Wednesday, 29 May 2013

8 from 8

So here we are, on weigh in day. A day I was super nervous about, and a day on which I hadn't even considered the possibility of what actually happened.....

I lost ½lb. Yup, 8 bloody ounces - which left me the same 8 ounces short of my elusive 8 stone award! I'd only considered the options of losing 1lb and getting the award, or gaining. The thought that I might lose, but still not get my sticky just didn't enter my head. So how far away was I?

That bloody far lol! As many people have pointed out to me today though, it was still a loss - even after my rather flexible Saturday night at the Beer Festival. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that I lost, just utterly frustrated that I am so damn close! Oh well, it shall be mine next week! With weigh in done and dusted, I planned to head straight home, but as group had finished a bit early, and I was practically driving past Sainsburys I decided to detour to see if I could find the lesser spotted Quorn roast and low fat Quorn sausages! I'm sure you'll all be pleased to hear that at least one of my endeavours today was successful, as I left there with 3 boxes of the syn free sausages and a couple of Quorn roasts!

Of course, I then had to sample the sausages immediately and so had them for breakfast before heading off to work.

Maybe not quite as delicious as the normal Quorn sausages, but still very tasty, and all the better for being syn free of course! Served up with some mushrooms, beans, tomatoes and mixed herbs, as well as some potato wedges it was a filling start to my day - which was going to be a bit taxing due to the onslaught of Hague's Plague :(

As I was taking in cold food today, I could utilise a present that was given to me by the wonderful Helen at the weekend, and that I'd been dying to use as it's just so perfect!

Isn't it fabulous? And just so utterly perfect for me to take to work - even with the mountains of snacks I take it. I love it SO much! Anyway, the top picture is what I actually ate during my first break, the second is just because I was showing it off to everyone! :)

I also had a couple of cold tablets during my first break as I was struggling a bit, and unfortunately they didn't do a huge amount - still, after having flu last year, I'll take a cold any day of the week! My next break was another chance to get a wee bit more food down me, as well as more caffeine. 

Another munchable from my Graze box (try one for free with this code YYX2MZN here) this time Rosemary crostini with smoked tomato dip. Delicious, and at 5 syns a nice substitute for a packet of crisps. With TOK on email and the lines not running too badly, the shift was going quite quickly and soon it was time for dinner, good old leftovers.

This time it was the remains of the pasta quiche, along with a yogurt and Bear yoyo's. After dinner was eaten I had to go and learn the intricacies of another machine, so I can cover breaks, and so had to abandon Hague and TOK on email to learn how to run another line :( Still, I got another break in too, although my masterpiece of a photo of my apple and coffee seems to have disappeared!

Soon it was 9.45 and time to head home, Hague had talked about having Quorn roast with mash for his dinner and so I'd jumped on the bandwagon and he had some waiting for me when I got home, along with some broccoli and cauliflower cheese. 

Mashed into the mash were my HeA of Laughing Cow extra light triangles, and a HeB of cheddar adorned the veg. It may be nearly June, but it's definitely the weather for comfort food and dinner fitted the bill perfectly! 

Food Diary

Free Food
Quorn low fat sausages
baked beans
cherry tomatoes
leftover pasta n sauce quiche
Quorn roast

Healthy Extras
A - 6 Laughing Cow extra light triangles
A - 45g Feta (on top of the quiche)
B - (split) 2 Bear yoyo's and a Benefit bar
B - 40g reduced fat Cheddar

Graze tomato dippineti                5
Activia creamy yogurt                 2½
tsp honey                                   1

Total syns                                   8½

As my energy levels are dipping rapidly, and my soothing ginger tea with honey is nearly gone, I shall leave my blog there for this evening, whilst I ponder why on earth those 8 ounces seem to be at the forefront of my mind rather than the 111½ lbs I've already lost.....Oh the insanity of losing weight eh?

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