Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Twinings and Dinings

I'm getting really narked at waking up after about 4 hours of sleep, nearly every day this week I've been nodding off at about 3am, and then waking up at 7.30am. This really, really sucks and I don't think it's much to ask to just have a full 8 hours of sleep. All at once. However, this morning I did use the time productively, doing more surveys to earn Amazon vouchers - I have my eye on a rather fabulous onesie - and making a Doctor's appointment to try and get my migraines sorted. I know the NHS is an easy target for whingers, but I rang up this morning at 8.55am and got an appointment at 9.10am. Not bad eh? 

Anyway, apparently my migraines follow the typical patterns, and he's prescribed me triptans, which should hopefully help to stop them in their tracks when they start! I also asked about getting gym membership on referral, and apparently I can apply for it, so I have the letter to send off, so wish me luck. I used to enjoy the gym when I went, but funds are too short at the moment, so this could be the boost I need! With little jobs done and dusted I had planned to have a nice soak, but the Doctor was running late and so I didn't really have time, and so spent the hour or so I had carrying on the massive wardrobe sort out until I had to get ready to head out once more. This time for lunch, yes, it's that time again - girlie lunch time. Those of weak willpower look away now....

This month it was just me and my Mum, and so we decided to go to the Blue Boar in Oulton Broad. The food is always gorgeous, and I had been really looking forward to it, I think we can safely say it was an off plan meal, big style :)

We were both driving, and so just a medium glass of wine for us to enjoy with our meal rather than sharing a bottle (or two). Made of grapes of course, so superfree right? ;)

Three delicious courses, garlic mushrooms on olive bread, cheddar and leek orzo bake and a chocolate brownie. Divine, every mouthful was divine, simple as that. I said yesterday that I don't do treat nights, and this is why. I'd rather have a meal like this, of gorgeous food, once every month or 8 weeks and enjoy it, than have a night off plan eating junk food once a week. I might attempt a version of the orzo and leek bake though, as that was really tasty, and I'm sure it could be easily converted. As if that little lot wasn't enough, as me and Mum were still nattering away 45 minutes after dessert had gone we had a coffee too.

A latte for me. With 3 sugars. And I ate the smarties. I think I took off plan to a whole new level today, I'm thinking my 7 stone award shall be postponed until the week after next - but hey, it's not every week, or even every month at the moment, and you know what, I'm just fine with that.

After excitedly telling my Mum how close I was to having earnt enough vouchers for my onesie, and showing her the one I wanted, she thought it was fabulous and so really kindly gave me the final £10 I was short, so as soon as my vouchers come shall be mine! Yay!

With such an exciting afternoon (and not much sleep) I'm sure you'll be expecting what happened next. A nap :) Not the longest, but enough to give me the energy to keep going for a little while, and to do the final bit of sorting, which unearthed a ridiculous amount of denim. I seriously must have about 3 pairs of jeans in every size I've ever worn, and some that I haven't. I have put about 5 pairs in the clothes swap bag, 10 pairs in the Still A Bit Too Small box, and have about 6 pairs I can wear now....where have they all come from? Some are in sizes I've never fitted into as well, so either they've been breeding, or the top of Hague's wardrobe had become some sort of homing beacon for homeless denim. (Or my sister gave me lots of jeans many moons ago and I'd forgotten all about them). I reckon it's the second one ;)

I finally got hungry again quite late, and as Hague had tried out our latest gadget earlier - a rice cooker - I did myself a quick dinner.

Quorn sticky fillets and egg fried rice. No superfree, but at least there were no syns either. I've also got a new discovery to tell you all about.

I sent off for some samples from the Twinings website, picking quite randomly but I liked the sound of the Camomile and Maple, and when it arrived I wasn't disappointed. It tastes of honey and vanilla and general sweetness, just up my street and so I ordered a couple of boxes that arrived today, along with Blackcurrant and Rhubarb flavour, which is also bloody handsome! So today, after lunch, I've  been mostly supping tea :)

I think we'll skip the food diary today. All  my Healthy Extras were probably used up with the cheddar in the bake, and I probably had my day's syns before I'd eaten all the starter :) However, dinner was on plan, and so will tomorrow be! Hopefully tomorrow will also bring that final Amazon voucher - have I mentioned that impatience is one of my worst traits!!

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