Monday, 13 May 2013

Monday, Bloody Monday

Sorry...but it seemed quite fitting after the title of yesterday's blog ;) To be fair, today hasn't been all that bad for a Monday, I had to get up stupidly early, but that's par for the course. I then managed to forget to put all my work things into my work trousers so had to come back to get them all, but once I actually got myself to work it wasn't too awful. We started off with a briefing, and then I had some CoSHH training. During which I was trained how to carry out a CoSHH risk assessment, using the spread sheet I had created in my previous role - so a teeny waste of time, but at least it meant I could sit and drink coffee for 45 minutes :)

With training done with, it was pretty much time for my first break too, how good is that? As always I was hungry and so dived into my goodie bag for munchables.

Standard fare for work I'm afraid, but it does the job! With that eaten, it was back to the usual Monday-ness at work, waiting around whilst the rest of the line got itself all ready to go whilst emailing TOK :) Thank goodness she gets to work nice and early! I did have one email with bad news though. Our 5 a day challenge team leader has pulled out, and so we were given the choice whether to get a new leader or pull out, now I've not eaten my bodyweight in various vegetables and fruit to give up now and so I decided to take on the task of recording everyone's results, putting mine in yielded the news that in the first week I put away 93 portions of fruit or veg and 87 last week, not bad eh?

Anyway, after so much work it was time for breakfast, my favourite! 

Rice pudding with a banana mixed in, a Benefit bar and a yogurt, speaking of which I have spotted some lemon and lime Activia's on a FB page, and they are apparently vegetarian, so the hunt is now on for those bad boys as I adore a citrussy yogurt! Anyway, I digress....after my noms were nommed it was back to the line, which had now actually started, and by started I mean started playing up....Ah well, it is Monday, they can't expect to run well after a weekend off ;) I did manage one more break....

......with yet more coffee, but I was just focusing on heading home - via the shop as once more we are getting low on squash and Knorr stock pots!

So with a bag full of goodies I headed home, dropped them off and went to pick up a wardrobe. Now, as you may have noticed, I love a bit of vintage/retro. Clothes, homewares, you name it, I love it, and so when I was perusing the local free and for sale FB pages yesterday a post about an "old" wardrobe caught my eye, and when I saw a picture I knew I had to have it! So for the princely sum of £10, may I present my lovely new wardrobe, which shall be housing all my pretty dresses :)

I'm so pleased with it, even though Narnia wasn't inside, and we even managed to get most of it inside the Micra to get it home, thank goodness it was only about 500 yards down the road! So with that collected, it was time to get comfy and get fed once more. With my mind still on the 5 a day challenge I decided on just about every vegetable in the house, mixed with pasta and a tub of LowLow, a dish now christened Mitcheeeeeseylicious pasta by TOK :)

Hague had done me tons of pasta and so I put some in a bowl to save for another day. For "another day" read about 2 hours later when I started feeling hungry again for some reason and so had the rest of the pasta, with even more veggies added, plus some fruit :)

Having a hungry day I guess! Still, all syn free so no harm done! Although Hague was a bit grumpy that I'd eaten the last of the strawberries. Oops! I managed to spend most of the evening chatting away to TOK about things that only make sense if your name is Karen, you own a dog, adore purple, unicorns and t-shirts made of amazeballs, and to Sacha about her day. Plus Hague of course, I do talk to him too ;) My Mum also sent a few texts to update me on my Nan, who will be moving to a care home from the hospital soon, which is very good news :) Unfortunately, some of the talking to Hague involved me showing him the new Muller Light dessert tubs so he can hunt for them tomorrow for me and Sacha, of course once they're out of the fridge they'll explode if you don't eat them* so I had to polish one of those off too, whilst he rode the exercise bike. I am SO lazy :(

As is all too common on my week of earlies, the night was already drawing to a close. At 7pm, and so here I am, blogging away, with one eye on the clock so as not to get to bed too late. Like 8.30 or something *sigh*

Food Diary

Free Food
Activia yogurt
mixed peppers
cherry tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 60g LowLow
B - 2 Benefit bars

Rice pudding                     2½
60g LowLow                    6
Fudgey yummy thingum     4½

Total syns                         13 

So that was Monday, and it's almost time for me to hit the sack, the last sleep before weigh in. As I don't have any working scales at home, I never know how well the week has gone until I step onto those scales on a Tuesday. I'm not known for my huge losses on my early shift, as I eat at work, and my star week is almost upon me, but I am hoping for the 1½lbs I need for my next sticky - the rather scary 8 stone award....I'm so far beyond anything I've ever lost before now and it's an odd feeling, being so close to an 8 stone loss, but with over 5 stone still to go. I think that's why my non-scale victories are becoming more important to me, almost more so than the numbers on the scale, and yes, I did use the stairs at work today too :) *proud*

*I'm reasonably sure that Muller Light desserts won't explode if you don't eat them when you take them out of the fridge, but why take the risk?

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  1. i'm scared of the muller desserts fell out of the fridge earlier and i put it back in as i didnt want it....does this mean my fridge is going to explode now

  2. good luck at weigh in,
    I keep meaning to ask what are benefit bars? and how do you make your rice pudding, it looks devine!!

    1. I do my rice pudding in the slow cooker, I use either 875ml (as a HeA) or 900ml (4½ syns), 3oz of rice, 4 tbsp of sweetner and 1 tbsp of vanilla extract and then leave it on high for about 3 hours.

      The benefit bars are from Aldi, and you can have two for your HeB -they're the 70cal ones :) Cheaper than Alpen Lights!