Sunday, 14 April 2013

Improved Mood Loading........

Friday did not start off well. Thursday night was a really late one as we discussed Hague's night at work and what would be done about it, and so we didn't nod off until gone 3am. The alarm then went off just after 6 so I could take him into work. I got back home at about 7.30 and collapsed into bed, and had a snoozy kind of sleep until my alarm went off, which I then switched off, and snoozed some more :)

When I finally got up I had mere minutes to get myself fed and ready for work, but I still managed to throw together a quick breakfast. For some reason though, I seem to have lost the photo, but as it was just scrambled eggs on toast, I'm sure you can all picture it :) With that eaten, I sorted the animals out, and somehow I hadn't noticed one of the cats had decided to get rid of a hairball in the middle of the living room floor - spitty, hairball puddles and slippers do not mix :(

That's a pretty accurate depiction of what then happened, except I had a box of cat food in my hand which went everywhere, and after Boo spending about 2 seconds checking I was alive, she then proceeded to eat the lot. Good to know they care! I'd managed to land pretty much on my side and so I was pretty sore, and as I headed to work, it was with a hopeful heart that we might just get out early - anything to improve on a day that had been rather damn sucky so far!

When we arrived, both lines were still running, but with not a lot left, so we got our first breaks out of the way early to have a good go at the cleaning once they were done, all the better to give ourselves a chance of an early escape!

I'd already scoffed a clementine before I remembered to take a photo :) It wasn't long after this that the machines went out and the cleaning could begin. Trainee was better at the cleaning, although he obviously wasn't fond, and spent a bit of time whinging but didn't do a bad job, unfortunately the cleaning took a wee bit longer than we hoped and so I needed some lunch.

The last of the mushroom soup, along with a yogurt and a Benefit bar. I didn't linger over my lunch though and got back to making my machines all clean and shiney and just after 8 we were free :)

Unsurprisingly my mood had already lifted by this point. I don't mind cleaning at work, as I can just listen to music and get on with the job, and getting home in time to get the Aldi bits was a huge bonus as it meant I didn't have to venture in there on Saturday, a kind gift also meant we could treat ourselves to some bits and bobs to stock up, and so the Aldi snacks will be once again making an appearance this week! Not long after I got in, Hague got stuck into preparing dinner, and telling me about his day - which was much, much improved on yesterday I'm pleased to report.

We both had the same for a change as well! Simple but yummy, and I'm afraid for the second meal today, no superfree - Bad Karen! I did correct that slightly with my dessert though.

I managed to polish off the whole punnet too before we headed off to bed, with the wonderful prospect of a natural awakening and a huge lie in awaiting us. Totally different mood to this morning :)

Food Diary (Friday)

Free Food
mushroom and pearl barley soup
baked beans

Healthy Extras
A - 30g cheddar cheese
B - 2 slices wholemeal bread (400g loaf)

Asda crumble yogurt                     1
Benefit bar                                    3
tbsp HP Guinness sauce                1
4 Quorn sausages                         4
milk in tea (1)                               ½

Total syns                                     9½

Forgot to record all my drinks...

Onto today then, and oddly enough I woke up in a great mood, strange that, even though it was around the same time I've been getting up all week and feeling tired. The simple pleasure of a Saturday is being able to lay in bed and just snuggle and chat though, and that we did until it was pretty much getting close to the time we needed to go and collect the shopping and so up and out we went. For once the substitutions from Asda were excellent, replacing 2pts of milk with 4pts, and 450g of steak with 930g of steak. Fantastic work there Asda, in fact I could almost forgive them for charging me £1 each for my 50p pineapples (refund being processed now).

With cupboards full, it was time for breakfast, and look at this healthy plateful.

Scrambled eggs with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and spinach. Very yummy and I was tempted to have a Success Express day after my perfectly proportioned breakfast, but I was planning on many carbs later and decided against it! I also whipped up a syn free houmous after Sacha gave me the recipe, it looks rather good doesn't it?

Easy peasy too, a drained tin of chick peas, 2 chopped cloves of garlic, lemon juice, some cumin and 2 or 3 spoofuls of yogurt blitzed up in the food processor and topped with some paprika, I then nestled it in the fridge as I thought it'd help the flavours mingle a bit.

The main business of Saturday could then begin. Soccer Saturday. That didn't last long though as Hague's team were having a rather bad day so he headed upstairs to take it out on his punch bag and rather than me doing my usual and sitting on the sofa waiting for him to give me a shout when the bath was ready I got on the exercise bike as I'm working towards my Bronze body magic award (again). Ten little minutes on the bike was all I needed to finish my first week and I did it!

Yay! Actually getting on the bike will hopefully mean I'll start to make it a habit, rather than the haphazard attempts at getting my awards I've done before! Three more weeks to go :) After ten whole minutes of exercise a bath was needed ;) and so me and Hague got comfy, put a film on the iPad and then spent over an hour relaxing and putting the world to rights - and inspiring innuendo laden comments on my FB page! 

My rather delicious bath time view ;)
After such a busy afternoon and early evening it was time for dinner, and Hague made himself a feast of steak with a blue cheese sauce, with mushrooms and roast potatoes, all on plan of course, and I had pasta and meatballs in tomato sauce. I love being off work and being able to have such a variety of foods!

With a kitchen full of 50p pineapples, I think it's quite obvious what dessert was :)

I had planned on having my houmous tonight, with some nice potato wedges dunked in, but it's now gone midnight and I'm still full from all my pineapple, so I'm thinking it's more likely to be tomorrow's lunch instead! I've not even had a HeB yet! Although I'll probably have a couple of Benefit bars later!

Food Diary (Saturday)

Free Food
cherry tomatoes
chopped tomatoes
Quorn swedish meatballs

Healthy Extras
A - 30g cheddar
B - 2 Benefit bars

milk in tea (4)                     2
35ml Whisky

Total syns                          2

An incredibly low syn day today, oddness indeed! It's been truly lovely though, despite the weather thwarting our plans to take the BooDog out - she doesn't do rain. Funny how all you sometimes need is a bit of time with the Other Half to cheer you right up :) Plus of course time just resting up with lots of cats and some Harry Potter! Saturday, thank you for being a rather lovely day. I'm sure you'll all be pleased to know that Hamster on a Piano is drifting slighty out of my head now after being firmly wedged for most of the week. However, it has now been replaced by this delightful ear worm - which is in fact one of my favourite song/video combo's on YouTube :)

Enjoy :) You'll be singing it for ages :)

I enjoyed a wee dram of Whiskey before bed :)

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