Thursday, 4 April 2013

Weigh In's and a Weary Girl

I almost didn't make weigh in this morning. I settled down in bed last night and went to set my alarm for 11.30am to give me plenty of time to get to work, utterly forgetting that weigh in on a Wednesday is at 10am. Seriously, this week is no good for me! Luckily I did notice my mistake before going to sleep and so made it to weigh in....I didn't get my 7 stone award though :( 

I maintained. Which I'm struggling with a bit, and I'm not entirely sure why. I had close to 80 syns on Saturday, over and above my usual syns, but I was also very good for the rest of the week. Perhaps I feel I "deserved" more for my effort, I'm not sure. I do know that it's bothered me more than I thought it would, and I'm really not sure what's caused it. I also know that I'll be once again on plan all week and will be hoping for the loss I need for that next award. Pointless grabbing random, crappy, off plan food to somehow punish myself, or console myself - that could just kick off a destructive spiral which could lead to me falling off plan all together and what would achieve? Nothing! So it's not the path I took today, I took it on the chin,  decided that at least it wasn't a gain, and got on with my normal day on Slimming World, which of course, started with breakfast before work - which was cooked whilst a very nice gas man changed our gas meter.

Once again, mushrooms and spinach in with the beans to add some superfree, along with Quorn sausages and wedges, along with a cup of tea. I also prepped my work lunch whilst I had to be downstairs! When the meter had been replaced I snuggled up with Hague for a bit longer as it was warm up there, and he is working tonight, so more Hague time is good time :)

I crawled out of bed just in time to get ready for work. It's really not seemed like a short week so far and today was no exception, with the machines being utter buggers for most of the first part of the shift, so my first break was very welcome when it came along. Even with the utterly annoying sight of the fridge looking like this..

So to the (nearly empty) watercoooler I headed for something to wash down my first break noms.

I rather enjoyed the Cheese Curls, which are the Aldi version of Quavers, and they're only 3 syns, as well as being only 99p for 10 bags. I'm not normally fond of Quavers either, so that's high praise indeed. An Aldi benefit bar too, I am a budget queen lol! The machines were still playing up, and really only calmed down around half way through the shift again, so I needed my lunch, I was also having a hungry day and was already looking forward to eating again!

The water cooler was empty by now, and so I had a warm squash. I'd made the frittata when the gas man was here with courgettes, mushrooms, onion and some tinned potatoes just fried off with eggs. I also had 2 of my HeA laughing cows, a banana, yogurt and the other half of my HeB. It did the job of filling me up for the rest of the shift - good job really as I'd eaten all my food in my pile of lunch! The second half of the shift was better, with many emails from TOK as we boosted ourselves after disappointing weigh ins and decided on our super positive attitudes for the coming week :) I managed to get out a wee bit early to pick up Hague at Norwich station to drop him at work, to save him waiting around for ages for a bus and it also meant we could spend a wee bit of time together too :) 

With Hague dropped at work, and me safely back indoors I got dinner started and did another video diary - most of which is similar to what's on here today to be fair. With that done, dinner was almost ready. It might not look overly appetising, but it tasted good, and gives a bit of a warning as to what happens if you cook orzo for too long ;)

Half a butternut squash, with cooked orzo that I mixed my remaining two blue laughing cows, courgettes and leeks into, as well as a little bit of quark, topped with 12.5g of Stilton - I'm trying to save syns lol! The orzo mix was really good, and again, nice and easy as the veggies just got roasted in the oven with the squash whilst the orzo boiled. I then got to work on my blog, whilst chatting online and catching up with blogs, Twitter and Facebook, work really does get in the way of my social networking don'tcha know! Even after dinner, I still felt hungry, so made myself a large cuppa and a large squash, but my stomach still insisted it was  hungry, and so some leftover pasta and the veggies I'd put aside for tomorrow's lunch became victim to my hungry day and were nommed!

With a splash of Kraft fat free italian dressing it was a lovely snack, and even though it still hasn't satisfied the hunger monster, I won't be having anything else tonight, as it's gone 1am and I need to get me to bed!

Food Diary

Free Food
baked beans
butternut squash
fat free dressing

Healthy Extras
A - 4 laughing cow light blue cheese triangles
B - 2 Aldi benefit bars

milk in tea (2)                         1
3 Quorn sausages                   3
Cheese Curls                          3
Shape crumble yogurt            ½
12.5g Stilton                         2½

Total syns                             10

Hydration - 3.55l (My working day target is 4l)

So.....where do I go from here? Well I most certainly am not giving up, that's never going to happen, I will stay on plan, and maybe try and up my superfree food a wee bit - budget allowing - I shall stay positive, I shall stay focused and keep pushing myself to each lb off. After talking to TOK today I also decided that I have procrastinated long enough over my Body Magic awards and I need to make an effort to do that little bit extra to help get myself fitter, alongside what I do at work. It's at times like these, where you are perhaps questioning your motivation that you need to keep on plan all the more. So this week I'm well and truly on the wagon......

Who's with me? (Picture stolen from TOK's blog, as it's made of awesome and I had to use it somewhere) :)

Today's Video Diary, with the World's Worst Thumbnail ;) 


  1. Loving your blog, keep up great work :)

    1. Thank you! No plans on going anywhere I've got a long way to go yet :)