Monday, 20 May 2013

Money Raising and Money Grabbing!

Sunday - What a day! Starting at 5.30am, and lasting for 25 long ol' hours before I could hit the hay once more - except for a nap, they don't count right?

So why on earth was I up so early on a Sunday morning? Well I have my broken body clock to thank for that one, as I'd set my alarm for 7, but my brain decided that a whole hour lie in was more than enough after my week of earlies, and so I got myself up and showered and treated myself to a cooked breakfast before heading to The Parentals for the Race for Life.

I may only have been planning to walk those 3 miles, but I needed fuel! With all of us gathered at The Parentals, we then headed off to the Norfolk Showground, in sunshine! Such a relief as all week the weather has definitely said it would be soggy! I had, of course, dressed up for the occasion - any excuse ;)

This is me, my Mum and my Sister, just arrived at the showground and raring to go! Whilst everyone else prepped with some doughnuts, I stayed strong, and joined in with the warming up, and was rather intrigued by Zumba, maybe I shall have a look for the game on the Wii as it looked quite good fun!

So here's one more shot for you of our team, just about ready for the countdown to start!

I had decided to walk it quite quickly, and I managed to keep up a reasonably steady pace, and finished in 48 minutes and 48 seconds, the fastest I've ever managed. Bloody ached at the end though lol, and once again willpower was in force as we were given cakes as we crossed the line, but I gave mine to my Sister and waited for snackage. So here we are, at the end, with our medals on display :)

All with pink faces this time to match our outfits lol! The adults managed it in around 48 minutes, whilst our two little gymnasts ran around in just 29! We think we've managed to raise over £1000 as well, so once again, thank you all so much for your donations!

With the excitement over, I needed something to eat, and I'd brought some supplies with me, which I ate in the car on the way back to The Parentals.

It wasn't enough to fill me up though, and so when I stopped to get some petrol, I also got some supplies from Tesco, reduced carrot batons, which were the perfect noms for the drive home.

I dread to think how many portions of veg were in there, but I only counted three :) As I'd said yes to overtime, when I got in, I needed to head to bed, and so had myself a 4 hour nap to try and prepare for my shift.

When I was awake once more - feeling knackered and very, very achey, and also very hungry, and so the leftover pasta bake from the other day came to the rescue for dinner.

Perfect to fill me up ready for work :) Plus about 6 portions of veg! And so off I went, on my money grabbing exercise! It wasn't so bad, only one line was running - but that also meant that we only had the standard three breaks, as the line had to be stopped for us to get them in!

I was rather peckish at my first break, as it was later than normal, and so put away all those lovely fresh strawberries, plus Graze noms and a couple of Bear yoyo's too! So another 5 portions of fruit to add to my tally, and plenty of energy to get me through until my meal break.

Now, as you know, I don't like to have pasta twice in a day normally, but this lunch had been taken in by me on Saturday and not eaten, and so it seemed silly not to have it today. Along with the new flavour of Activia yogurt - banana and toffee, which is divine! For my last break, I had my usual noms...

I was really starting to struggle by now. Sore and so tired, I couldn't wait to get home and get into bed. As I'd been out most of the day I decided to let The Menagerie upstairs with me :) And so I settled down to sleep, at long, long last!

Food Diary (Sunday)

Free Food
LM rosemary and red onion sausages
cherry tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar
B - 2 Benefit bars
B - 2 packs Bear yoyo's (4 yoyo's)

Graze noms                   7½
milk in coffee (1)            ½
Activia yogurt                2½

Total syns                      10½

Now, just to add to the confusion of a blog about a day that lasted forever, and is about Sunday, when it's Monday, I shall tell you about weigh in....yes, weigh in....told you it was confusing! As I'm working a 12 hour night shift tomorrow I can't make it to my normal group and so off to the Peggotty Road group I headed. I wasn't feeling very confident. I'm sure everyone that goes to group can sympathise with that you weigh several tons and you're bound to have a gain? Well that's how I felt, however, the scales know best, and they showed a 4lbs loss! Very happy with that, as now I've got rid of last weeks gain and am once more within touching distance of that very elusive 8 stone award, with just one solitary lb to get rid off! 

So there we go, my super-mega long day, my Race for Life, and weigh in, all in one rather long blog :)


  1. Hi, just come across your blog..what a good idea and how inspiring! Good to share what others might be thinking. You are doing so well with your weight loss, well done. Think I might start a blog to inspire me and keep me motivated. They say recording everything can be theraputic. :)

    1. Thank you :)
      I find my blog SO helpful, it motivates me, it keeps me on plan and it makes me vary up my meals too, so as not to bore everyone :)

      Plus of course, taking a picture of everything you eat is a pretty accurate way to keep a food diary too! If you do start one, please let me know the address!

  2. 4 lbs is awesome well done! x