Monday, 25 March 2013

Sofa Sunday

Oh today was a long time coming that's for sure. A lovely lie in and a day of utter nothingness. For me anyway, Hague seems to have come over all productive and spent a large portion of the day doing random odd jobs around the house whilst I chatted away to various lovely peoples on various t'interweb platforms. 

Despite my nap yesterday I was still tired enough to want to head to bed quite early, and I drifted off whilst Goonies was playing away. I then woke up at 6am, and took ages to get back to sleep. One of the hazards of shift work, and I do seem to find the switching between shifts harder and harder. I did manage to nod off again eventually and woke up again when Hague was stirring and decided it was time to get up. 

We had decided that we were going to have a proper dinner today, and Hague had decided that we'd have it at "proper" dinner time of about 1-2pm. Problem is that's normally when we get up, and so for our first meal of the day, we had a roast dinner :)

Whilst Hague was preparing that I put some rice pudding into the slow cooker too, and so after an hour or so I had that as my dessert.

Perfect for cold days :) And utterly guilt free as I used my HeA of Almond Breeze milk :) After dinner, when Hague was talking to his boys I decided to be brave enough to finally use the Hang w/ app and did my first couple of broadcasts. I was hijacked by Boo though, and so she made a special guest appearance! Sunday then followed a usual pattern of social networking and watching films. For some reason last night there were a glut of great films on the telly, but we seemed to miss the start of all of them! In the end we plumped for Return of the Jedi, whilst I enjoyed the broadcasts of TOK and weightlossbitch on Hang w/.

When it was time for dinner, I decided to share that with the world on Hang w/ too :) Great fun, and something I think I'll do more of. If you weren't one of the 8 viewers, here's what I had...

A bit of a thrown together affair, but it was gorgeous. I roasted off a butternut squash, and then once it had been in for about 25 minutes I put some sliced red onions and courgettes into roast as well. Whilst they finished off I cooked some orzo and when that was cooked, stirred through some Quark, thyme and my HeB of Stilton, I then added the roast veggies and poured it all on top of the squash. Really, really tasty, and a good store cupboard recipe. As I still had some rice pudding left, I followed it up with some of that, but topped with one of my graze box nibbles - Bounty Hunter, which contained coconut, cranberries and chocolate.

It made a really nice change, and felt like a real, filling treat. It was 7½ syns though! With dinner eaten, and the temperature dropping (I hadn't put the heating on all day in the name of budgeting) we decided that bath and bed were the way forward :)

Food Diary

Free Food
Quorn roast
Knorr stock pot
sweet corn
pudding rice
butternut squash

Healthy Extras
A - 875ml Almond Breeze unsweetened almond milk
B - 30g Stilton

Milk in tea (4)                    2
Graze nibbles                     7½

Total syns                         9½

Hydration - 4.05L

A rather lovely food day today, simple but very tasty food, and a more controlled levels of syns too. I also really enjoyed playing around with the Hang w/ app and I think it's something I'll be using quite a bit to add a video diary aspect to my journey now I've got over my initial nervousness!

The next week is my night shift week, so blogs will be a day late....which to be honest, has been what's been happening for the last week too....sorry! I'm also weighing in tonight as I have a 12 hour shift tomorrow and can't make my normal group :(


  1. I love my weekly Graze box!!! =D My favourite is Marvellous Macaroon!

    Jiggipop @ Onwards & Skinnywards

    1. I've not had one for a while, but I do enjoy them, it's nice to eat something a bit different for a change :) x