Sunday, 24 March 2013

Where's My Weekend :(

I should really have got my blog up last night. I have no excuse other than the fact that it seemed like far too much effort for a tired girl! We were in bed pretty early too, so once again I'm playing catch up!

On a week of earlies it really seems like you don't get a weekend, with working Saturday, I get all confuddled and spend the day thinking it's Friday as I'm at work! Which means that I get all annoyed when I only get one day of a weekend! It doesn't take much to confuse the hell out of me that's for sure :) So Saturday morning started as the previous 5 days have done, with me, barely conscious, dragging myself out of bed and into work. When I got there all the lines were still running, which meant we would be in all day....a wonderful start to the day, and it wasn't until my line finished at just past 8 that I got my first break in.

Something a bit different, a lovely box full of pineapple and melon, really refreshing and a good start to a day full of cleaning. I don't actually mind cleaning at work too much, I'm left to my own devices, I sneakily listen to my music on my phone and can get on with my own little system of cleaning my machine, plus I can have lunch when I fancy it :)

I say lunch, as it's eaten at 10am, it's breakfast really, and my usual of muesli, fruit and yogurt, along with some Snack-a-Jacks as I was feeling very hungry. That meant I'd eaten all my food, and so my last break was just a cuppa as I waited desperately for 2pm to arrive and sweet, sweet freedom!!

I couldn't relax straight away though, due to Friday's laziness we had to go and get the shopping, which mean collecting some from Asda and picking up the (very) few bits which were cheaper at Tesco. Asda wasn't too bad, click and collect is a pretty fast way to shop, but Tesco was hell on earth. It was insanely busy - and did make me question why on earth people who don't have to shop on a Saturday afternoon would choose to do so. The shop was fully of people who must have been retired and entire familes of Mum, Dad and several kids....why on earth would you do that to yourself? Insanity. Anyway, we finally got out of there and headed home, a quick cuppa and I just had to get myself to bed for a nap!

A couple of hours, and a lovely long hot shower later and I finally felt human again and so joined Hague downstairs to enjoy the start of our weekend. At 7pm on a Saturday! First things first though, as I hadn't eaten for hours I was starving and so dinner was in order. 

Eggs, sausages, wedges and a veggie mix of baked beans, mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes. It was bloody handsome, really hit the spot. So the weekend began, watching crap telly and chatting away to various lovely people on the t'interwebs, although I've still not managed to broadcast myself on hang w/ yet!

Quite late on in the evening, after discussing syn free peanut butter with TOK, my mind once more turned to food, and with the realisation that I still had my HeA to use, I treated myself to cheese on toast.

Got to love this "diet" right? With that eaten we headed up to bed, to snuggle up and watch The Goonies, my weekend may have started late, but so far, it's rather lovely :)

Food Diary (Friday)

Free Food
fat free natural yogurt
baked beans
cherry tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 30g Cheddar
B - 35g Jordan's unsweetened natural muesli

Caramel snack-a-jacks                                5
400ml Almond Breeze milk                          4
Slice of Hovis (400g loaf)                           3
3 Quorn sausages                                      3

Total syns                                                15

Hydration - 3.4L

I thought I'd start putting how much I'm drinking on my food diary too, as it's quite an important part of eating healthily, keeping yourself hydrated. I used an online calculator to work out how much I should be having, and I should have around 4L when I'm at work, and half that at the weekend. Let's see how I go!

For the first time in a long while, I'm feeling like I'm struggling a bit this week. I know I mentioned it yesterday, but the feeling is still there. I wish I knew why, and I can only put it down to the disappointment of my last weigh in and the huge amount of hours I've worked this week getting me down. I also have an investigation into my absence at work next week due to my migraine, all little things, but those little things can cause chinks to appear in the armour of willpower. I won't let it shake me, I've come to far for that, and the lovely, comforting food I've had today has certainly helped to appease that feeling slightly. I'll be okay though, I'm sure it happens to the best of us at some point on our journey, but I'm not jumping off that SW bus just yet :)


  1. hugs I'm going to keep you strapped to the bus hunni xxx

  2. *giggles* rope and handcuffs only lol xxxx

  3. Sorry you're in the doldrums hun, I can't shake it either which has just resulted in eating half a pack of chocolate biscuits...oops! Anyway, syn free peanut butter? Tell me more!

    1. I have rice pudding in the slow cooker for later, that'll do me :)
      The "peanut butter" is here. We were undecided as to whether it's worth a go....we've decided not to think about what it might be made of either lol

    2. I'm always amazed at how much food you can potentially eat with Slimming World! It's an exciting thought!!!

      You have done fantastically so far, getting back up after the down days is what really makes us special and our journeys more memorable! You'll pick yourself back up with a winning smile and wonder what you were ever feeling crappy about! ;)

      Jiggipop @ Onwards & Skinnywards

    3. Don't buy the peanut butter its vile stuff and totally you pennies ( or pounds) and find an alternative.

    4. Jiggipop - I love that I can eat if I'm hungry, I never stuff myself for the sake of it though. xx

      Mandy - I shall consider myself warned lol! xx