Wednesday, 10 April 2013

TMI Tuesday?

After reading Slimming Mum's blog this morning about some of the more unsavoury side effects of a good, healthy Slimming World diet, I felt the need to share my own TMI moment.

To ease you in...take a look at Peter Kay discussing Slimming World and see if you can spot my problem ;)

Yep....I share an issue with "Joan" I can't poo :) I'm sure that it's bloody psychological though, as it only seems to affect me during the start of the week before weigh in. My diet doesn't fundamentally change, but all of a sudden, things don't seem to flow quite as freely. Is there anything worse than heading for your weigh in and feeling all sluggish and bloated? My last weigh in, when I had a maintain, I still had 2½ days worth of food along with me when I weighed in. It couldn't have helped! I know I'm not the only person with this delicate problem as it seems to be discussed quite regularly (ironically) on the various SW pages. I don't want to start with anything to artificially get me moving along though, so any advice involving normal food is more than welcome! Here's hoping that tonight is productive before weigh in tomorrow hehe!

Now...after discussing poo, shall we move on to my day? It started too early, as Hague wanted picking up from the station so my alarm went off just before 8am so I could collect him after his night at work. I then tried to settle back down to sleep, but I just couldn't get comfy, or warm and so barely got any more sleep before I had to get ready for work. Just to add to my general air of grouchy-ness at being at work this week!

There is a bit of superfree in there, in the shape of spinach mixed in with the beans, and a cheeky tablespoon of my fast diminishing HP Guinness sauce, along with scrambled eggs and toast. A good start to the day anyway before heading out to work.

Work was a bit better than yesterday, the machines were behaving a bit better anyway, although my teabag stash is dwindling fast, so I'll have to remember to take some in with me tomorrow! Diverting again there sorry! Back to work and my snackage.

Back to fizzies as there isn't any water in the work fridge again, and look - a fruit that's not a banana (and one that is). Exciting times! I do like the little clementines and had grabbed some in Aldi last week, makes a nice change.

With yesterday's blog done and dusted, and a warning to keep off the internet the day then dragged rather a lot. One line had stopped so we had three of us looking after one line. Thank goodness (once more) for TOK and Hague keeping me sane! I managed to plan lunch so that I could almost engage in my SW group that I had to miss yet again, and so Sacha kept me informed as to how she'd got on, and Hague, whilst I ate my lunch.

Leftover chilli, with 6 Laughing Cow extra light triangles stirred in, along with some crisps and my good old yogurt :) The cheesey chilli was rather delicious, and it made it taste very rich and filling. I genuinely don't think there is a food in the world that can't be improved with cheese :) With that eaten, and the news that Sacha had lost 1½lbs and Hague 2½ I could return to work feeling like I had engaged with my group a little bit.

As I couldn't get onto the internet (grrrrr), when I had my final break I had lots of FB and Twitter chats to attend too, and I had a lovely chat with Tammie from my group too, who is determined but feeling a little lost. Hopefully we can chat a bit more, as I love talking about SW and if I can help anyone out, then that's just a wonderful bonus. It lifts me so much to have so many people to bore talk to about Slimming World, despite feeling a bit off myself at the moment, with no good reason, I'm still in love with the plan and if I can give an idea, or recipe to someone struggling, it's more than worth it :)

Whilst busy socially networking (or yabbering about SW), I ate this little lot, minus the Benefit bar, as if I'd have eaten it it would have just been me being greedy rather than hungry.

So yet again my poor little Benefit bar was shunned, and was ferried back home with me. Poor thing, it'll start to get a complex soon. With no Hague to drop off at work, it was straight home for me when I was done, and into a lovely hot shower. Although the house was warmer as Hague puts the heating on, it was rather nice to walk into a warm house though to be fair :)

With me clean and showered, it was time to eat, and as I'd emailed Hague my exact requirements (he'd asked, I'm not a scary control freak), I sat down to exactly what I fancied.

A tofu and vegetable stir fry. I'd bought the tofu ages ago and not got around to eating it, but today, I really, really fancied it, and so that, along with lots of veg, some soy sauce, wok Fry Light, and my chinese grinder along with a tbsp of hot chilli sauce - which I had thought was chilli and ginger sauce - but I bravely added it anyway, and I'm glad I did as it gave it a nice kick which wasn't too OTT. I have a wee bit leftover for lunches too.

To finish off, I headed to the summer fruits again, today with just yogurt and honey, to be honest, it tasted better than the Quark/yogurt combo with the vanilla essence and sweetener, all washed down with a cuppa, as I'd been craving a proper cuppa all day long!

How nice does that look? I still have fruit left for tomorrow too :) With my cuppa now drunk, I guess it's time to get this blog all finished up and head to bed to spend some time with this Hague person who I've barely seen this week :)

Food Diary

Free Food
baked beans
leftover chilli
stir fried vegetable mix
summer fruits
fat free natural yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 6 Laughing Cow extra light triangles
B - 2 slices wholemeal bread (400g loaf)

1 tbsp HP Guinness sauce                      1
Smart price crisps                                  5
Shape crumble yogurt                            ½
1 tbsp Blue Dragon hot chilli sauce        ½
1 tbsp honey                                        2½

Total syns                                            9½

Hydration - 4L

So there we have it. That was Tuesday, and look at me, blog up nice and promptly too :) Next step for me is weigh in tomorrow morning. For some reason I'm really nervous about weigh in, I don't know why. I've been on plan all week, not gone over my syns all week and my Healthy Extras have been varied, but still, I'm nervous. I'm wondering if I've got too focused on my 7 stone award, which seems to have been my goal for  quite a few weeks now, and my weight loss has been a bit slow with a net loss in 3 weeks of just 1½lbs - all little things that can add up to feeling a bit apprehensive about getting on those scales. Very silly really, whatever the scales say, it won't change my faith in the plan, but damn that 1½lbs I need would be fabulous!

On a final note, my body has decided to prove my whole blog wrong...I'm sure you'll all totally chuffed to know that ;)


  1. I find drinking a green tea at least once a day helps. jakki x

    1. I drink green tea at least once a day :( xx

  2. Ha Ha , nice to know Im not the only one who suffers with the effects of the sw plan :-)

    1. :) It seems to be quite an issue hehe! Been fine since I wrote the blog!

  3. Haha, it's true! I struggle with 'going' before weigh day, every week. Unless I eat Scan Bran, which tastes awful but, um, does the job! x