Thursday, 25 April 2013

Getting Warmer!

Spring definitely seems to have sprung now. Although it was a bit grey and rainy today, it was certainly warm. I reckon it's time to get the 4.5tog duvet out as it's getting rather warm under the winter one, which doesn't help when you're trying to sleep during the day! It was nice to wake up to lovely comments on the picture in yesterday's blog though, so thank you everyone for all the kind words, made my day!

I actually didn't have a bad sleep, although getting into bed over an hour later than normal made a bit of a difference as apart from one quick trip to the loo (and FB catch up) I slept until around 6. Even then I only woke up as Hague stirred me! I still felt very tired and achey after such a long and busy night though so had myself a quick bath to try and ease my achey old limbs. I could have stayed there soaking for hours, but unfortunately I needed to head to work, and before that I needed to eat. I went for quite an easy option, a veggie stir fry.

 It was tasty, but I seem to have more difficulty with the carton tofu than I do with the normal firm tofu. It's much squishier, and harder to fry. I reckon I'll get that cooked first next time, before I add the veggies. The veggies only had Wok FryLight and some chilli sauce added in, and I made enough so I have leftovers for work this week too.

Dessert was super simple - an Asda rhubarb and vanilla yogurt (please excuse Flumpy's bum!)

With food eaten, animals fed, and me and Hague all dressed, it was time for the off, once again I dropped him off before heading to work myself, and got here a wee bit earlier today. When I say early, I mean about 2 minutes before I'm meant to start.....ooops!

I was really hoping for a better shift that yesterday's, but as soon as I walked in it was obvious one thing was worse....

Yes, that does say 28 degrees. At 10pm. In April :( It's only going to get warmer too, not pleasant, but at least the machines were behaving marginally better than yesterday.

We got the breaks started off quite early, and as it was so hot I wanted something refreshing.

I do love a cold grape when it's warm, and along with a cold drink it worked to cool me down - well for the 15 minutes I was in the air conditioned tea room for anyway ;)

After my break, it was back to the heat, with a break for what was supposed to be a 10-15 minute summary of my work performance over the last 6 months, but ended up being an hour's chinwag with my line manager, putting the world to rights. I know it's not trendy to say it, but I do like my manager, he's a good listener and I feel I can talk to him about most things. Always nice to have really :) By the time that hour was up it was time to start off lunch breaks, and mine came around just after 2.30. I'd been looking forward to it as it was the leftover mac n cheese from the magazine.

Strangely enough, it was okay, but nowhere near as nice as it had been fresh. Odd really as normally the flavours develop when meals are left, but mac n cheese is definitely better just cooked! As always, I had quite a lot to accompany it - I do tend to get peckish on nights! Bonus points for anyone who can spot what I'm reading too ;)

With lunch breaks over, it was back to the machines, who were behaving much better, and to the heat, which had dropped by one whole degree during the course of the night, that really doesn't bode well for the summer at work, that's for sure.

With work done, all that was left to do was head to Hague's work and wait for him to finish - while nomming on snackage, before getting ourselves home and into bed!

Food Diary

Free Food
frozen stir fry mix
Asda fat free rhubarb and vanilla yogurt
leftover mac n cheese

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar - in the mac n cheese
B - 2 Alpen Lights

1 tbsp Blue Dragon hot chilli sauce      ½
Shape crumble yogurt                         ½              
Crispy Fries                                       3½

Total syns                                          4½

Very low syn day - for me anyway - today. Not intentional, I just didn't have anything too synful, but as you can see, I still ate a fair old amount!

Tomorrow is yet another 12 hour shift, so it'll be a case of home, sleep, eat, work. Roll on the weekend!