Thursday, 2 May 2013

Nothing To Report!

Question of the Day - How to make an interesting blog out of a day that consisted of getting up, eating and working? I really have no idea, and so today's blog shall be short and sweet, which I would say is a bit like me, but as I'm 5' 7" on a good day, that wouldn't strictly be true would it?

Anyhoo, onto the day that was Wednesday.

I woke up first of all at about 4pm, having had a pretty decent day's kip, with only one loo trip to disturb me, and to my utter surprise Hague was still asleep next to me. He's not much of a sleeper, and will normally survive on 5 hours or so (weirdo). So I was really pleased that'd he'd had a long old sleep. He then got up, and I was planning on having another half an hour at most. Next thing I knew it was 6.30 - I'm a frigging nightmare for sleeping on nights!

So up I got and started putting together my dinner/breakfast/whatever. I'd had a hankering for cous cous quiche for a while and so I decided on that, with potato salad and some asparagus. The 5 a day challenge head is strong in this one :)

The potato salad was a wee bit of a fail as I used normal potatoes, so it was a sort of mash/salad concoction, still tasted nice, and I'd forgotten how huge my quiches turned out, so I should really have used two HeA's of cheese so it could last two days. Never mind! For those who are new to the blog, the cous cous quiche is easy peasy.

Soak some cous cous in stock until it's absorbed all the water and then smoosh into the bottom of an oven proof dish. I then bung this in the oven whilst I fry off the veg. I had onions, mushrooms, courgettes, mixed peppers and cherry tomatoes. Once they're softened, take the cous cous out of the oven, slather it with a bit of tomato puree, top with your veggies and then pour over beaten eggs. Top with cheese and put back in the oven for 25 minutes. Lush! It's delicious cold too.

I'd just about eaten that and got a blog up before it was time to head to work once more, once again with Hague to keep me company.

Now, normally this is the point where I regale you with tales of misbehaving machinery, and a ratty old me being desperate for a break from the line. I shall give you a moment to brace yourself, as today they were fine. The lines ran like a bloody dream from the start of the shift to the finish. I'm working with a different team this week too, and we had a right giggle all night long. So it was rather a pleasant shift. I know. Colour me surprised too!

So here's what I ate during my dream shift.

Firstly, I didn't have two tubs of the lemon Quark, I just ate it over two breaks. My verdict? Not great. It had the consistency of very thick cream rather than the usual Quark texture, and really wasn't sweet at all. For my taste, it needed some sweetener in there, and I'd rather have a tub of yogurt for no syns. So not something I'd purchase again, especially at £1 a tub and 2½ syns.

Lunch was more cous cous quiche, which isn't something I'd normally do, as I like to vary my meals, but as I'd mentioned, I'd used my HeA on it, so had it for two meals :) As you can see, plenty of fruit in there too - I think I managed 13 different types of fruit and veg. Not bad eh?

With my shift finishing off with no lines running due to the warehouse being full, it was a happy Karen that headed off to to pick up Hague, merrily reading and catching up with FB before he finished work. I also decided to pick up a punnet of grapes on the way to get him and managed to polish the lot off in the 40 minutes or so I was waiting :)

With a minor detour to the polling station on the way home, it was soon time for bed :) Yay!

Food Diary

Free Food
cherry tomatoes
mixed peppers
fat free natural yogurt
cous cous

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar
B - 2 Benefit bars

2 tbsp exra light Hellmann's mayo              1
250g tub lemon Quark                              2½
Crispy Fries                                              3½

Total syns                                                 7

So a not bad day at all. I'm glad I tried the lemon Quark, even if I probably won't bother again, and I'm quite pleased with how my 5 a day challenge is going. Although one frustration did rear it's head. I found an app (yep, app Queen at it again) to record my 5 a day, downloaded it, thought it was crap and it won't delete. Every time I try it shuts down my phone. Grrr. So now it resides in the folder of apps I don't want but can't delete! Still, not bad having only one annoyance in a day, I can live with that! Oh, and I headed straight for the stairs today, didn't even check if the lift was working (it was).


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