Tuesday, 2 April 2013

My Name is Karen, and I'm a Lazy Moog.

There we have, in a nutshell, the reason why I'm now 3 days overdue a blog! I have no real excuse except for being lazy! So I shall get you up to speed nice and quickly and recap what I've been up to since my last blog on Friday.

Saturday started out rather nicely, with a lie in. a cooked breakfast ....

and then a FB friend popping round. It's always lovely to meet new people and Helen was no exception. She even brought Daim Mikado with her...so she's now officially always welcome ;) Only joking, you don' have to bring anything when you visit lol! Please excuse the sideways shot, Blogger is having one of those moments! When Helen left, we settled down to the important business of Soccer Saturday before our hectic social life went into another whizz, this time friends with alcohol, and despite the damage limitation dinner of slow cooked chilli, potato skins and rice...methinks the booze may have put me just over my syns...

The port was just the start of it, I also put away a bottle of Brothers cider and a bottle of red wine...not big, and not clever! The best thing that can be said about my snacks was that they were within my syns.

I'd had bread for breakfast, so that's 6 syns for the bread, plus 7 for the crisps, but the cheese was my HeA. So apart from the booze, Saturday wasn't really that bad - and that's with a night that didn't end until around 7am (I'm reliably informed as I may not have been quite with it at that point).

Part of me is wondering if it's really worth documenting Sunday - it was a total wash out, with me spending practically the whole day in bed feeling rough - can't think why - and our new kitchen ceiling getting baptised by water from a dodgy bath tap :( I only managed one meal, and that was at about midnight. I did manage to get all my healthy extras in though, as I had a cheese toastie (HeA and HeB plus 6 more syns of cheese), crisps at 3½ syn, a benefit bar at 3 syns and a yogurt for ½ a syn - although with a tbsp of brown sauce for dunking (1 syn). So just one, small meal, and I clocked up 14 syns....scary how quickly they mount up isn't it?

Anyway, for what it's worth...that was Sunday. Monday dawned and Hague had had a terrible night, and woke up not feeling great and so we didn't manage to help Claire with her SW leafleting. He spent most of the day not in the greatest of moods, and I'm afraid I have to take the blame for that. A girlfriend who spends all day in bed (on her own) is not great fun :( However, food is why you're here, not for the soap opera that my life can resemble at times!

I did myself some breakfast whilst Hague was still resting, minimal effort, but I did put a wee bit of spinach and mushrooms in with my beans as a nod to superfree. My laziness had infected everything at this point! Still, breakfast was rather yummy and soon Hague joined me on the sofa where I gave him free reign over the remote. Before long, I was peckish again, but was massively uninspired by what the cupboards held. However, we did have various root vegetables and so some parnisps, carrots, leek and onion were chopped and thrown into a pan with some vegetable stock and about 20 minutes later, I had this.

Very tasty it was too, and as I seem to recall that all of those veggies are in the Aldi super 6 this week at 49p each, it might become a bit of a staple next week :) The evening passed quite pleasantly, with me chatting to various people, and trying to get some reading done, and treating myself to a sweet snack...

and eventually it was time for dinner. I really didn't know what I fancied, and I could quite easily have fallen off plan, however, I want that next sticky, and I want to get to a 100lb loss and I want to drop into the next stone....all little things, but little things that kept me on the straight and narrow and meant I had cheesey pasta using my syns rather than using the f*ck it school of measuring my cheese.

Half a tub of LowLow and 30g of Cheddar, so 6 syns used, and me still firmly on plan, however tenuous that grip might have been. I even lobbed in some spinach to get some superfree down me :)

By the time we went to bed, I'm sure you'll all be pleased to know that Hague was back to his cheery self and so I settled down a happy girlie.

Food Diary (Sunday - doesn't seem worth doing the others....)

Free Food
baked beans
veggie stock

Healthy Extras
A - Half a tub of LowLow
B - 2 benefit bars

3 Quorn sausages                3
30g Cheddar                       6

Total syns                           9

Not too bad a day, although I didn't dare open a box of Mikado as I would probably have eaten them all, and despite the booze on Saturday I'm really hoping to get the loss I need this week. To be fair, the weekend wasn't a complete right off, I did manage a few things....

  1. Finally arranged a date to meet up with those most fabulous of ladies, TOK and weightlossbitch.
  2. Spoke to my oldest friend and have almost done the same.
  3. Didn't throw up despite being ridiculously drunk.
  4. Showed Shane that I'm not actually immune to alcohol and can get very drunk.
  5. Went a whole day without opening my laptop.
  6. Stayed on plan, food wise, when rather squiffled
Plus I've also finally caught up with my blog, so once again apologies for those that were waiting for my update and those who were getting worried about me....all is well, I'm just a slack tart :)


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