Thursday, 23 May 2013

Double Yuckness

Bit of a catch up today as the old shifts have got the better of me once more. Tuesday was a twelve hour shift as well, and for some reason I woke up at midday and couldn't get back to sleep - I've no idea what happened, I just didn't feel tired enough to drop off again! So once Hague was back from work I decided to get up and get fed!

You'd never guess I was still doing the 5 a day challenge would you? Unfortunately, after eating I came over all sleepy and went back to bed for 30 minutes, I didn't go back to sleep, but rather enjoyed being all cosy and warm, before getting up and getting ready for work.

Twelve's are by definition a long shift, but when you're tired they seem to last forever! With three of us running just one line we weren't overly busy either....not the best of combinations and so I struggled my way through to 6am....with this little lot inside me to keep me going...

I also had a Benefit bar but managed to leave my phone charging and so couldn't take a photo! :) Good old leftovers came to the rescue with the curry - without yogurt this time, and lots of roasted veggies with mayonnaise for my second meal break. 

Food Diary (Tuesday)

Free Food
fat free cottage cheese
cherry tomatoes
tinned tomatoes
mixed peppers
chickpea dahl
butternut squash
LM rosemary and red onion sausages

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar
A - (split) 2 blue cheese and 3 extra light Laughing Cow triangles
B - 5 scan bran
B - (split) Benefit bar and 2 Bear yoyo's

2 tbsp extra light Hellmann's mayo                     1
2 Activia creamy yogurts                                   5

Total syns                                                         6

And so onto yesterday, yet another night shift, and after working for twelve hours with barely any sleep I managed to sleep my way right through until gone 6pm. Lovely :) However it did mean that I hadn't left myself much time to get food sorted! I did manage to throw together food for work, and dinner though, although I was cutting it a bit fine. I also managed to do a bit too much dinner...

Tons of veggies, plus pasta and Quorn meatballs. I should really trust my judgement more often, as when I was mixing it all together I thought it was a bit much, and after eating I felt really stuffed, which is not a feeling I enjoy at all :( For some reason though, after polishing off that lot, I felt like I needed something sweet and rustled up an Eton Mess type thing too.

No wonder I felt so stuffed! I showered and headed off to work, still feeling far to full and very uncomfortable. 

I'm not sure if it's just me, but when you're feeling stuffed, and in a bit of pain in your stomach, I find it hard to decipher the signals - am I full, do I need the toilet, am I hungry? I definitely wasn't feeling right regardless, and a visit to the loo, and my Benefit bar didn't change how bad I was feeling.

After my break I felt worse and worse though. I kept trying to move around to ease the pain that was starting, but quite quickly it became apparent that something had brought on a bout of acid reflux. Whether it was the far too big dinner, or the coffee or just one of those things, I don't know - all I did know was that I needed my tablets to stave off the attack, and I needed them quickly. I was sure I had some in the car and so headed to the car park to grab them, only to find that I had none. By this time the pain had started building up. Bearing in mind that the first time I'd had an attack I ended up dosed up on morpine and in an ambulance, I'm sure you can appreciate the level of pain I was experiencing :(

I somehow managed to get home, and get a tablet down me, but by now, the attack was in full flow and all I could do was to desperately try and find a comfortable position whilst I waited for the tablets to work :( I had to tell work I couldn't come back - which was the last thing I wanted with a disciplinary hanging over me, but there was absolutely no way I could work in such pain. It finally eased off enough for me to try and sleep at about 4.30am, such a relief, but at least this time I didn't end up in A&E! Obviously, I didn't eat huge amounts as I'd left everything at work, and couldn't have eaten a thing once I was home.

Food Diary

Free Food
chopped tomatoes
mixed peppers
summer fruits
fat free natural yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar
B - I only managed one Benefit bar!

20 mini meringues                        2

Total syns                                   2

An awful day yesterday. I was convinced I had tablets at work, or in the car, and as I hadn't I've left myself open to getting into yet more trouble for absence :( It's certainly opened my eyes to the fact that my appetite isn't anything like it used to be, and I need to realise that when sorting out my meals.

Believe me, I'll now be keeping my tablets with me at all times, and be watching my portions. The pain of an attack is some of the worst pain I've experienced, and it's not something I want to repeat anytime soon :( Here's hoping that work are understanding.... *sigh*

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