Friday, 12 April 2013

The Importance of Being Honest

Just for a change today started way too early, as I had to pick up Hague from the station. For some reason I didn't pick up my phone though, and missed the texts where he asked if I was coming to get him and so missed him at the station and only spotted him on the way home! I already had a headache and despite taking tablets it wasn't shifting and so I had to call off seeing an old friend to try and sleep off my head before work :(

It didn't really work, but off to Norwich I headed, and as I'd stayed in bed until the death breakfast was an In Car special.

A couple of slices of toast, topped with a Laughing Cow extra light triangle each and a good old banana. Perfect for eating in the car! I seem to have spent the whole week feeling utterly shattered and today was no exception! My trainee is still doing my head in, which doesn't make life any easier, and certainly didn't help me head :( Will this week never end?

I had thought the toast wouldn't be that filling, but when I got to my first break, I wasn't massively hungry and only had a clementine and a cuppa.

The monotony of work, and the annoyance of my trainee continued unabated, why doesn't he write anything down? Why does he think he knows everything when he's making mistakes all the time. It isn't helping my stress levels! Thank goodness for breaks! Lunch this time.

The last of the batch baked chilli, plus an Asda yogurt for a change - which I discovered has a syn a tub :( - plus my good old Benefit bar and another clementine! Chilli definitely improves from being  left in the fridge as it was really tasty. Bit annoyed about the yogurts being synned now though, as I'm sure they used to be free, ah well, it's why you should always check these things! The shift meandered past, helped massively by emailing TOK, and us deciding that non-scale victories might be the way forward, and I might just sort out a nice outfit for me to slim into as another little target :)

My final break was rather predictable, with its cuppa and banana, and it marked the final hours of work passing by - at long bloody last!

Not a cup of tea though, I had a craving for coffee, and so had a black one out of the machine and added a splish of milk from a bottle in the fridge (sssshhhhhh)! It's not the best coffee, but it sorted out my little fancy. I couldn't wait to get home, as Hague had had an awful shift at work, and I just wanted to get home and give him a huge, huge cuddle, nothing worse than not being able to be there for someone!

As soon as I got in, I gave him a hug, and slowly his mood improved, sometimes you just need some company, and a bit of Peter Kay too!

Dinner was very minimal effort, I still had some soup left, to decided on that but I knew it wouldn't fill me up, so had some wedges (normal and sweet potato) topped with cheese and with some mayo as well.

Bit of an odd meal I guess, but it did the job for me, and I still have a wee bit of soup left for tomorrow as well, although the rest of the batch baking has all been eaten. Some by Hague at home - I know - it's just not right!

Anyway, I really needed something sweet and Mikado came to the rescue. Lots of them :)

Nom Nom Nom :) Washed down with my chamomile and maple tea. Funny how a day that's really not been that great can end up well just by spending time with the one you love. Just being with Hague relaxes me and makes me feel much better, and I really can't wait for the weekend, a couple of days together will be bloody marvellous!

Food Diary

Free Food
leftover chilli
sweet potatoes
mushroom and pearl barley soup

Healthy Extras
A - 30g Cheddar
B - 2 slices wholemeal bread

2 Laughing Cow extra light triangles              2
Asda rhubarb crumble yogurt                       1
Benefit bar                                                   3
milk in tea/coffee(2)                                     1
2 tbsp hellmann's extra light mayo                 1
13 Mikado                                                  6½

Total syns                                                   14½

Hydration - 3.3L          

So why the title of today's blog? Well, honesty is always the best policy when you're following SW, and I know a lot of people don't write down what they're eating and just rely on their memory, which is all well and good - but today, I was driving home, planning my dinner and basing meal possibilities on me only having had 2 syns. Now as you can see, whilst at work I had 6½ syns, but I'd forgotten the syns of the yogurt, as I've not had them before, and the Benefit bar as sometimes they're a HeB. It's SO easy to forget something and inadvertently go over your syns without even realising. Due to my photos I knew when I got home how many I'd had, but if I didn't take pictures (or record what I was eating in some way), I'd have merrily had an extra 4½ syns with no thought whatsoever, think of the damage that could do if you did it every day! YOU keep a note of everything you eat, when you eat it? Our memory is great at playing tricks on us, and it's easy to forget things when you don't make a note of it at the time. People ask me quite often how I do it, how I've lost the weight, and my first answer is always Follow The Plan, but making note of everything I eat is a close second!

So are you being honest with yourself? Are you keeping your food diary? If not, give it a go and see if it makes a change next week ;)

Oh, and I also did a quick video diary last night, if you're not subscribed to my YouTube channel (why not), it's right here too :)


  1. Great videos hon x Have you tried telling your trainee to write stuff down lol