Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Monday's Meanderings

A blog for Monday, which I'll hopefully get published before it's time for today's! I had planned to keep on top of my blogs, but with getting in late last night, and it being utterly freezing, I just wanted to head to bed where I could be warm. I'm sure you all forgive me :)

Monday started off badly as far as I was concerned, no Hague in the house, and having to go to work on my rostered week off - it only happens once a year, but it makes me extremely grumpy. I prised myself out of bed just in time to pick up Hague at the station after his Barnsley trip, and head home, where I needed to feed myself and get ready for work while he headed straight to bed as he was at work that night!

As I'd actually had the foresight to bung the wedges and sausages in the oven before leaving for the station I actually had a cooked meal pretty much ready for me, I only had to fry the mushrooms off and do the eggs, so not too bad really!

With that eaten I headed off to work, full of the grumps! Luckily we got quite a few breaks in, and I shan't bore you with tales of the woe's of running the lines, although it was nice to see the start of Summer heralded with the arrival of the Wimbledon labels on the bottles :)

The sun does seem to be trying as well, but it's still rather too chilly for my tastes! Anyway, the highlights of work as always, were my breaks....the first one was a sneaky extra one and I just had a cuppa, but I was peckish for the next one.

Good old benefit bars, £1.29 for 6 at Aldi - so much cheaper than your HiFi's or Alpen Lights for us budgety types, they taste lovely too, plus the obligatory banana :)

Lunch was supposed to be minestrone soup, but it turned into minestrone stew. Maybe not a bad thing as it was immensely filling and very tasty due to being so reduced!

As you can see, the only other thing I needed afterwards was my yogurt :)

Despite having a couple more breaks during the shift, that stewy soup hybrid kept me going and so the Benefit bar and crisps I'd taken in with me ended up just enjoying the journey to and from work rather than being munched on!

I'd asked very nicely if I could escape 10 minutes early so I could pick Hague up at the station and luckily my colleague obliged :) So off to the station I went and enjoyed a whole 10 minutes with my Other Half, this working thing plays havoc with your together time doesn't it? ;) With him dropped at work, the car filled up - in Norwich as for some reason petrol in Yarmouth is around 3p a litre more expensive - to home I headed, whilst pondering what on earth to have for dinner. For a change. Whilst pondering I also decided that I needed fruit, and so headed to Asda to splash out my Price Guarantee voucher on some frozen summer fruits.

I'm sure you'll be unsurprised that I plumped for cheesey pasta. For a change ;)

As I'd not had any Healthy Extras today, due to not having my second Benefit bar that left me free to have a whole tub of LowLow mixed in with my pasta, along with some mushrooms and a courgette. It was super cheesey due to the LowLow - which I'm informed is on offer for £1 at Asda ;)

Despite being yummy and cheesey and made with wholemeal pasta, I finished my dinner and wanted some dessert, and so my frozen fruits came to the resuce with the return of one of my old favourites. Eton Mess - ish.

Half a tub of Quark, mixed with natural yogurt, sweetener and vanilla extract for the cream - as a side note, the Asda vanilla extract is not a patch on the proper Madagascan one in the brown bottle, so if you can, get that one! With that all combined to make the "cream" I just added in my summer fruits and 20 of my little cake decoration meringues. Very yummy, I'd missed this so once we have some money again I'll be stocking up on the meringues and some Quark :)

As I've said earlier, it was freezing downstairs last night, and so once I'd eaten dessert I decided just to make myself a hot chocolate and head to bed rather than blogging. Perhaps I'll have to succumb and put the heating on soon, as they seem to charge me the earth regardless of whether I'm basking in tropical temperatures or freezing to death!

Food Diary

Free food
minestrone stew
fat free natural yogurt
summer fruits

Healthy Extras
A - 60g LowLow
B - 60g LowLow

2 Linda McCartney veggie sausages            4
Benefit bar                                                  3
Yogurt                                                       ½
20 mini meringues                                       2
Hot chocolate                                            2
splash of milk in hot choc                           ½

Total syns                                                  12

Hydration = 3.65L

So there we have Monday, and I had best leave it there as I've just been told not to go on the internet at work anymore *sob* So I'll see you tonight for today's blog x


  1. yay you had a bowl of heaven xx

  2. karen , where do you get the mini meringues from? Your eton mess-ish looks yummy :-)

    1. They are in a blue tub, and cost around a £1, I've seen them in Asda, but I bought them in Aldi :)

  3. thanks I will hunt them down