Sunday, 12 May 2013

Foodie Fun and Fudge-a-licious

I have mixed feelings about the weekend at the end of my week off. Everyone else is bouncing about - happy that the weekend is here, but to me, it signals the end of a lovely week off. I'd forgotten just how enjoyable they are!

Once again I woke up quite early, which has been a pleasant surprise this week, mainly though it was because I was hungry and I decided to have a bit of an experiment with my Graze porridge.

I used the apple and cinnamon porridge from my Graze box (7 syns including the honey) and made them up as normal. They tasted lovely, although they didn't work quite as well as with just plain porridge oats, but they just about stayed in pancake form :) I topped them with the last of my Asda crumble yogurts and an apple and some strawberries. 

I followed it up with lots of tea, well two cups as I was quite aware that a lot of my syns had been used up on breakfast! Then I decided to get a huge amount of rice pudding in the slow cooker for my breakfasts next week at work. This is why I love weekends, all the time in the world to make lovely Slimming World friendly meals, and to batch bake to have things in the fridge or freezer for when you can't be bothered. Definitely not a danger time for me :) So with the pudding bubbling away we settled down to watch lots of The Office, Hague putting me to shame as he watched whilst peddling away on the exercise bike! 

I wasn't really sure what to have for lunch, but I'd bookmarked a sweet potato and bean burger recipe a while ago, and so thought I'd give that a go.

Next time, I'll definitely add an egg to help bind them up a bit, but here's the recipe;

Roasted veg and bean burgers.
Butternut squash and sweet potato mix from Asda (half a bag)
Half an onion
Tin of borlotti beans
lemon juice
mixed herbs
mustard powder

I roasted the squash, potato and onion in the oven, and threw the rest into the food processor. When the veggies were cooked, I added them in and just whizzed it up. I left them in the fridge for a bit, and then pan fried them, as they were a bit fragile, I didn't turn them but finished them off under the grill, adding a bit of Stilton at the end :)

They were nice enough, but were missing....something....not sure what. The Stilton definitely worked very well, but the burgers on their own were a teensy bit bland. A work in progress methinks. 

After chatting away to Sacha for a while about the joys of brown spotted bananas, I felt the need to have some, so that did for dessert, slathered with a tub of Activa fat free vanilla yogurt, couldn't have been easier, but so tasty!

Despite making magic pancakes, burgers and rice pudding, I still had a bit of a Domestic Goddess vibe going on, and so when hunger struck once more I decided that I'd once again make the mac n cheese from the magazine :)  I made half the amount, as always, which makes two generous portions, so I have one in the fridge for later too. Excellent. I made the mix up, and then left in whilst we had a lovely relaxing soak, so all I had to do for dinner was bung it in the oven for 15 minutes and sort out my veg.

I really should explore more recipes from the SW magazine as this has become an absolute favourite! I then had an inkling for something sweet again, and decided to splash out pretty much the last of my syns on one of the new Muller Light dessert pots. They're only £1 for four in Asda at the moment, and are either 4.½ or 5 syns each. I picked up the fudge ones, which were 4½, they also do milk chocolate and white chocolate ones, and unlike the yogurts, they're suitable for veggies! Yay!

It was gorgeous, really rich and sweet and full of fudgey flavour. A wonderful way to waste 4½ syns that's for sure :) Highly recommended, and I reckon it would taste divine stirred into the rice pudding too! Unfortunately, not long after I'd enjoyed my dessert my head started to hurt. Not good, especially as it had all the hallmarks of a migraine - Hague remembered my new tablets before I did and so I took one of those before heading up to bed.

As I'm writing this on Sunday, I'm pleased to report that the tablets worked a bloody treat. When Hague came up to bed a couple of hours later, my head was clear, and the only sign that a migraine had been imminent was the feeling of nausea that was still lingering. Fantastic! If they always work like that I'll be a very happy bunny :)

Free Food
cherry tomatoes
butternut squash
sweet potato
borlotti beans
spring onions
fat free yogurt
Activia yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar
B - 30g Stilton

Graze porridge box (including honey)             7
Asda apple crumble yogurt                            1
milk in tea (2)                                                1
Fudge muller light dessert                              4½

Total syns                                                     13½

A very enjoyable day, and even the migraine wasn't too bad as was properly squished by the new tablets, which is just an unbelievable relief!

So...the weekend....why is it seen as such a danger zone for people? I know from the support pages on Facebook that people really do seem to struggle. I can understand that sometimes people want a drink or two over the weekend, but every weekend? This is a change of your lifestyle after all, you must change things to change yourself.
Why not use the spare time to your advantage? Get some body magic done - says she who has spent most of the day on her butt on the sofa - pick a recipe from the latest magazine, or from a support page and give it a go. Batch bake something for your work lunches next week, or make something a bit more time intensive that you've been meaning to try :) Give it a go - claim back your weekends and enjoy them from the SW wagon!

You thought I'd forgotten today didn't you? You thought there would be a blog with no mention of my Race for Life next Sunday, sorry ;)

I've had several lovely readers be kind enough to sponsor me, but if we could smash through the target of £300 before the event, that would be beyond amazing. Cancer affects most of us in some way, and every penny goes to help eradicate this horrible disease, so please, please if you can spare anything, just click on the link below to sponsor me. Thank you so very much xxxx

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