was this....

Okay, so onto Monday. I woke up bright eyed and busy tailed at stupid o'clock. Not surprising really after spending the whole of Sunday in bed. To be honest, I think I needed it, working without my week off really seems to have taken it's toll on me and I'm feeling so tired, so it was a lovely change to wake up and feel good for once!

I made the most of my time by keeping Hague company on his journey home and getting all my jobs done, dishwasher was emptied and refilled, the house was tidied. me and the animals breakfasted and I even had a lovely long soak all before I had to head out to meet Hague at the station.

Just a qiuck breafast, scrambled eggs and tomatoes on toast, with some grapes to follow up with. I'd decided to walk to the station to meet Hague as it was such a gorgeous day, and he'd fancied having a wander around town. In the end we wandered around town, had a Starbucks - black coffee with sugar free syrup - and then back along the sea front too, so lots of body magic done as well. Plus it meant I could visit my favourite shop and once again send photos of awesome thingums to TOK :)

Despite all our wanderings, Hague still wanted to pop to Asda as he wanted a steak, and so off we headed once more, and he also picked up some crab claws, I grabbed asparagus and some reduced raspberries. The 5 a day challenge is still going strong despite Sunday!

By the time we finally got home I was starving and so I made good use of the roasted veggies I'd had in the fridge - good old leftovers.

Tons and tons of superfree going on once more! I've definitely got addicted to beetroot too, cheap and amazing! I'm glad Hague made me try it again :)

As I'd got up so bloody early, and we'd walked about 1,000 miles whilst we were out a nap was very much needed and I got in a good couple of hours. Told ya I'm tired! After my nappage I was hungry again and so decided to make the Mac n Cheese from the magazine again. It's just so damn good :)

Lovey green salad and some butternut squash and sweet potato to accompany it. I only made half the recipe, and have half left for another day. It is definitely one of my favourites! I put the raspberries I'd bought to good use too and had an Eton Mess for dessert.

So once more loading up on the fruit and veg for my work challenge, and low on syns to negate the damage of Saturday night. Another early night beckoned though, stupid early mornings!

Food Diary (Monday)

Free Food
butternut squash
sweet potato
cherry tomatoes
cous cous
spring onion

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat Cheddar (in the macaroni cheese)
B - 2 slices of wholemeal bread

10 mini meringues                     1

Total syns                                 1

So we're all up to date. As you can see it's not been a bad week apart from Saturday night and even that wasn't so bad compared to some drunken nights I've had :) Just as a special treat for me making you wait so long, today's blog will also be up a bit later when I've finished with my eatings for the day ;)

Oh, and as I've not done the Race for Life yet, and as I've not blogged since last week so you might have forgotten....

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