Monday, 22 April 2013

Busy, Busy and more Busy!

I know I profess myself to be busy quite often, but the last few days have just been too much! Friday was a 12 hour shift, followed by a trip to Asda, and then I had to work a full shift on Saturday. Madness! Shall we travel back to Friday?

I woke up feeling absolutely shattered and we only just got ourselves out in time, with Hague dropped at the gate, I headed into work, and had an extremely busy day. No trainee, but lots of changeovers and hoping the lines would run well to minimise our time in on Saturday. I couldn't concentrate much due to the disciplinary looming over me at 11.30, although after talking to my Union Rep I had myself a little non-scale victory, climbing the stairs from the ground floor to the production floor all in one go, without a breather :) Over 50 of them :)

I had two breaks to get through before the Meeting though - and as always, put away some food at both of them.

Just to make things worse, no rice pudding either, so it was back to my standard of muesli and yogurt for my breakfast.

Not long after that it was time, and I was so worried about what would happen. In the end the decision was made (after nearly 30 minutes of waiting) that I'd be issued with a first stage warning. This means that I can have no more sick absences for 6 months. Strange how they start these meetings off with saying how they aren't challenging the genuine nature of sickness, then say you can't be sick for 6 can you stop yourself getting ill? Anyway, it is what it is and it was a relief to have it finished and out of the way, regardless of the outcome really. 

With that out of the way, I could concentrate on work (and emailing TOK) until 2 rolled around and most of the team went home, and I went up for lunch before starting on my "bonus" four hours.

Leftover curry, plus a yogurt and clementine - lovely and filling, although you wouldn't have known that as by my last break I was hungry again and so had my emergency Crunchy Curls :)

The shift went past quite quickly for a 12 hour one really, but then for some reason when I finished work I decided to pick up Hague and get the shopping. Quite why I thought that was a good idea I'll never know, as by the time we'd picked up the bits we needed from Aldi, and then the rest from Asda and got home and got the shopping away it was gone 8pm. I really am a fool to myself sometimes! Hague was super wonderful and despite working himself did my dinner for me :)

No superfree, bad Karen, but it was gorgeous. Sweet potato wedges, lavished with a whole tub of LowLow and some Quorn sticky fillets. So good! Exactly what I wanted, something that felt naughty :) In my no superfree defence, I did then follow it up with some strawberries :)

With dessert barely swallowed it was time for bed, alone tonight, as not many people are unfortunate enough to have to get up at 4 bloody 30 am on a Saturday morning to head to work, so I left Hague to enjoy the TV whilst I hit the sack.

Food Diary (Friday)

Free Food
fat free yogurt
leftover curry
sweet potato
Quorn sticky fillets

Healthy Extras
A - 60g LowLow
B - 35g Jordan's unsweetened muesli

Benefit bar                  3
Cheese curls               3
Shape yogurt              1/2
60g LowLow             6
tsp honey                   1
milk in tea (2)             1

Total syns                   14 1/2

So as I may have mentioned, I had to work on Saturday, something that always puts me in the foulest of moods. I know I get paid for them, and should expect to work them, but there is just something so awful about dragging yourself out of bed at that time on a weekend. Hague had sorted out my breakfast anyway, and so it was a quick up and out routine before I headed in.

When we arrived, it was to the site of much rework, thanks to our wonderful trainee, so that had to be completed before the cleaning could start. Of course, before starting too much of that cleaning lark, I needed food (and coffee).

I nicked some milk again, but seeing as it had a use by date of March 8th, I don't think anyone will miss it too much.....speaking of which, that reminds me of a thread on a FB page someone posted about whether to eat sausages that were 3 days past the date on the pack. The replies were split, those who said just to flat out bin them, and the others (who I'm firmly on the side of) who just suggested using the old senses to gauge if the food was okay to eat. So much waste must be created by people who just look at the date on foods and don't even bother to them open the pack and have a sniff or a look before just chucking it in the bin. Madness. Does food magically go off after midnight? Of course not, and things keep perfectly fine in the fridge for ages, lets be honest, it's pretty obvious when milk or meat has gone off, date or no date! Anyway, that March 8th milk was just fine, despite being 6 weeks out of date, and I haven't died (yet). Good job really after my disciplinary ;)

For some reason, I was hungry all day, and when lunch rolled around I ended up cracking open my emergency Mug Shot that I keep in my locker at work.

A strange combination for breakfast, I'll grant you, but needs must when you're busy cleaning and using up a lot of energy, and boy was there a lot of bloody cleaning to do :( We were at work for the full 8 hours, and so by the time we'd got out, and I'd popped to Asda to pick up some bits and bobs it was nearly 3 by the time I got home. I had time for a very quick chat to Hague who was heading up to Barnsley before I settled down for a much needed nap.

Ooh it was a good'un. Four lovely hours of unbroken sleep, and I woke up feeling a zillion times better - and rather hungry! So I set to making myself a very superfree heavy dinner :)

A roasted vegetable pasta salad, with more veg than pasta by a long way! Plus I made tons, so have some left for next week at work too! I'd not had Feta in ages and so when we saw it was on offer in Asda we had to pick some up, and I treated myself to a HeA plus an extra 25g. Delicious, it works so well with roasted vegetables.

Dessert was more superfree as well - it's so much easier when the sun appears to head for fresh fruit and veggies isn't it?

I then made a discovery that would change my life. Sort of. I had updated my FB app on my phone and whilst chatting to my Sister yesterday she had sent a sticker smilie. I had a wee investigate and found many stickers, all of which were actually made of awesome, and so myself and TOK pretty much had an entire evening's conversation using just those. Yes, we are just that fabulous :)

With that much excitement in one day, I'm sure none of you will be surprised that I didn't stay up too late, although I had brought the cats up with me, and then decided to watch one YouTube video, which then turned into lots of YouTube videos, culminating in a bit of a Josh Homme appreciation evening, and it was past 2.30 when I finally put the ipad down and crashed out. With a JadeyCat on my head - of course.

Food Diary (Saturday)

Free Food
Mug Shot
fat free natural yogurt
butternut squash
sweet potato
cherry tomatoes
Activia 0% vanilla yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 45g Feta Cheese
B - 35g Jordan's unsweetened muesli

Benefit bar                               3
milk in tea and coffee (3)         1 1/2
25g Feta                                 3 1/2

Total syns                               8

So here we are, Sunday at last :) My one day of the weekend, a day on my Jack Jones as Hague was in Barnsley seeing his boys. When I first opened my eyes, feeling all bright eyed and bushy tailed it was 7.30am, and much as it was a 3 hour lie in compared to the rest of the week, I think you all know me far too well to think that I actually got up at that sort of time! The rest of the morning passed with me sleeping a bit, checking my phone and bit, and trying to get comfy inbetween two cats quite a lot. When I opened my eyes again at 11.30 I decided it was late enough and when I opened the curtains to a truly gorgeous day, my plans for doing absolutely nothing went out of the window.

I got myself bathed and decided to have a bit of an experiment with my outfit and ended up wearing something I felt awesome in, consisting of my rather fabulous skull patterned converse, black jeggings, with a red tartan skirt over the top, finished off with a black vest top adorned with another skull and a grey overshirt. I did feel good, and so headed off into town, headphones in, music blaring to just have a mosey around and enjoy some much needed fresh air and sunshine! I even managed to squeeze in a little Hang w/ broadcast on the way. Whilst in town I had a rather wonderful non-scale victory too. There is a great shop on Regent Road called Dead Good and they stock lots of gorgeous Hell Bunny clothes. For so long I've wandered in, lusted after everything in there, but have known full well I'd never fit into any of it, well today I thought to myself, why not try something on, so I did, and lo and behold the XL dress fitted beautifully, it was also pink and had unicorns on which means I pretty much must have it. TOK concurred :) I also bumped into someone from my SW group, which is always a pleasure!

For some reason, the decision to head out had thrown my plans out so completely that I'd forgotten to eat, and so when I finally got home breakfast/brunch/dinner was foremost in my mind! 

Chunky sweet potato wedges, with some mayo and rather fabulous burger creations, a large mushroom, topped with laughing cow blue cheese triangles, then a burger, then an egg :) There are also some roasted onions hiding on the plate. Gorgeous it was, and the wedges were really lovely - so in future, I'll be going large with my sweet potato wedges!! In between watching Harry Potter and chatting away to TOK I decided that I'd get a rice pudding on, and got all the washing up to date too. I then thought that I'd give the now famous Mac n Cheese from the latest Slimming World magazine a go as well - so much for a day of doing absolutely nothing eh?

I got that in the oven in between watching Sex and the City films, and so I could eat it as I watched the second one for the first time.

I can see why everyone is raving about the recipe I must admit, it was SO tasty, really rich and definitely didn't taste like diet food. As this one is in the current magazine, I won't risk treading on any toes by putting the recipe on here though - but trust me, it's worth buying for this alone! Delicious. Plus despite only making half the quantity, I still have another serving left for a dinner at work next week. 

By the time I fancied dessert I'd realised that so far today I'd only had 1 syn, never one to miss out on a few of those, I spruced up my rice pudding with a Benefit bar, and very nice it was too!

I think I'm going to have to start buying unsweetened Almond milk in bulk :) My day has been rather lovely actually. I'm sure just getting out into the fresh air has lifted my mood as I was genuinely in a great mood all day long. Non-scale victories and chatting away on FB with some wonderful ladies, Rosie and Helen, also helped to keep my mood high all day, so thank you!

Add in chatting to Hague, discussing the July meet up with TOK and WLB and putting the world to rights with another friend (is it dangerous to discuss politics with friends?) and it's definitely not been the day of absolutely nothing I had planned, but it's been a very good day. 

Food Diary (Sunday)

Free Food
sweet potato
Quorn red onion burgers
cherry tomatoes
spring onions
vegetable stock
tomato puree
fat free natural yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 4 laughing cow blue cheese light triangles
B - 40g reduced fat cheddar


2 tbsp Hellmann's extra light mayo           1
Benefit bar                                              3
rice pudding                                            2

Total syns                                               6

Well done if you've managed to stay with me until the end! Hopefully I won't be quite this slack for a while now, although as it's a couple of weeks of nights coming up, I'll be blogging a day behind anyway. With a good weekend, well, Sunday, behind me, and no more early mornings for 3 weeks here's hoping my lovely mood stays with me for a while yet!

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