Saturday, 11 May 2013

A Little Housewife's Tale

Today was an oddity indeed, Hague was off out to work, normal hours and everything, whilst I got to stay at home. It's not happened in a long time and so it was quite a novelty. Whilst he was getting sorted and showered I lovingly made him his lunch - well, I threw all the salad things we still had left in the house in a box for him - and kissed him goodbye as he headed out :) 

I got straight to work on my blog, fuelled by coffee and a banana, as once again I'd been too lazy to do it the night before.

I had planned to be all productive then, with baths and shopping and all sorts, instead I started chatting on FB - and before I knew it, it was nearly midday and I was in desperate need of food, and to get my butt out shopping before my friend Jo popped over O.O

I decided that I'd give my new Graze porridge a go, and rather than faff with combining HeB's and syns, I just synned it, and made it up with Almond Breeze porridge, then added (another) banana.

This one was the blueberry and lingoberry one, and it was really tasty. I'm not sure I'd use 7 syns on a breakfast every day, but for a freebie, and an occasional treat, it was a nice change. If you want to try one btw, you have to already be a Graze customer, but you can get one for free using the code PHQ7MD6 :)

Anyway, with me fuelled, off to Aldi and Asda I went to stock up on lots of SW goodies, on my own! Being a good little housewife I picked up my man steak and sausages too :) Annoyingly though, as I was perusing the aisles I got a phone call from his Hague-ness asking where I was as he got an hour for lunch and so had come home :( By the time I'd battled my way around the shop and managed to choose a till where I got stuck behind someone who could either talk or pack, and decided to mostly talk, I was too late to see him, nice to know though.

As I was putting the shopping away I was disturbed by a knock on the door. Now as you are all aware, with Hague working, we've had some spare money, and when something that had been on my Amazon wishlist for months dropped in price by yet another tenner the other day, I HAD to have it, and despite saying it wouldn't arrive until the 16th - it was here!!

My new, and utterly awesome docking station! How gorgeous? Plus the sound is amazing, way better than you'd expect from two flowers :) Plus I no longer have to scrabble around for my charger! Very happy girlie!

After such excitement, my mind turned to lunch, it needed to be something reasonably quick and as I'd stocked up on Quorn lamb strips at Asda as they were reduced to clear to 50p, I went down a Greek style route.

I threw butternut squash, sweet potato (also reduced at Asda) courgette, garlic and onion into roast, whilst I cooked off the orzo and microwaved the lamb strips with some chopped tomatoes, then mixed the lot together with some rosemary and organo. Once it was in the bowl, it had a generous covering of Feta. Utterly gorgeous and it took twenty minutes, I also have another serving of it ready for a meal at work next week.

Not long after I'd eaten that Jo arrived, and we proceeded to natter and drink much coffee until Hague arrived home. No telly, as I'd decided that music from my new docking station was all we needed ;) With a lovely evening of chatter, and trying on corsets over all too soon, it was time for me to sort out some dinner. I fancied something "naughty" and so went with sausage, chips and eggs. As I hadn't had my HeB either, I had some bread to buttify* it all up too! Soooo good. Sometimes only something good and simple will do!

However, the old superfree fairy, always does sit on my shoulder and so dessert was in the shape of an entire pineapple :) 

The day ended up with lots of sofa snuggles whilst watching The Omen, the original. As we saw the re-make was on E4 and decided to go with the better one ;) Not a bad day at all! 

Food Diary

Free Food
lamb strips
chopped tomatoes
butternut squash
sweet potato

Healthy Extras
A - 45g Feta
B - 2 slices of wholemeal bread (400g loaf)

Graze porridge                          7
200ml Almond Breeze milk        1
3 Quorn sausages                      3
tbsp ketchup                             1

Total syns                                12

*Buttify - To make things into butties/sandwiches. Everything can in fact be buttified, and normally is :)

Just in case you were thinking I'd forgotten, I shall once more mention that next Sunday I shall be getting up early, yes on a Sunday - I shall be leaving my house at 8.30am on a Sunday - to take part in The Race for Life at the Norwich Showground. Surely that alone is worth sponsorship?

The Just Giving page for the Lowestoft 6, which is in fact now the Lowestoft 6 plus one random Yarmouth person, but hey, you can't change the name. Please, please if you can spare any amount at all, I'd be so very grateful.

Thank you xx

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