Friday, 26 April 2013

Hour By Hour

Today/Tonight was a 12 hour shift. I'm sure you can appreciate that not a huge amount of interesting things happen when most of my waking hours are spent at work, so I thought I'd just give you an hourly breakdown of my day, interspersed with pictures of my nommage :)

15:00 - My alarm goes off and wakes me up. I'm rather grumpy, but spend about 20 minutes catching up on FB etc before Hague informs me that dinner is in the oven.

16:00 - A lovely chat with my hairdresser is interrupted by dinner, lovingly prepared by Hague, and plenty to set me up for my long shift.

17:00 - I leave home in glorious sunshine, without a jacket and pick up some bits at the work shop when I arrive.

18:00 - My shift has just started. It's a tad warm.

19:00 - The heat is smothering, and I drink a litre of water in my first hour. We get the breaks kicked off early. Due to the heat, not because we want lots of breaks. Honest. My first break is brought to you by the colour orange.

20:00 - Emails are going back and forth between me, Hague, TOK and WLB - machines are being a bit arsey.

21:00 - I'm starting to get hungry. Hague has deserted me (in email form) to do some Body Magic, TOK is still doing her bit to keep me sane.

22:00 - The start of the night shift, and time for my first meal break. I receive a rather intriguing message and Detective Karen gets on the case. I think my coffee tastes a bit odd, but put it down to the crap coffee in our vending machine.

23:00 - Detective Karen is rather poo so needs a clue to discover her new acquaintance is actually an old friend. Happiness ensues. For a while, until the machines decide to be arsey again.

00:00 - A break from the norm. Someone is retiring and so the lines are stopped for us all to bid him a fond farewell and hear some tales from his time at work. I'm going to miss him. I'm also jealous that I'm not retiring.

01:00 - I've been paid and so a frenzy of train ticket booking and bill paying occurs. Hague deserts me once more, this time for bed. 

02:00 - Another meal break. I spend half an hour catching up with the goings on at Hogwarts and eating.

03:00 - I go to the loo for about the 789409th time. It's warm. I'm drinking gallons of water. We decide that breaks need to start again.

03:05 - I discover why my earlier coffee tasted odd. The milk has gone off. I found this out by taking a big gulp and nearly gagging. I ponder how the milk I pilfered a few days ago that had a use by date of March 8th was still drinkable, but the milk from home, which only went out of date 4 days ago is on it's way to being cheese. One of life's great mysteries.

04:00 - We have a changeover on the line. Summer Fruits run out, Orange and Pineapple starting up. My mind turns to all things Hague and what I would rather be doing. This improves my mood.

05:00 - No more breaks. Another changeover awaits between now and the end of the shift. The temperature has dropped to 26 degrees. 

06:00 - I'm free!!! I also discover that it was rather stupid to come to work without a jacket as it's raining. I decide to pop to Tesco on the way home as I'm feeling wide awake, despite working for 12 hours.

07:00 - I get distracted from writing my blog by two seagulls having it away on a roof I can see from the sofa. I polish off the rice pudding I took to work, and then brought home again. FlumpyCat has been licking my legs for 5 minutes straight.

Food Diary

Free Food
cherry tomatoes
Activia 0% fruit yogurt
stir fry veggies

Healthy Extras
A - mouthful of rancid milk
B - 2 Benefit bars

Crispy Fries                   3.5
Rice Pudding                 2.5
tbsp honey                     2.5

Total syns                     8.5

So there we have my not very exciting day, I'm still feeling bizarrely awake, but I'm hoping a soak in a hot bath will wind me down enough so I can sleep. I'm also looking forward to meeting up with my old friend once more. Funny how life throws people into your path more than once, in a totally different way to the first time you met them - I do love randomness. Long may it reign supreme in my life!

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