Friday, 5 April 2013

Oh The Laziness (and Weariness)

Not much to report about Thursday really. My day was spent either sleeping, eating or working! It started way, way too early with me picking up Hague at the station after his night shift at just gone 8am, I then threw the makings of minestrone soup in the slow cooker before we headed to bed and then listened about his shift in his new job before we settled down.

He seems to have really enjoyed it, something I'm so, so pleased about. Barchester have got a wonderful carer on their books now! After a disturbed sleep I really struggled to wake up when my alarm went off at 11am, and so snoozed for a while, and then gave up the ghost and just set an alarm for 12.15 (I have to leave for work at 1!). In the end I crawled out of bed at 12.45, giving myself just enough time to dollop up some soup for work and put together this gourmet creation for breakfast to eat in the car!

The last two slices of bread in the house, topped with a cheese triangle apiece and yet another banana (it's the only fruit we have left apart from a couple of suspect looking apples!) Thank goodness for traffic, as I managed to eat it on the way into work!

Work has seemed to drag on forever this week, no particular reason, it just seems that my shifts are lasting forever. Today I had to train up a newbie too - although someone else took a lot of that on, mostly as they're both about 12 :) Way to make me feeel about a million having me work with boys who don't shave yet O . o Anyway, first break arrived soon enough with the last of the Cheesey Curls making their appearance.

With the lack of cereal bars (are we sensing a theme here....) it was Bear YoYo's to the resuce today, and at last we had water in the work fridge too!

Lunch was quite late, due to split shifts, so people leaving and coming in at 5.45 - so I had to wait until after that kerfuffle for my lunch. I'm so relieved I was together enough to make the minestrone this morning that's for sure, even if it did explode in my bag!

Another banana too, it really is hard to vary up your fruit when your budget is tight and Aldi sell a big bunch of nana's for 68p, and the super6 are all veg! Fruit really is phenomenally expensive :( Anyway, with an apple (most of which had been covered in soup) and a yogurt, lunch was nice and filling anyway :)

Work dragged by like a drunken slug, what is it about "short" weeks that make them do this? Aarrgghhh! No week off next week either to recover :( Before I get all grumpy shall I move onto my final break?

Another bloody banana, so once again I've had 3 of the buggers, I really need to watch how many I'm having - she says, remembering she has 2 with her today for work - with a cup of my green tea it was a nice end to a shift which had thankfully been punctuated with lots of emails from Hague, TOK and weightloss bitch and the rather lovely news that Hague has been offered another job! Both very different, but one is on an as and when contract, but is very local so no transport costs, and one on a 27hr weekly contract, but with travel into norwich at around £16 a shift.....tricky call, and not a decision I envy him having to make! Well done my wonderful, gorgeous, tenacious man!

Work finally over I headed home, in a grumpy mood as the money situation is as dire as ever, even with my ever generous Mum covering Hague's travel for this month, so we sat down and worked out how to cut corners a bit more, or what we could sell to raise a wee bit extra before the end of the month....don't suppose a Vivien of Holloway swing dress, or Vollers black corset floats any of your boats my lovely readers? ;)

Enough pimping, I had the luxury of Hague being at home, and so dinner was ready when I got home.

 Oh cheesey pasta, how I love thee, so quick and easy! Today's was made with 6 LC extra light triangles, broccoli and courgettes and a cheeky 3 syns worth of grated cheddar. Lovely and with a quick cup of Twinings to wash it all down, I was done for the day!

Food Diary

Free Food
bananas (approximately a million)
frozen casserole mix
baked beans
tinned tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 6 LC extra light triangles
B - 2 slices wholemeal bread (400g loaf)

2 LC extra light triangles         2
Bear YoYo's                         3
Cheesey Curls                       3
Shape yogurt                         ½
15g Cheddar                         3

Total syns                             11½

Hydration - 3.925L
So there we are, a few hours late maybe, but Thursday's meanderings are finally up for you all to peruse :) I am hoping quite desperately that I'm not coming down with something, as once again today I've woken up utterly shatterd and very achey, despite a nice hot bath last night! Plus, as you can see, having not a lot in, or having no money is no excuse to fall off the wagon! Keep holding on tight!


  1. hey...started reading your blog after seeing karen post the link a few times.good blog!
    just a quickie...i dont know if you are near an asda but at the moment they have pineapples for 50p each,4 oranges for 50p and a pack of kiwis(either 4 or 6) for 50p x

    1. Ooh thank you so much Claire! I love Pineapple, will make a lovely change to bananas! X