Sunday, 14 April 2013

Delicious Day

Today has been wonderful, in fact the whole weekend has been just what we both needed. Even the weather was on our side today with the sun finally shining for longer than about 3 minutes at a time :)

Despite a bit of a disturbed night, we still managed a lie in, and then had a lazy little while once again just laying in bed. Perfect start to the day once again! We'd decided to make the most of the weather and take Boo out for a lovely long walk and get ourselves into town. We wanted to get out whilst it was still nice and so a quick breakfast was grabbed before we headed out.

 Suitably fortified off we set, enjoying the sunshine, and Boo enjoying being allowed off her lead for a little while - although she had to go back on when she decided to ignore us and head for a car. Idiot Hound lol! Good job we always keep a close eye on her! She enjoys herself on or off her lead though, and we quickly reached town, where we picked up a few bits and bobs before having a little rest to watch pigeons flirting with each other in the Market Place. They really were honest :)

We decided to head home the long way, via the sea front, the sun was shining, but the wind was blowing, all the more incentive to get a bit of a lick of speed on, and with Boo being extremely well behaved it was a very pleasant walk indeed. A damn good start to week two of my work towards my bronze body magic award too.

 Not bad going there, especially when you consider we were dodging tourists and had Boo trying to give everyone PuppyDog eyes to get their chips/doughnuts/various seaside snackery to contend with! When we got home our minds turned to dinner, and what better to have on a Sunday than a lovely roast? So that's what Hague started on whilst I indulged in a bit more reading.

You can easily tell that Hague picked the veg, as there is a bit of a lack of superfree here, there is some carrot and swede mash, and some proper carrots in there, but the portions are slightly dwarfed by the spuds, parsnips and sweetcorn - still, this type of meal is working wonders for Hague, and I did have that banana earlier ;) It was delicious though, exactly what we both fancied and it was demolished rather quickly!

We then spent the afternoon discussing our plans for the little bedroom, we very rarely have a houseful of guests and so we are pondering turning the smallest room into an exercise room. Hague already has his punchbag up there, so we might put the Wii up there, and the exercise bike as well as a stereo so we can both head up there and work out together! We didn't actually do anything, but we have made plans :) 

I then felt hungry again, and fancied a snack, and I remembered I had some home-made houmous in the fridge, we'd used the carrots with dinner and so I couldn't use those to dunk, so I improvised.

The houmous was really tasty, so I'll definitely make it again, plus it's a great little snack to just have in the fridge to pick at. Hague rather enjoyed it too, and he's not massively fond of houmous, win win there! Sitting and chatting, making a ton of rice pudding for breakfasts next week and then reading is obviously quite energy intensive as by the time Hague had spoken to his boys I was hungry again, and with the realisation that I hadn't had any of my Healthy Extras today it was a very easy decision as to what to have to eat.

Cheese and fried onion toastie, with HP Guinness sauce to dunk, plus an apple and 11 white chocolate Mikado. Yum. Got to love "diet" food :) 

I can't put my finger on why today, and the whole weekend has been so lovely, but it really has. Just having a bit of time with Hague, getting some fresh air and making some plans for the future seem to have really lifted my mood. This is how weekends should be, it's just a shame that an early shift tomorrow means I'll be heading for an early night soon, rather than spending several more hours on the sofa. Doesn't work realise that SyFy are showing Weird Science followed by Total Recall tonight? *sigh*

Food Diary

Free Food
Quorn roast
Aunt Bessies carrot and swede mash
cherry tomatoes
home-made houmous

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat Cheddar
B - 2 slices wholemeal bread

milk in tea (2)                          1
Cheese Curls                          3
Asda yogurt                            1
11 Mikado                             5½

Total syns                               10½

So there we have it. The weekend done and dusted, oh so quickly. Next weekend will be even shorter, and won't have a Hague either, perhaps that's why we have both enjoyed this one so much? With my alarm going off in 8 hours, I must soon head off to sleep though, but I'm hoping to finally finish the 4th Harry Potter book (again) before I finally drift off. As I've been yawning since about 6.30 I'm hoping I'll get a decent night! Must be all that fresh air :)

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  1. I'm so glad you both had such a lovely weekend hun you deserve it so much xxx I will be in work from 8.30 to keep you company xx