Tuesday, 30 April 2013


It has been suggested at times that I'm a tad competitive. I don't know where people get these ideas, I really don't ;) Anyway, when an email went around work regarding a 5 a day challenge, I figured I'd sign up, and today was the first day, which may have slightly influenced today's food! As it was a night shift week (again). My plans had involved nothing beyond sleeping and going to work, but Hague stirred quite early, and I figured that getting out would be a nice start to the day, and so off we went to the local retail park for Hague to look at t-shirts to spend his hard earned cash on. In the end, he only came home with a cap, but I treated myself to these beauties.

How amazing? Seriously? I had to have them, no question, and so I treated myself. They were a bargainalicious £18 too. A marvellous start to my challenging day.

On the way home we popped to Tesco as I had a hankering for some strawberries, however, whilst perusing the reduced section there was quite a lot of fruit in there and so breakfast was a very fruity affair in the end.

How's that for a bowl of superfree? Pineapple, mango, strawberries, banana and grapes, topped with some fat free Greek yogurt. I was going to have some honey too, but figured the fruit was sweet enough and it was a nice change for breakfast. I still have plenty left too. With that eaten, I needed a wee nap before work, so I headed up for a few hours, when I got up Hague was sorting out dinner, utilising yet more Tesco bargains (corn on the cob).

All Hague did was bung the corn on the cob in the oven with the sweet potato wedges and Quorn fillet and it tasted delicious, I'd not had corn in ages, and whilst it's not superfree, it's still veg, and so it counts for my 5 a day challenge :) With that eaten, off to work I went. 

I arrived to the sight that every person of a slightly squishy persuasion dreads....

It's all very well saying that if I want to get fit I should take the stairs, but these are not just stairs these are M&S Britvic stairs. Four flights of the buggers, and whilst I can now manage them without needing oxygen at the top, they still give me a touch of the leg wobbles at the top, but yet again I managed them - real progress for me.

My reward for getting to the top of the stairs was getting onto the factory floor to machines playing up (just for a change). Due to doing our best to get them sorted I didn't get my first break until quite late, and by then I was pretty hungry.

Another fruit for my challenge ;) Before heading back down to the machines, which we were slowly sorting to make our lives a wee bit easier. With another machine breaking down quite frequently, and the engineers stretched we had quite a lot of downtime to get our machines running better anyway. Still, lunch couldn't come quick enough, and I was quite looking forward to my concoction today.

Some of the leftover macaroni from the other day, with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, beetroot and Feta mixed in. I've never been overly fond of beetroot, but I think I've finally been converted and it tasted delicious with the pasta and Feta. I think it may become a regular. I finished it up with a crumble yogurt and an apple. This brought my portions of fruit and veg to 13 for my first day on the challenge....not bad!

Last break was a quick one, with one eye on the clock as I couldn't wait for the end of the shift.

It was a relief to get home, it was just a shame that I couldn't bloody sleep :(

Food Diary

Free Food
fat free Greek yogurt
sweet potato
corn on the cob
cherry tomatoes
red onion
Quorn sticky fillets
Quorn chunks

Healthy Extras
A - 45g Feta
B - 2 Benefit Bars

Crispy Fries                 3½
Shape crumble yog       ½

Total syns                   4

So a challenging day in a couple of ways, one good, one bad - although I did make it up those pesky stairs! Now, as I'm sure you all realise it's now Tuesday, and I've weighed in.....but I shall leave it until tomorrow's blog to let you know how I got on. Unless you've seen on my Facebook. Or The Slimming World Files Facebook page. Or Twitter ;)

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  1. Try balsamic vinegar with your beetroot hon its delicous :D x