Monday, 15 April 2013

Monday - Again - How?

How on earth is it my week of earlies again? They're supposed to be every 4th week but they seem to be coming along far more regularly than that, and so it was, once again, that my stupid alarm clock went off at stupid o'clock and I dragged my knackered little self out of bed to head to work. I'd made a huge batch of rice pudding yesterday and so that was all ready for my breakfast, so I just had to get myself up, washed dressed and out of the door - which I just about managed!

Monday mornings are always a bit of a drag, as we have to wait for the machines to start up, but they were ready and waiting for us today - well, some of them were, and in the end, despite starting up early, they were about as eager as me to get going! First break was a welcome relief from the boredom to be honest.

I was pretty hungry as you can see, and rather enjoyed my fun size apple courtesy of good old Aldi's super six, along with a benefit bar. It was then back to the machines, who were still very start and stop due to problems further up the line, which meant a lot of waiting around. In some good news my trainee has been passed onto a proper trainer, so he's under someone else's wing this week, let's hope he can get him to write things down! I had a nice early lunch/breakfast. A good thing as I was rather peckish again and looking forward to my rice pudding :)

Will you look at that? Those strange streaks of light across my (beautifully colour co-ordinated) breakfast? That'll be something called sunshine :) Doesn't my rice pudding and muesli look pretty all lit up like that! The drawback of that sunshine is the heat in the factory. When we arrived in the morning it was already 20 degrees, and by the time I got back from lunch it was edging up to 25 degrees. Not nice :( To add to that it was my machine's turn to start playing up - oh the joy. I really do love Mondays! I did make sure to keep on drinking whilst I was there though, as it was getting quite warm.

As the time wore on, the machines started to calm down slightly, but my final break was still a nice relief and I enjoyed every mouthful of my snackage.

My first taste of the cheese and onion Crispy Fries and I'm happy to report that they taste pretty close to French Fries, very happy little discovery they've been. Sometimes budgeting does find some right little gems. By the time my fries were nommed I only had just over an hour to go, and boy did it drag, getting warmer and warmer and I could not wait to get out!

When I got home, my brother in law was here fixing the kitchen ceiling (again) and sorting out the tap (again). This time he actually replaced our crappy bath taps though and so we should finally be free of any more leaks, and can get the ceiling painted and the lights back up! It's only been 2 months lol! As he's truly lovely, once Gary had gone, Hague made me a lovely, huge lunch.

An omelette stuffed full of veggies (tomatoes, onions, courgettes and mushrooms) served up with wedges and beans. Absolutely delicious and I followed it up with some more superfree.

Then I headed for a nice relaxing soak with my Kindle whilst Hague did his punch bag and Tae Bo workout. I'll admit I did feel rather lazy as I had planned on doing some time on the exercise bike today, but I was just so tired, and this might be why.....

Whilst at work today, despite it being a particularly quiet day, I walked nearly 5 miles. No wonder my little legs were hurting! Although I do need to get on that bike a few more times this week to keep pushing towards my bronze body magic, as as far as I'm concerned work activity just doesn't count, my body magic should be on top of my normal daily activity - something I am truly striving to make a habit.

With me bathed and relaxed, time was getting on, and so I set to putting together some lunch for tomorrow as I have a 12 hour shift. I decided on my minestrone soup, which has actually been re-named Mitchy-strone soup by TOK, which I'm running with. I made enough to have some tonight as well, as I don't want to wake up hungry in the middle of the night - another of the joys of shift work, your body doesn't know when food is coming, when sleep is coming or anything else!

I ended up with plenty of soup for tomorrow anyway, and a nice healthy bowlful for my tea too.

For a deja vu moment tomorrow, Hague also chopped me up some pineapple for tomorrow, and I had some tonight too :)

Quite a lot of food today, but quite a lot of superfree in there too, how can I have eaten so much but still feel so tired? One of the big questions of life methinks!

Food Diary

Free Food
baked beans
cherry tomatoes
chopped tomatoes
frozen casserole mix
stock pot

Healthy Extras
A - 30 Cheddar cheese (on top of my omelette)
B - 35g Jordan's unsweetened muesli

Benefit bar                         3
Rice pudding                     2½ (Total for the pudding is 9 syns, dividing it into 4)
Shape yogurt                     ½
Crunchy fries                     3½
milk in tea (1)                    ½
LC blue cheese triangle     1½

Total syns                         11½
Hydration - 3.95L

So one day down of the week, 5 to go, including two 12 hour shifts. It makes me tired to even type that. I really should check my lottery ticket, I might have gone in today a millionaire....I can live in hope right?

I did get an interesting email today though, about a new website that supposedly helps you to be more happy - they want me as a Pioneer of happiness....not sure I fit the bill today eh?

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