Sunday, 7 April 2013

Friday :) Friday :) Friday :) (And Saturday...)

Ah the week that never ends, finally reached Friday! I'll be honest, it didn't start off that great as I was awoken at 5.20am by the alarm so I could drop Hague off at the station for his Barnsley visit *yawn* I didn't even get properly dressed, it was a pyjama job - oh the shame - so I could head straight back to bed. Unfortunately I didn't get back to sleep until about 9, so once again I was totally pressed for time when I got up. I did manage a cooked breakfast though.

No bread in the house, so a Warburton thin came to the rescue as a base for my scrambled eggs, sploops and mushrooms! I just about had to time to wolf that down, and luckily find a very frozen something in the freezer for work before I had to head out of the door.

Once again I was training, although the machines were slightly better behaved today (hence my Thursday blog appearing during the shift lol). As the cupboards were extremely bare, my food was a bit of a mish mash today.

A HeB of Bear YoYo's as you can see, and my good old (cheap) bananas :) Along with some water, it was one of those days when water was really hitting the spot! 

Lunch was late, as we were a bit short staffed, so I had to wait whilst people were re-jigged to cover all the jobs before I could head up for my noms, which turned out to be chilli inside the barely recognisable frozen plastic tub :)

Lots of it too :) and my other half of my HeB. Perfectly filling, so I didn't need anything else whilst at work. For the last few hour or so, I tried to decide whether or not to go to Asda straight from work, or wait until Saturday. In the end, I only made the decision as I got close to Asda on the way home and veered into the car park - in a controlled manner, not by accident - I figured it was best to get it out of the way rather than battle my way around there on Saturday *shudders*

I'd worked out my shopping list, with bits to be bought from Tesco, Asda and Aldi (all close), I was quite pleased with my Asda shop, despite them not having the 50p pineapples left :( I left there, having bought most of our essentials for the grand total of £16.65. A quick visit to Tesco for courgettes, potatoes and a large pack of the Laughing Cow extra light triangles (£2) and I could finally head home! I'd had a few ideas about dinner, constantly changing my mind, but in the end plumped for veggie mash and sausages - a rather fortuitous choice....

As there were only 4 sausages left in the pack I decided to have them all as I was hungry, and I had 4 LC blue cheese light triangles on the cauliflower and some Aunt Bessie's carrot and swede mash. Such a lovely, stodgy dinner should have filled me right up. However, after a couple of hours (at about 1am) I decided I was hungry again, and a large cuppa hadn't changed my mind, so I set about making myself possibly the most eclectic snackage ever, and I do mean ever..

3 hard boiled eggs. some sploops and beans (with HP sauce) and gherkins :) Told ya it was eclectic! I'd forgotten how nice a hard boiled egg could be as a snack though, especially dunked in the bean/sploops concoction! With that eaten I had planned on heading to bed, but an old friend caught me on FB messenger, and we whiled away the time as we used to years ago, flicking through the music channels trying to find either good, cheesey or downright crap tunes to discuss. Great fun! By the time his phone had died it was closing in  on 4am, and most definitely time for bed!

Food Diary (Friday)

Free Food
sploops (spaghetti loops)
leftover chilli
Aunt Bessie's carrot and swede mash
baked beans

Healthy Extras
A - 4 laughing cow blue cheese light triangles
B - 2 packs of Bear YoYo's

Warburtons Thin              5
Shape yogurt                   ½
4 Quorn sausages            4
1tbsp HP sauce               1
milk in tea (1)                  ½

Total syns                        11

Shall we amble onto Saturday? The day I'd been desperately waiting for, a lie in, a relaxing day and visiting my Nan for the first time in years (Bad, BAD Karen). I'd taken the cats up with me, and whilst they were pretty well behaved, I kept waking up every couple of hours or so, so unfortunately I wasn't quite as refreshed as I'd hoped I'd be. I still felt better for being able to just relax in bed for a little while rather than rushing about like I had for the rest of the week. 

I had no idea what I fancied for breakfast, but knew it needed to be filling as I was heading out to get some shopping and then straight to The Parentals and then onto Ipswich to see my Nan so I went with something I hadn't had for a while, magic pancakes.

It's been a while, so I'll recap how you make them. They are very easy! 

35g porridge oats (HeB)
1 tub of yogurt, I use the shape apple crumble one
2 eggs

You soak the oats and the yogurt for a little while - some say overnight, some say a couple of hours, mine rarely get longer than 10 minutes - and then mix in the two beaten eggs. To cook them, spray frylight in a pan and let it get warm over a low heat. Pour the pancakes in and just leave them, once they are cooked underneath they'll be easy to flip, so patience :) They take around 5-6 mins to do and I topped mine with natural yogurt, a banana and some honey. Lovely breakfast!

With that eaten, the washing up ignored once again, and a lovely long shower enjoyed, I had to head out to get the last bits of shopping, but first I thought I'd check my Asda receipt, not expecting a voucher due to me only spending just over £16, however, due to my last minute purchase of the Aunt Bessie's mash, which was on offer at Tesco, I got a voucher for £1.51! So despite going 3p over budget, with a spend of £30.03, in reality I'm in the black. I'm rather pleased with myself! So with shopping done, off to The Parentals it was for a wee while before me and my Dad headed out to Ipswich to see my Nan.

My Nan has been rather poorly for a long time, with emphysema, dementia and a couple of broken hips. I hate to admit it, but I've not seen her in years, with life, illness and all sorts getting in the way. In the end, I'll admit that part of me was worried about seeing her. My parents often talk about how easily confused she is and how she doesn't remember anyone, and I was concerned that she would have no idea who I was, or it would upset her to see me and not know who I was. When my Mum mentioned that Dad didn't think she had long left, my mind was made up and so to visit her we went (just me and Dad as Mum had been poorly). Me and Dad don't get too much time together, and so I enjoyed the drive down, putting the world to rights with him made a pleasant change, and I was in a good mood when we arrived at the hospital (Nan had recently had another fall, which the doctors think was caused by a heart attack). Obviously I was nervous, but there was no need, as my Nan's face lit up to see me, and she knew exactly who I was. It was truly wonderful to spend some time with her, yes, she would repeat herself, and forget parts of the conversation, but she seemed genuinely pleased to seem me, to hear about my life and give me some damn good advice....

Don't worry about what anyone thinks, you do what you like and enjoy yourself.

She also enjoyed seeing pictures of Bayleigh, and talked about how much she looked like the dog The Parentals had when I was growing up. The hour went quickly, and I left feeling so happy that I'd went, and after promising I'd see her again soon, I felt glad that I'd be seeing her again in more comfortable surroundings of the home she lives in. All in all, a good day. Me and Dad headed back and after staying at theirs for long enough to enjoy a cuppa I was homeward bound once more, once again pondering what to have for dinner, going through various ideas yet again during the drive. In the end, I came up with a minimal effort meal (for a change lol).

A sort of Quorn fillet pizza-ey thingum, with a pasta salad made with pasta we had in the fridge and some veggies! The topping for the fillets was just tinned tomatoes, herbs, garlic and onion which I then topped with cheese and cooked in the oven for 25 mins. It really did hit the spot perfectly! As you may have noticed, today has been very, very light on syns, with just 3½ eaten and so to the box of Mikado I headed and raided those bad boys big time!

20 gorgeous sticks of chocolatey nom, which I slowly munched on whilst catching up with a few more episodes of Come Dine With Me, well what did you expect? Hague isn't here lol! 

Food Diary (Saturday)

Free Food
natural fat free yogurt
Quorn fillets
tinned tomatoes
baby corn

Healthy Extras
A - 30g cheddar
B - 35g porridge oats

tsp honey                               1
milk in tea (4)                         2
Shape yogurt                         ½
20 Mikado                           10

Total syns                             13½

Today has flown by, it seems to have just disappeared in leaps and bounds. I enjoyed a lie in and lazy lig in bed with the cats, thoroughly enjoyed a long, leisurely shower and just had the most beautiful surprise when visiting my Nan. This evening was also good, spending time with The Parentals and now catching up with my shows. A huge difference from last night and this morning which I seem to have spent whinging about money, or the lack of it and the expense of everything from my gas bill, petrol and t-mobile contract. I'm never down for long, however skint I may be though - there are other things in life that can bring a smile to my face and today has just proved that a little bit more. Even a totally off-hand comment from my Dad, as part of a chat with my Nan saying how well I'd done with losing weight added to the simple, lovely things that today has brought. So now I shall bid you goodnight, as I depart to talk to that one, very special person who always makes me very happy. My Hague.

Lovely :)

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